I like to refer to that level as ‘Above the Sequences.’ There are also a number of true deities who name it in other ways. Some call it ‘Great Old Ones,’ others refer to it as ‘Outer Deities’ or ‘Cosmos.’

 on Chapter 1223

Amon uses the word "Above the Sequence" to refer to a level above sequence 0. Other gods have given it other names such as 'Great Old Ones', 'Outer Deities', and 'Cosmos'. Currently, we are using 'Great Old Ones' to refer to those that resided on earth, and 'Outer Deities' or 'Cosmos' for those that come from The Cosmos.

According to Second Blasphemy Slate, to reach this level, one needs to become sequence 0 of one of the pathway groups, accommodate the corresponding Sefirot, and accommodate the uniqueness and at least one sequence 1 characteristic of each pathway. Because there are 9 Sefirot on earth, there can be 9 "Above the Sequence" on earth.

There are countless Outer Deities in the cosmos, and nine of them are casting gazes on Earth. How outer gods reach this level is currently unknown, except a few that were directly born from The Original Creator, including Mother Goddess of Depravity, Mother Tree of Desire, and Son of Chaos. Based on Seven Pure Lights' description, the pathway groups and Sefirot that were attracted to Earth are only a part of their power.

Advancement ConditionEdit

There is no advancement ritual required to become an Above the Sequence and no ritual can change the awakening of The Original Creator's will, but the Ancient Sun God believes that the order of accommodation can improve self-awareness to some extent and enhance the success rate:[1]

  1. Become the God of one pathway, then control and accommodate the Sefirot, and, lastly accommodate the additional uniqueness. This is the best method.
  2. Become the God of two pathways, then control and accommodate the Sefirot, and, lastly, accommodate the uniqueness. This approach is neither the best nor the worst option.
  3. Accommodate the Sefirot last. This is the worst option.

Titles of the 9 Above the Sequences Edit

Full Title Pathways Sefirot
1 Lord of the Mysteries, King of Space-Time, Beacon of Destiny, Embodiment of Sefirah Castle, Dominator of the Spirit World Sefirah Castle
2 God Almighty, Creator, Maker, The Omnipotent and Omniscient, Lord of the Astral World Chaos Sea
3 Eternal Darkness, Singularity of All, Space-Time-in-One

[Note 1]

River of Eternal Darkness
4 Goddess of Origin, Mother of All, Brood Hive of Filth Brood Hive
5 The Anarchy, Shadow of Order

[Note 2]

Nation of Disorder
6 Calamity of Destruction, Origins of Disaster

[Note 3]

City of Calamity
7 Father of Devils, Lord of Deviants, Source of Curses Tenebrous World
8 Demon of Knowledge, Arcana of Madness Knowledge Moor
9 Key of Light, Endless Disorder, Incarnation of Fate Key of Light


  1. This Above the Sequence is not pure, only half of it. And the rest of it can't be merge unless the end of the universe is approaching.
  2. This Above the Sequence is not pure. Most of it is in the depth of the universe, which is one of the Outer Deity, Indefinite Fog, the remaining part of the Son of Chaos.
  3. The second-level gods and dominators belong to the rest of the Eternal Darkness.

The Three Pillars Edit

After the Original Creator split into pieces, the Three Pillars stood above all the Great Old Ones, namely:

The number of authorities has a certain connection to level and status, but not entirely. The corresponding characteristics, power, and symbols are equally important.

Currently, the first two Pillars still exist in the form of Sefirot. The Outer Deity Mother Goddess of Depravity was once the third Pillar, but the Original Creator's fission and convergence were powerful enough to break the Sefirot into pieces. Part of the Sefirot was torn from her and became the Brood Hive, which was attracted to Earth along with the Mother Pathway and Moon Pathway. Then Mother Goddess of Depravity became no much different from the other Outer Deities, only her symbol as a pillar remains.

There is also a fourth pillar, representing the end of everything, including the Great Old Ones and the cosmos itself. It corresponds to the River of Eternal Darkness and the City of Calamity. If the Great Old One became the fourth pillar, He will either fall into a deep slumber, be forced to split up or cause the end of the whole cosmos including Himself. Due to the existence of the fourth pillar, pathways of the Eternal Darkness group and the Scourge of Destruction group are exchangeable.[3]

The Evernight Goddess learned from the Ancient Sun God that a Pillar is the highest level where an individual can remain stable. However, if even one extra Sefira was contained, the individual would inevitably be controlled by the instinct of Convergence and seek to merge with others. This process cannot be reversed.[4]

List of "Above the Sequence" Gods Edit


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