Good afternoon, Mr. Fool~
— Audrey Hall

Audrey Hall is a Beyonder who follows the Visionary Pathway. She is part of the Tarot Club and a member of the Psychology Alchemists, which she joined in Chapter 418. She is a believer in the Evernight Goddess and adopted the idea of equality of all people.

Appearance Edit

Her long blonde hair was casually tied up as they smoothly and luxuriantly flowed down. Her emerald eyes reflected a somewhat palish flame, looking as deep as the ocean and also as pure as a gemstone. Her facial features and the shape of her face were matched with a stunning beauty. Her bearing and elegance were clear and pure.
— Chapter 643: Klein’s Version of “Magic Mirror Divination”

Audrey is a beautiful young lady with emerald green eyes and smooth blonde hair. She is known as Backlund's Dazzling Gem.

 Personality Edit

Audrey appears young and naive but is actually rather intelligent and knows quite a lot. She is compassionate towards the suffering of the poor inhabitants of Backlund and convinces her family to propose legislation to amend worker's conditions. After experiencing the Great Smog of Backlund, she joined a charity that provides financial aid for poor students.

After joining the Tarot Club, Audrey has a strong sense of belonging to the members of the club and of Mr. Fool despite him being a "hidden existence" and not part of the orthodox Gods. This is evident when she got angry at Cattleya for having revealed the Tarot Club to an outsider (Bernadette).

Audrey has a bit of a daring streak showing from the start with her excitement at joining the Tarot Club and later on with trying to explore the shared unconscious realm.

After becoming a Spectator, Audrey gained the ability to easily see through people's minds. She acknowledged that she once dreamed about marrying a Mr. Right, but after seeing through real thoughts of many men, this dream became hard to accomplish. After promoting to Psychiatrist, Audrey has also become very adept at soothing people's mental problems. She regularly helps The World (Klein Moretti) deal with his occasional mental issues when they crop up.

Despite witnessing the dark side of people and the Beyonder world, Audrey still kept a pure heart. She always happily greets everyone on Tarot Club meetings and is always considerate to people around her. The only thing that changed is that she decided to promote higher sequences, in order to protect her family from any danger.

Background Edit

Audrey is from a noble and very wealthy family. Her father is an Earl and an influential member of the Cabinet, as well as one of the top bankers in Loen. She grew up not having to worry about money at all. Being the youngest child, her family all loves her and doesn't want her to get involved in politics too much.

As she grew up, she became the most dazzling gem of Backlund, who won the heart of many young aristocrats. Princes have shown interest in marrying her, though were (indirectly) refused.


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