A Sequence pathway might very well be a path destined to be crazy and filled with despair. And this is the only path for humans to obtain extraordinary strength.
How laughable and ironic it is. We strive to save ourselves, only to better destroy ourselves?
Roselle's Diary

 on Chapter 766

Beyonders are creatures who have consumed potions made from exotic creature materials. There are multiple Pathways for Beyonders to take, all starting from Sequence 9. Beyonders gain power from these specific potions but have to endure the side-effects (paranoia, hallucinations, etc.) that ensue upon consuming a potion. There is a chance they will succumb to the side-effects and lose control - becoming monsters themselves.

In ancient times, many Beyonder creatures believed that gathering similar power would lead to qualitative change and breakthrough. However, all of them turned mad or lost control without exception. Only after the First Blasphemy Slate was discovered that they realized the need of a balance and the existence of pathways as a guide.


Beyonder in the process of advancing his Sequence. by Da_Vinci喆

About Edit

The existence of Beyonders is not known to most people. The authorities such as the church, the police, and the royal family will actively try to prevent ordinary civilians from getting involved with matters related to Beyonders. However, if somebody were to find out and become inadvertently involved, they will have the opportunity to serve the local church as civilian staff. Alternatively, they can also choose to serve with the church as an official Beyonder by taking a potion.

Compared to normal civilians, Beyonders have enhanced durability and constitution, allowing them to resist things that would kill normal people. Moreover, they also gain some resistance to mental influences.

For most Beyonders, it takes a long time to digest a potion. Most of them have to wait years in between taking potions to minimize the risk of losing control. However, there is an alternative method to digesting potions known as the Acting Method where they engross themselves in the 'role' of the potion in question. From Sequence 5 onward, advancement will also require a ritual to advance. The ritual is only really necessary to prevent the unwanted side-effects from consuming a potion, for example, Klein had to consume the potion to advance while listening to the Mermaids singing so he wouldn't lose himself to the Sequence 5 potion and turn into a puppet. It is possible to advance without the ritual however the likelihood of success plummets to a dangerous point with losing control being the most likely outcome.

When a Beyonder dies, due to the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Indestructibility, the extraordinary material originally used by that Beyonder will precipitate, leaving a "Beyonder Characteristic." This is equivalent to the main materials for all the potions that Beyonder has taken, although they are generally used only for the highest level that Beyonder had reached. These characteristics are extremely valuable because they can be used to replace the hard to find Beyonder ingredients normally used in a potion. As a conSequence, high Sequence Beyonders might only be able to promote through this method. There are leftover characteristics of previous Sequences of the deceased Beyonder that also require further digesting through acting, this is highly necessary in order to get rid of potential dangers in the future.

Beyonder Laws Edit

Law of Beyonder Characteristics Indestructibility Edit

The characteristics of a Beyonder is never destroyed or reduced. It's only passed from one carrier to the next.

Law of Similar Sequence Beyonder Characteristics Conservation Edit

There are fixed amount of Beyonder Characteristics in every pathway group. High-Sequence Beyonders can exchange pathways with similar pathways at Sequence 4. The only exception is for the Fool, Error, and Door Pathways, which can only be exchanged at Sequence 3.

Law of Beyonder Characteristics Convergence Edit

Whatever separates will definitely converge, and whatever converges will definitely separate.
— Emperor Roselle

 on Chapter 577

High Sequence items of the same path and same high-Sequence group intermittently and unconsciously attract low and medium order Sequences to come near it. It has a tendency to converge with each other, and demigods can detect this attraction caused by high Sequence items.

Inheritance of Beyonder characteristicsEdit

For Sequence 7 and below, Beyonder characteristics will not be passed on to the next generation, but it isn’t absolute, Sequence 6 and 5 will naturally pass down a portion, but it will not affect the parent’s strength. As for the child, they would be born with certain Beyonder powers, close to that of Sequence 9. But as a result, their pathway is basically fixed.

At high Sequences, the inheritance of Beyonder characteristics is something one can control. The children born from High-Sequence Beyonders might be born as Beyonders. As for the Sequence number, it’s up to either one of the parents to decide.[1]

There also many factors that can cause the same degree of influence, by gaining the blessings of a deity or the corruption of an evil spirit. And if there’s an excessive amount of Beyonder characteristics, there’s a chance for them to be passed down as well that is a way to effectively reduce the remnant potion in the body.[2]

The Advancement RitualEdit

Starting from the Sequence 5, the advancement is no longer as simple as before. The potions need to be consumed in conjunction with a ritual.

The essence of the ritual of Sequence 5 to Sequence 1 is to avoid the sudden increase of the potion and the lost control situation, so they stabilize by the ritual (similar to the function of Anchor). Therefore, the advancement ritual is not necessary, and drinking the potion directly has a certain chance of success. The ritual can be replaced by other methods, but without personal experience of advancement in this way, it is difficult to accurately grasp the specific role of the ritual during advances, so there are few alternative methods.

For advances to the Sequence 0 must hold an apotheosis ritual to allow the Uniqueness and the three Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristics to fully converge and undergo a qualitative change.

Mythical Creature Form Edit

Every demigod, including Saints and Angel, have their own mythical creature form. It’s a non-human race form that contains complex knowledge, divine traits, and hidden symbols. If ordinary people look at it, they will suffer from serious injuries and even mental disorders, the higher the rank of the demigod, the stronger the damage and the lower the chance to resist the damage.

Creatures at this level must control themselves at all times, not showing their mythical creature form, otherwise, they will bring disaster to their surroundings.

Saints' (Sequence 4 and 3 Beyonder) mythical creature form is not complete. They only possess some racial characteristics of their mythical creatures. Only Beyonders at Sequence 2 and above posses a true mythical creature form.

Pathway Levels Edit

Main article: Pathways

There are 10 levels in each Pathway, called Sequences:

Title Sequence Information
Great Old One/
Outer Deity
Above the Sequence To reach this level, a Sequence 0 needs to accommodate one Sequence 1 characteristic and the Uniqueness from each Pathway in their group and the corresponding Sefirot.
God 0 At any time, there can only exist a maximum of one Sequence 0 Beyonder for each pathway: there can only be one god.There is a qualitative change at this level.
High Sequence
Archangel 1 If there exists a Sequence 0 in the pathway, there can be no Sequence 1 Beyonders.
Otherwise, if there is no Sequence 0, then there can be a maximum of three Sequence 1's. This is because the potion formula to advance to Sequence 0 requires all three Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristics.
If a Sequence 1 angel possesses more than 1 Sequence 1 characteristic or accommodates the Uniqueness of their pathway, they are known as a King of Angels.
Angel 2 Beyonders at this level become a true mythical creature and gain practically unlimited lifespan.
They can respond to prayers all over the world.
Even with optimal digestion, Beyonders that reach this level will start to go mad unless they have an anchor.
The Sequence 2 of each pathway differ in the quantity of Beyonder.
Saint 3 Beyonders at this level can respond to prayers.
The Fool, Error, and Door Pathways can be exchanged starting at this Sequence.
4 At Sequence 4 and higher, Beyonders in the same high Sequence group (except Fool, Error, and Door) can switch to different pathways within the same group. For example, a Sequence 5 Beyonder of the Darkness Pathway can promote to Sequence 4 of the Death Pathway because they are both in the same pathway group.
They begin the process of becoming a mythical creature and attaining godhood. At this level, they gain a partial mythical creature form and increased longevity.
There is a qualitative change at this level.
Mid Sequence 5 Advancing to this Sequence or higher will require a ritual in addition to the potion ingredients.
Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
6 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
7 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
Without the Acting Method, many Beyonders become stuck at this Sequence, finding it difficult and risky to advance further.
Low Sequence 8 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
9 This is the entry-level as a Beyonder. Nevertheless, even the weakest Beyonder can be impressive in their own domains.

Beyonder Price Edit

Sequence Formula (pounds) Characteristic (pounds) Main Ingredients (pounds) Mystical Item (pounds)
9 200 300 150 each 500
8 400 600 300 each 1000
7 800 1200 600 each 2000
6 2000 4000 2000 each 5000-6000
5 5000 8000 9000-12000
4 10000 (Partial Formula)
Note: ‘‡’ indicates they switched pathway — ‘⋕’ indicates they has additional authorities.
List of Beyonders
Lord of the Mysteries
Fool Pathway Klein Moretti · Zaratul (Senior) · Zaratul · Antigonus · Rosago · Kotar
Door Pathway Fors Wall · Bethel Abraham · Dorian Gray · Botis · Lewis Wien
Error Pathway Amon · Lanevus · Pallez Zoroast · Mobet Zoroast · Hazel Macht · Flora Jacob
God Almighty
Hanged Man Pathway True Creator · Mr. A · Elder Lovia · Heath Doyle · Kesima · Steph
Visionary Pathway Dragon of Imagination Ankewelt · Adam · Hermes · ‎Baros Hopkins · Audrey Hall · Susie · ‎Hvin Rambis
Tyrant Pathway Elf King Soniathrym · Queen of Calamity Cohinem · Lord of Storms · Gaard II · Ace Snake · Jahn Kottman · Randall Valentinus · Alger Wilson · Qilangos · Siatas · Nina
Sun Pathway Ancient Sun God · Eternal Blazing Sun · Derrick Berg · Snowman
White Tower Pathway God of Knowledge and Wisdom · Isengard Stanton · Edwina Edwards · Lucca Brewster
Key of Light
Wheel of Fortune Pathway Ouroboros · Will Auceptin · Ricciardo · Enzo · Ademisaul
Goddess of Origin
Moon Pathway Klarman · Nibbs Odora · Emlyn White · Cosmi Odora · Darkwill · Viscount Glaint · Duke Olmer · Ernes Boyar
Mother Pathway Lilith · Omebella · Frank Lee · Roland
Eternal Darkness
Twilight Giant Pathway Giant King Aurmir · God of Combat · Bladel · Bishop Utravsky · Colin Iliad · Groselle · ‎Waite Chirmont · Larrion
Darkness Pathway Evernight Goddess · Demon Wolf Flegrea · Arianna · Anthony Stevenson · Crestet Cesimir · Soest · Dunn Smith · Leonard Mitchell · Ilya · Ince Zangwill · Seeka Tron
Death Pathway Phoenix Ancestor Gregrace · Death · Azik Eggers · Daly Simone · ‎Elder Hawick · Patrick Bryan · Frye
The Anarchy
Justiciar Pathway Night Emperor · William Augustus I · Dlink Augustus · Grove Augustus · Amyrius Rieveldt · Xio Derecha · Duke Negan · Elland Kag · Frunziar Edward · Alfred Hall
Black Emperor Pathway Black Emperor · George Augustus III · Nast Solomon · Qonas Kilgor · Mithor King
Father of Devils
Chained Pathway Mutated King Kvastir · Chained God · Mother Tree of Desire · Reinette Tinekerr · Sharron · Maric · Senor · Suah · Zatwen · Mahmosi · Barranca
Abyss Pathway Devil Monarch Farbauti · Agalito · Jason Beria · Kircheis
Phantom of Knowledge
Paragon Pathway God of Steam and Machinery · Ikanser Bernard · Horamick Haydn · Portland Moment · Bornova Gustav · Cielf
Hermit Pathway Roselle Gustav · Bernadette Gustav · Cattleya · Old Neil
Scourge of Destruction
Red Priest Pathway Blood Emperor · Medici · Danitz · Anderson Hood · Bakerland · Helene · Egor Einhorn · Awatoma Einhorn · Tony Down
Demoness Pathway Primordial Demoness Cheek · Trissy · Tracy · Katarina Pelle · Panatiya · Madam Sharon · Shermane


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