Why are my children so stupid? [...] The key thing about potions is not about grasping them, but digesting them! It’s nothing about tapping powers, but acting!
— Roselle's Diary

 on Chapter 21

The Acting Method is the process of acting according to the potion's name in order to fully digest the Beyonder potion. With the acting method, Beyonders learn some facts about their potion. For example, when digesting the seer potion Klein learned that "divination isn't all-powerful."

The Church of the Evernight Goddess has the Holy Cathedral’s rules about the acting method, they have to swear to the Evernight Goddess that they never reveal the details of the acting method to those who do not know of it. They will only be permitted to know after they become a core member of the Church, such as an archbishop or a high-ranking deacon.[1] This similar to other Orthodox Churches.

Though the acting method is not known by most Beyonders, it is taught in general education classes in the City of Silver. The one and only key point for the acting method is to ‘Remember that you’re only acting.'[2]

At some sequences, it is possible to act ahead of time in order to immediately digest a portion of the corresponding potion upon consumption, such as the Fool Pathway's Sequence 3 Scholar of Yore, which can be partially digested related to the amount of historical knowledge the Beyonder had accrued. Upon consuming this potion, due to the depth of his knowledge, Klein Moretti had immediately digested 80% of his own Scholar of Yore potion after it's consumption.[3]

Klein's analogy[4] Edit

Imagine the core powers of your potion as a tightly guarded castle. The remnants of the psyche that can cause a backlash to reside within that castle. Our goal is to get rid of it and become the true master of the castle.

There are two ways we can do that. The first is to forcefully invade the castle. There is no guarantee that this will work, and you will most definitely injure yourself unless you can suppress it with absolute power. But of course, we are not equipped to do that.

The second way is to get the owner of the castle to extend an invitation. This invitation can allow us to slide through the scrutiny of the guards and infiltrate the castle. We can then easily finish off the enemies. But the problem lies in the fact that this invitation specifies the facial features and characteristics of the guest. Thus, we have to disguise ourselves and act as a guest.

And all acting has one premise, which is that one possesses all the powers needed...
— Chapter 541 - Klein's analysis

Specific Acting Rules Edit

Fool Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: SeerEdit

  • A Seer possesses reverence toward fate.
  • Divination isn't all-powerful.[5][6]

Sequence 8: ClownEdit

  • Although being capable of knowing a little about fate, one remains helpless towards fate; therefore, one might as well use a smiling face to hide all the pain, sorrow, confusion, and depression.[7]

Sequence 7: MagicianEdit

  • Never perform unprepared.
  • Take the initiative to perform.
  • Try to get applause from the audience.[8]
  • Wield control of the target's attention.
  • Challenge the impossible, even if the final outcome is nothing but an illusion.

Sequence 6: FacelessEdit

  • You can pretend to be anyone, but you're always yourself.[6]
  • Truly disguise yourself as another person and receive feedback from the audience.

Sequence 5: MarionettistEdit

  • Hide behind the scenes and control the marionette to do all the work.
  • Remember that every marionette has its own setting.[9]
  • Direct "plays" like a director and receive feedback from the audience.

Sequence 4: Bizarro SorcererEdit

  • Create creepy and scary scenes like in a horror film and receive feedback from the audience.
  • Be a mysterious and "bizarro" person.
  • The term “Sorcerer” wasn’t key. What was key was to use the methods of a sorcerer to appear bizarre[10]

Sequence 3: Scholar of YoreEdit

  • Be a scholar from antiquity.
  • Search for real ancient history, study it, and make new conclusions out of it.[11]

Sequence 2: Miracle InvokerEdit

  • Fulfill the wishes of others.[12]
  • Perform Miracles (Core) [13]
  • Act not as a God fulfilling the wishes of others, but as a person performing miracles for himself and others.
  • Miracles are only for a moment, but fate is often a long-lasting event.[14]

Door Pathway Edit

Sequence 8: TrickmasterEdit

  • The key is in performing, fooling others, and deception.

Sequence 7: AstrologerEdit

  • Astrology is not all-powerful.[15]

Sequence 6: ScribeEdit

  • Record various of Beyonder abilities.
  • Record local customs and folklore in different places.

Tyrant Pathway Edit

Sequence 7: SeafarerEdit

  • Wander the sea.
  • Seek out new sea routes.
  • Seek out undiscovered islands.
  • The core principle involved being intimate with the sea, to masterfully grasp information regarding sea routes and the weather, as well as exploration and discovery.

Sequence 6: Wind-blessedEdit

  • Make yourself like the wind, including being irritable from time to time.

Visionary Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: SpectatorEdit

  • Whether it is at an extravagant banquet or in a lively street, a Spectator is always just a spectator - they can never take the stage themselves.

Sequence 7: PsychiatristEdit

  • Help others solve their mental problems.
  • People wear different personality masks when facing different situations and problems.

Sequence 5: DreamwalkerEdit

  • Come, see, record, but do not interfere, be a Spectator.[16]
  • Proactively walk among the dreams.
  • If you really want to interfere, then be the mastermind and conductor behind the scenes; even if your goal is achieved, no one should notice.[17]

Sun Pathway Edit

Sequence 5: Priest of LightEdit

  • Dispel the darkness and Praise the sun.[18]

Darkness Pathway Edit

Sequence 7: NightmareEdit

  • Enter people's dreams and be a nightmare to them.

Sequence 5: Spirit WarlockEdit

  • House spirits in their body the stronger the faster it is to digest the potion.

Hermit Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: Mystery PryerEdit

  • Do as you wish, but do no harm.[19]

Chained Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: PrisonerEdit

  • Repress desires and show temperance.

Red Priest Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: HunterEdit

  • Observe the environment, be familiar with the environment, and use the environment.[20][21]
  • Distinguish what can be eaten in the wild and what can’t.[21]

Sequence 8: ProvocatorEdit

  • Provoke others whenever possible.

Demoness Pathway Edit

Sequence 9: AssassinEdit

  • Perform assassination without being noticed.

Sequence 8: InstigatorEdit

  • Instigate people to commit crimes and spread dissension.

Sequence 6: PleasureEdit

  • When pleasure is irresistible and impossible to break away from, it's a form of agony.

Sequence 5: AfflictionsEdit

  • The more painful the pain, the more you can feel your own weakness. Pain is at its best when you desire to change yourself to become stronger.[22]

Moon PathwayEdit

Sequence 5: Scarlet ScholarEdit

  • Sincerely like the moon, worship the moon, and study the moon.[23]


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