Cattleya was one of the 5 Pirate Admirals and is a sequence 3 Beyonder of the Hermit Pathway. She held the nickname Admiral of Stars and her flagship is named "The Future". Her bounty originally is 37,000 pounds, after she permitted Gehrman Sparrow board the Future, her bounty raise to 45,000 pounds.[1]

In Volume 7, Cattleya becomes the Hermit Queen, and one of the ten Pillars of the Moses Ascetic Order.[2]

Appearance Edit

Her hair is black and her eyes are a little purple. She wears a black, classical robe with numerous symbols and magic characteristics inscribed on it. The most obvious one was a mysterious eye with no eyelashes. Hanging on her waist, there were a celestial globe and a short scepter. She resembled powerful warlocks who were active in the Fourth Epoch according to folklore.[3] She wears a thick glasses to seal her uncontrolled "Eye of Mystery Prying".[4]

Personality Edit

Cattleya at first was described as a wise, experienced and cautious person and an able captain. She is very knowledgeable about the mystery world. In Tarot Club, she and Mr. Hanged Man are the few people that frequently speculate on Mr.Fool's intentions (though mostly wrong) and is able to give advice to other members.

Later it was revealed that inside her mind (dream), Cattleya is still a willful child who looks up to her mother and always waits for her to come back. Although separated, Cattleya thought of her mother quite often and wrote letters to her every week.


Cattleya's parents and background are unknown. She was adopted by Queen Mystic, Bernadette Gustav before she was three years old. Bernadette taught and nurtured her, which made Cattleya always consider Bernadette as her captain, teacher, and even mother.[5] Bernadette was the one that asked her to leave and Cattleya did not fully understand the reason. After being expelled from Bernadette Gustav's fleet, she joined Moses Ascetic Order.

She was almost driven to insanity by the Unorthodox God behind the Moses Ascetic Order - the "Hidden Sage". While enduring tremendous pain, she was pulled into the gray fog by Klein and become a member of the Tarot Club.[6]

She secretly revealed the information about the Tarot Club to Bernadette. The Fool punished her with the True Creator's raving when he knew it. After that, she transferred Roselle's Diary provided by Bernadette to the Fool to help the Queen Mystic understand the behavior and news of her father.[7]

Her eyes carry a special ability "Eye of Mystery Prying" that can see through covers and gather more details than other people, which is uncontrollable.[4] This problem was resolved after she was promoted to a demigod.


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