Alger Wilson is a Beyonder who followed the Tyrant Pathway. The Captain of the Blue Avengers that once belonged to the Church of the Lord of Storms. He is one of the first members of the Tarot Club. His codename is The Hanged Man. He is the current Pontiff to the Church of the Sea God.

Appearance Edit

He was in his 30s, had dark blue hair, and was of mixed race. He often wore a robe with storm and wave patterns.

His skin is bronze in color, but it differs from that of the natives. He’s like the result of a pure Loenese being battered by the elements for years, but the dark blue hair is more peculiar, something that doesn’t belong to Loen. It’s closer to the colonists of Desi Bay who live in Berserk Sea region.

Mixed blood…
— Chapter 524

Personality Edit

He is calm, experienced, and ambitious. Being a mixed-blood, it was very hard for him to reach high positions in the church, but with a lot of effort and with the help of the Tarot Club, he managed to reach sequence 5. After he realized Mr. Fool's power, he aimed to become an angel. His personality didn't fit the Tyrant Pathway Beyonders, and therefore he often pretended to be more irritable and impulsive than he actually was.

Despite his ambitious and calculating side, he isactually kinder than he thought of himself. He has given much advice to Tarot Club members, though under the cover of "doing it for his own good".


He was born in the same village as Qilangos.[2] As a mixed-blood with dark blue hair, he grew up with a lot of discrimination. He was selected to enter the headquarter of Church of the Lord of Storms to be a member of the children’s choir, but without any talent in singing, he was soon dismissed. He returned to the chapel on the island where he was born to be a servant. And the priest there was an extremely violent superior to his subordinates.[3]

After he got the opportunity to become a Beyonder, Alger was sent to the Sonia Sea to act as an intelligence officer of the Church of Storms as a pirate. He had committed acts detrimental to the Church whilst under Qilangos’s coercion many times.[4]

Later, Alger found the ghost ship, Blue Avenger, an ancient ship that was a relic from the Tudor Empire. He secretly killed the captain and became the new captain of Blue Avenger.[5] During that time, he was pulled into the Gray Fog because of the mysterious glass bottle he obtained from the ship.

After the war, he became the Cardinal  responsible for Rorsted Archipelago diocese.[6] He had to sacrifice his hard-earned position in the church after he prayed to The Fool to fend off malfunctioned grade 1 sealed artifacts. He joined the Church of the Sea God by the words of The Fool.[7][1]

Later on, he went on a journey to fulfill his promise to Queen of Calamity Cohinem by bringing her remains in Book of Calamity to the Western Continent. He also received back his former Ghost Ship, Blue Avenger, from the Church of the Lord of Storms.[8]


  • He was a very bad singer. Once he acted as an Ocean Songster and sang in the middle of the night. Come morning, his crew was discussing the sounds that they thought it was a dying siren or some sea monster singing to them.[9][10]


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