Old Neil: "Why are we only protecting dragons and giants? It should be called Fantastic Beasts Protection Association."
Klein Moretti: "No, no, no. How can we forget those poor plants?"
They exchanged looks and proclaimed in unison: "Fantastic Organisms Protection Association!"
— Old Neil and Klein Moretti

 on Chapter 21

There are many different kinds of extraordinary Creatures and Plants found throughout the world.

Beyonder CreaturesEdit

Normal animals do not have the brains of humans. They wouldn’t be able to learn Cogitation in a timely manner. Therefore, it would most likely lead to immediate death or a breakdown into a monster. However, if they survived the initial ingestion of the potion, they should become a Beyonder Creature. If the potion has the ability to enhance their intelligence, they can even become smarter.[1]

The extraordinary species are gradually extinct in the Northern Continent. Over the past few centuries, dragons, giants, and elves have become simply records in books. Even the sea folks are no longer seen near the coastal waters.[2]

Land creaturesEdit

Beastmen Edit

A variety of creatures like humans and beasts. They are gone extinct after the Cataclysm.[3]

Bizarro BaneEdit

Also called Shapeshifter in the City of Silver. Such monsters didn’t come equipped with the intelligence to communicate, but they were adept at setting up traps to deal with targets. Furthermore, they could disguise themselves as others, using what seemed like fascinating methods to complete a hunt.[4]

Its appearance is a blurry, transparent shadow with a ghostly-blue single eye. Around the eye were similar eyes but smaller. It's power equal to Sequence 5 Beyonder. As soon as they obtain the true soul body of the Spirit World Plunderer, it can turn into a complete Bizarro Sorcerer.[5]

Its main eye and blood are the ingredients of the Sequence 4 Bizarro Sorcerer potion.

Demonic WolfEdit

According to the Myth of Creation, the Demonic Wolves were evolved from the ears of The Original Creator.[6] They are one of the dominant races in the Second Epoch.

Demonic Wolves of FogEdit

The Demonic Wolves of Fog are a type of high-level Demonic Wolves. After the death of the ancient gods and the Cataclysm, and with them being killed by the Antigonus Family, Zaratul Family, and the Church of the Evernight Goddess, they’re extremely rare now. Furthermore, they’re all good at anti-divination and deceit. They aren’t easy to find.[7]

Their transformed heart and White Frost Crystal are the ingredients of the Sequence 3 Scholar of Yore potion.[8]


According to the Myth of Creation, dragons were evolved from the heart of The Original Creator.[6] They are one of the dominant races along with giants race in the Dual Era.[9]

The dragons are mortal enemies of the Giant King. They all look like magnified lizards, and their entire bodies are covered in scales of different colors. Their four limbs are thick and powerful, and their wings are wide enough to drive their giant bodies to flight. They are the rulers of the sky.

They have a myriad of abilities, some have the ability to breathe fire, others the ability to command lightning, bring corrosion, or even creating frost. But these are not mainstream among the dragons.[10]

Most dragons are creatures with flesh and blood; this includes the mind dragon. By allowing itself to survive and swim through the so-called Sea of Collective Subconscious.[11]

There was a village that had the customs of dragon worship in East Chester County.[12]

Mind DragonEdit

The high sequence Mind Dragons are living in Sea of Collective Subconscious. They were a long lizard-like monster. Their entire body was covered with huge scales that were like grayish-white stone slabs. They had four thick and powerful legs, and its eyes were pale gold with its pupils vertical, looking cold and arrogant.[13]


According to the Myth of Creation, the elves were evolved from the lung of The Original Creator.[6] They are one of the dominant races over the ocean in the Second Epoch. there was a legend that elves originated from the Western Continent where the first-generation elves were born.[14] They are human-like form creatures, suspected to evolved from the human.[15][16]

They have slightly sharp ears and look different from any national of the Northern Continent.[17]

Feathered serpentEdit


Feathered Serpent

According to the Myth of Creation, the feathered serpents were evolved from the kidneys of The Original Creator.[6]

A humongous serpent. It has dark green scales with exaggerated eyes that seemed to burn with fire. Between its scales was white feather covered in yellow oily stains. Along its back was a pair of thick wings that could be spread.

In the Southern Continent, it was called "Quetzalcoatl"[Note 1] the serpent spoken in the myth[18] and was a symbol of holiness. It was the emblem of the descendants of Death, the Eggers Family. It's power equal to Sequence 5.[19]

They are also the mythical creature form of the Death Pathway.


According to the Myth of Creation, the giant was evolved from the heart of The Original Creator.[6] They are one of the dominant races along with dragons race in the Dual Era.[20] They are human-like form creatures, suspected to evolved from the human.[15][16]

They have grayish-blue skin with a single vertical eye and nearly four meters tall.[17]

Human-skinned ShadowEdit

Human-skinned Shadow was relatively easy to encounter in the Forsaken Land of the Gods. It was one of the scarier monsters in the depths of the darkness.[21]

Its characteristic is one of the main ingredients of the Sequence 6 Faceless potion.


According to the Myth of Creation, the mutants were evolved from the mouth and teeth of The Original Creator.[6]

Mutant was the general term for humans that were put under the negative effects of certain Beyonder characteristics. Due to the different curses, Mutants transformed into different races. Their desires erupt when they come into contact with a certain scene or object. They become monsters, succumbing to their desires for blood and massacre.[22][23]


According to the Myth of Creation, the phoenixes were evolved from the hair of The Original Creator.[6] They are one of the dominant races in the Second Epoch.

Rainbow SalamanderEdit

In ancient times called Phantom Netherdrake. They are the Beyonder creatures that nearly extinct, and can only find traces of them in primitive islands in the Sea of Fog, the Berserk Sea, or the Sonia Sea.[24]

It was a giant lizard whose skin changed color depending on how the light hit it. It was three meters long.[25]

Its pituitary gland is one of the main ingredients of the Telepathist potion.

Six-Winged GargoyleEdit

It has grayish-white skin, nearly four meters tall with armor plating patterns engraved on its body. Its head had goat horns and a mouth that resembled a hound’s. Its half-opened mouth revealing snarling fangs. It holds an eight-meter-long stone trident. Its pair of eyes which burned red and the six pairs of white-membraned wings.

Its core crystal was one of the main ingredients of a Marionettist, and the Beyonder powers it possessed were extremely special and indefensible.[26]


Further information: Sanguines

They are one of the dominant races in the Second Epoch. They are human-like form creatures, suspected to evolved from the human.[15][16]

Natural vampires were already on the brink of extinction before the dragons and giants bowed out of the stage of world history. Later on, they might occasionally be discovered.[27] They distinguish themselves from vampires because there are "artificial vampires" Beyonders, by called themselves the Sanguines.

Sea MonsterEdit


An Asmann was said to be a monster that existed in ancient times. It looked like an unprotected human brain that could fill a room. Not only could it create terrifying illusions, but it could also make its attackers die from their own attacks.

Without the gold enclosing it, the brain of an Asmann will constantly affect you, causing you to hallucinate until you lose your mental facilities.

The brain of Asmann is one of the main ingredients of Sequence 6 Scribe potion.[28]

Lavos SquidEdit

Lavos Squid is considered an extraordinary biological species. It is clearly mutated. It is covered in mystery. Its blood will rapidly break down under sunlight and lose its unique qualities. It has to be stored in opaque material.

Lavos Squid's blood is blue like the sky and produced illusory bubbles as though it was connected to the spiritual world. Its blood is one of the main ingredients of the Sequence 9 Seer potion[29] and the Sequence 7 Astrologer potion.[30]


Also known as the siren. They used their songs to confuse humans, not for entertainment but for hunting.[31] These creatures with a human head had quite some beauty in their clear, pure eyes. Their breasts were lifted up high, but they were also covered by dark red scales. The lower halves of their bodies were comprised of massive fishtails as they rhythmically struck the reef.[32]

They can find in the east of the Gargas Archipelago and at the Sea of Ruins. There are also reared mermaids in the Church of Evernight’s headquarters, in the Cathedral of Serenity, as well as the Sleep Cathedral on Dinos Island.[33]

It can use for an advancement ritual of the Sequence 5 Marionettist of the Fool Pathway.


Murloc is the lowest grade sea monster in Sonia Sea. It was like a giant fish that had grown four strong limbs, and there was obvious webbing in the cracks of its limbs. Its entire body was covered in dark green scales, and there was a green slime flowing around it.

The scales on a murloc’s body are very hard. Revolvers can only deal a little damage. They would need at least five to six people and four to five spears to have a chance to deal with them.[34]

The bladder of the Murloc is the main ingredient of the Sequence 9 Sailor potion.[35]


According to the Myth of Creation, the Naga were evolved from the remaining bodily fluids of The Original Creator.[6] They are surrendered to the Elf King Soniathrym during the Dark Epoch and help him ruled the bottom of the sea.

There is a Naga tribe active in the depths of the sea 1,200 nautical miles away from the Sonia Island. They’ve been working hard to find the underwater city which is rumored to have a powerful demon sealed within. That’s the entity of their faith.[36]


Obninsk is an ancient sea monster. They could directly devour a sailboat, and it had a humongous, distorted body. It had as many as three heads and many tentacles that entangled with each other. They were the protagonists in many legends at sea. It's power equal to Sequence 5.

Most of these sea monsters were tamed by the Church of the Lord of Storms. They had a fixed region of activity, but it was unknown if they had near-human intelligence.

It can be used for an advancement ritual of the Sequence 5 Ocean Songster of the Tyrant Pathway.[37]

Spirit BeingEdit

A type of unique creature that lives in the Spirit World.

Evil SpiritEdit

Main article: Evil Spirits


A harpy has the ability to give nightmares. It can snap people awake from their dreams, so the entire ritual’s essence is to be immersed in a dream and be unwilling to wake up from it. Get pulled out of the dream via an external force, or one might sleep forever or lose control and turn into a monster.[38]

Hounds of FulgrimEdit


Hounds of Fulgrim (by 布瑞希尔)

The Hounds of Fulgrim or the so-called Sefirah Castle Keepers, are a type of unique creature of the spirit world. They reside in the gray fog surround the Sefirah Castle. Even the Seven Pure Lights only know of them and are unable to interact with them unless they leave the Historical Void and attempt to hunt.[7]

It looked like a hound. Its entire body was covered in black short fur, and its eye sockets were two balls of dark-red burning flames. The ends of its mouth extended to the back of its head. It clearly existed there in its corporal form, but it gave off an illusory feeling that felt surreal.[39]

Their eyes and blood are the ingredients of the Sequence 3 Scholar of Yore potion.[8]


Malmouth is an extremely rare void creature that roaming in the Spirit World. Its ability is to swallow many items into its belly without causing them any harm.

Its entire body was colored a milky white. There were no eyes, nose, arms, or legs around it. Only an opening which resembled a mouth cracked open over its surface.

Under normal circumstances, summoning rituals will not point to them. An elder of a sufficiently high Sequence must enter the Spirit World and, after a long period of searching, make a contract with one of them. That way, it will allow subsequent descendants to complete a summoning ritual with their corresponding name. It doesn’t like people without talent in music. It would reject signing a contract with such people.[40]

Spirit World PlundererEdit

Spirit World Plunderers live in the depths of the spirit world. They're extremely rare, rich in intelligence, and very aggressive. They can capture or kill creatures and make them soul avatars. Their souls can turn into their true soul's appearance, giving them similar performance and traits. They can also disguise themselves as other spirit world creatures. When encountering them, perhaps all the spirit world creatures around belong to them. They might be soul avatars that mustn't be neglected.

This creature can effectively influence the thought processes of their prey, causing them to enter a desensitized state. Their true soul body has potent spirituality. In clashes of such nature, they are often at a noticeable advantage.

They're very difficult to find. At present, they can only be found in Calderón City.[41]

Its True Soul Body is the ingredients of the Sequence 4 Bizarro Sorcerer potion.

Terror BansheeEdit

It was a powerful spirit world creature with a beautiful face and a rotting body. It had a pair of huge eagle wings and was good at draining the consciousness of others, injecting feelings of terror in them.[42]



According to the Myth of Creation, the treants were evolved from the liver of The Original Creator.[6] They are gone extinct after the Cataclysm.[43]

Black Faced GrassEdit

A plant that grows between the stone cracks of the City of Silver's wall and is the staple food of the City. They resemble human hair. It was said to be the final intervention that the magnificent God left for them.[44]

It was revealed later by Colin Iliad that the Black Faced Grass is the product from the Grade 0 Sealed Artifacts, Gift of the Land.[45]

Donningsman TreeEdit

A commonly exotic tree in the rainforest of the Southern Continent. Its sap is naturally water-resistant. It was originally rather cheap, but rather the research revealed that it had beneficial effects on hair growth, its price skyrocketed.[46]

Illusory Chime TreeEdit

A strange tree on the primitive islands. Above its brownish-green trunk were thin cracks. Deep inside each crack was a darkness that looked as though different eyes were growing inside them. The branches that extended outwards had chime-like metal-gray objects hanging from them. They were swaying automatically, letting out melodious sounds. And on the branch closest to the trunk, there was a fist-sized, colorless, translucent fruit. The sound of a wind chime can hypnotize other animals to walk in front of themselves and commit suicide.[19]

Its fruit is one of the supplementary ingredients of the Sequence 6 Hypnotist potion.


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