Angels refer to Sequence 1 and 2 Beyonders. They are completely mythical creatures and require an anchor to prevent them from going mad. They can respond to prayers all over the world and be known as Subsidiary Gods in ancient times. Those who accommodate more than one Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristic or accommodate the Uniqueness of the pathway are known as Kings of Angels.

Each Pathway can only have at most three Sequence 1 angels. If there is a Sequence 0 of this pathway, it usually means there are no Sequence 1 angels and that the highest Sequence of this pathway is Sequence 2. There are a few exceptions: for example, a Sequence 0 Visionary can a Sequence 1 characteristics to an imagined entity while filling the gap in their own Beyonder Characteristic with an imagined characteristic.

List of Angels Edit

Below lists the angels that appeared in the book. Angels' Sequence number is noted in "()";

  • (k) means they are King of Angels;
  • (G) means the angel advanced to Sequence 0 and joined the ranks of true gods in this epoch;
  • (a→b) means that in this Epoch, the angel's earliest known Sequence was Sequence 'a' and latest known Sequence was Sequence 'b'.
Note: = Deceased
Pathway 2nd Epoch 3rd Epoch Warring Era 4th Epoch 5th Epoch
  • Zoroast(1)
  • Amon(k)
Hanged Man
  • The Pope of the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun(2)
White Tower
  • The Pope of the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom(2)
Wheel of Fortune
  • God of Luck
  • Goddess of Beauty Auernia(2)
  • Sanguine Queen Auernia(1)
  • Olmer(2)
  • Olmer(2)
  • 2 Sanguine Dukes(2)
Twilight Giant
  • Arianna(2)
  • The Pope of the Church of the Evernight Goddess(2)
  • Augustus
  • Castiya
  • Augustus(2)
  • Castiya(2)
Black Emperor
Red Priest
  • God of War
  • Medici(k)
  • Sauron(1)
  • Einhorn(1)

Although the table is divided by each epoch, some angels may die or become gods in that epoch. Their name is in that column only means he/she existed at that time.

The chart is not exhaustive because some angel families are hardly mentioned in the book, and every Orthodox Church should have at least one angel.

Angels of Unknown Pathways Edit

Sequence 1 Characteristics Whereabouts Edit

Every pathway has exactly 3 Sequence 1 characteristics and 1 uniqueness. This is an attempt of tracing where they are or whom they belong to currently. Note that a few of the names below are still conjectures.

Pathway Characteristic No.1 Characteristic No.2 Characteristic No.3 Uniqueness
Fool The Fool (God)
Door Bethel AbrahamAbraham Family Bethel AbrahamAmonThe Fool Bethel AbrahamAmon → Held by The Fool
Error ??? (The Fool or Amon) AmonThe Fool Amon → Held by The Fool
Hanged Man True Creator (God)
Visionary Adam (God)
Tyrant Lord of Storms (God)
Sun Eternal Blazing Sun (God)
White Tower God of Knowledge and Wisdom (God)
Wheel of Fortune Ouroboros Will Auceptin Held by Will Auceptin
Moon Held by Mother Tree of Desire (?) Held by Evernight Goddess → Held by Earth Mother
Mother Earth Mother (God)
Twilight Giant God of Combat (God) → Held by Evernight Goddess (?) God of Combat (God) → Held by Evernight Goddess
Darkness Evernight Goddess (God)
Death Sia Palenque Eggers Pale Death (?) Held by Evernight Goddess (?) Artificial Death → Held by Evernight Goddess
Justiciar William Augustus I Castiya family (?) Held by The Fool
Black Emperor Roselle Gustav (God) → George III → Roselle Gustav (God)
Chained Suah Chained God (controlled by Mother Tree of Desire)
Abyss Dark Side of the Universe (God)
Paragon God of Steam and Machinery (God)
Hermit Hidden Sage
Red Priest Augustus FamilyDemoness Sect Einhorn Family (?) Sauron FamilyIron and Blood Cross Order (?) Medici → Blood Emperor → Death → ???
1 of the 3 characteristics was later Held by AmonMedici
Demoness Primordial Demoness (God)

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