There’s a qualitative change that has happened to them in a particular aspect, it was as though they’ve transformed into a deity. It’s no wonder that we describe them as ‘Demigods’, though I think calling them ‘Legendary beings’ is more fitting.
— Roselle's Diary

 on Chapter 159

Saint refers to Sequence 3 and 4 Beyonders, who are at this point starting the process of becoming a mythical creature. However, the mythical creature form of the Saints is incomplete as they only possess some racial characteristics of the mythical creatures of their respective pathways.

At this level Beyonder can switch to different pathways within the same group.

At Sequence 3 as the Beyonder slowly becomes less human and gains more mythical characteristics, they are able to respond to prayers within a certain area by creating an honorable title that points to them. Due to their different personalities, experiences, and characteristics, the corresponding honorific names are essentially different.

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