He has made every Sequence in his own image. What a narcissist... I’m suddenly very curious what the Card of Blasphemy for the Demoness pathway would look like. Hehe.
Klein Moretti

 on Chapter 323


The Cards of Blasphemy are a set of 22 cards created by Emperor Roselle which each corresponds to the 22 pathways. Each card contains the potion formula and sequence description for each sequence. They possess anti-divination and anti-prophecy abilities and are considered a high-level item.

Due to the Law of Extraordinary Characteristic Convergence, once unlocked, they will automatically attract the necessary Beyonder ingredients for promotion. This can be seen when Klein used the Black Emperor Card and ended up inadvertently running into Nast Solomon while in the spirit world.

Roselle created the cards with his knowledge from the Second Blasphemy Slate after he became the Sequence 1 Knowledge Emperor of the Mystery Pryer Pathway and encountered the pollution of the Primordial Moon. He realized the problem of the cards during their meeting and warned Klein to not collect all 22 Cards of Blasphemy.[1]


Each card has the name corresponding to the sequence 0 of that pathway with a picture of Emperor Roselle acting as the god of the pathway. Emperor Roselle also made them with tarot cards as inspiration, so many of them have a tarot card lookalike.

Tarot CardEdit

Tarot Cards are the individual cards of the Tarot Deck, a type of playing card deck occasionally used for divination and standard games. A standard Tarot deck will consist of 78 cards: 22 which are uniquely numbered called the Major Arcana.

Major Arcana cards from The Magician to The World are numbered in Roman numerals from I to XXI, while The Fool is the only unnumbered card, sometimes placed at the beginning of the deck as 0, or at the end as XXII.

List of Cards[2] Edit

Lookalike Tarot Card Unlocked Card First Appeared Original Location Possessor
0 The Fool Fool Card 842 Hornacis Mountain Peak Antigonus

Klein Moretti (Current)

I The Magician Door Card
II The High Priestess Paragon Card
III The Empress Demoness Card
IV The Emperor Black Emperor Card 323 Roselle Exhibition, Backlund Klein Moretti
V The Hierophant Tyrant Card 813 Primitive Island Klein Moretti
VI The Lover Error Card
VII The Chariot Red Priest Card 456 Pound Family Basement, Backlund Klein Moretti
VIII Strength Twilight Giant Card
IX The Hermit Hermit Card
X Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Card 823 Bernadette Gustav
XI Justice Visionary Card
XII The Hanged Man Hanged Man Card
XIII Death Death Card
XIV Temperance Chained Card
XV The Devil Abyss Card 427 Twilight Hermit Order
XVI The Tower White Tower Card
XVII The Star Darkness Card
XVIII The Moon Moon Card
XIX The Sun Sun Card
XX Judgment Justiciar Card
XXI The World Mother Card


  • The activation incantation of the Black Emperor card is 'Bernadette'.


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