Currency in the Lord of the Mysteries varies from nation to nation, but commonly the gold coin is the most valuable monetary unit.

Gold coins are named and valued differently in each nation.

Loen’s gold pound is worth the most.

Loen KingdomEdit


1 pound = 20 soli
1 soli = 12 pence

Gold poundEdit


Loen's Banknote from CP25

They are paper-based but are guaranteed by gold and pegged directly. There are three denominations: one, five and ten gold pounds. In the middle of the note is a portrait of Loen's kings.

  • 1 pound note: the former king, William Augustus VI
  • 5 pound note: the fifth king, Henry Augustus I
  • 10 pound note: The honorable Founder and Protector, William Augustus I.


Soli is ranked second. It originated from ancient silver coins. They have denominations:

  • 1 soli
  • 5 soli

The middle of a soli note is the portrait of King George Augustus III.

Copper PennyEdit

One penny’s purchasing power is equivalent to three or four yuan on earth. There are four denominations:

  • 1 penny
  • 5 penny
  • half pence
  • quarter pence

The front of the coin was engraved with a portrait of George Augustus III.

Prices and Wages in the Loen Kingdom Edit

The author based the prices and wages on Victorian Era Britain. Below lists some of the prices mentioned in the book. All prices are ordered roughly from low to high.

Transportation Edit

Item Price
Public carriage 1 penny/mile
Metro ticket (first/second/third class seat) 6/4/3 pence
Train ticket (first/second/third class seat) 15/10/5 soli
Ship ticket: Bayam - Galagos 3 pounds
Ship ticket: Pritz Harbor - Rorsted Archipelago 35/10/4 pounds
A bicycle 3-5 pounds
Rent a two-wheel carriage (with horses) 42 pounds /year
Rent a four-wheel carriage (with horses) 88 pounds /year
A two-wheel carriage 100 pounds
A four-wheel carriage 300 pounds

Housing Edit

Item Price
Rent a single room in East Bourough 3 soli 10 pence /week; 4 soli 3 pence /week
Rent a terrace house 12-16 soli /week (+ 5 pence furniture fee)
Rent a detached house in the suburb 19 soli - 1 pound 18 soli /week
Rent a house in a middle-class neighborhood in


18 + 1 soli /week (furniture fee), or 50 pound /year
Rend a suburb's best gardened villa or a high-end apartment with a few rooms and halls ~ 2 pounds /week
Rent a gardened house in a high-end district at least 3 pounds/week or 156 pounds /year
Rent a high-end house in an upper-class neighborhood 220 pounds /year; 315 pounds /year
Rent a luxurious manor in a upper-class neighborhood 1260 pounds /year
Buy a terrace house 850 pounds
Buy a manor a couple thousand pounds
Buy a fancy manor 20k pounds

Foods and Beverages Edit

Further information: Foods and Beverages

Item Location Price
Rye Beer Tingen 1 pence /cup
Enmat Beer Tingen 2 pence /cup
Zarhar beer Bayam 3 pence /cup
Southville Beer Tingen 4 pence /cup
Southville Beer Backlund 5 pence /cup
Beef pudding Tingen 6 pence
Flour Tingen 7 pence /liter
Rye Bread Tingen 9 pence /lbs
fresh fish Tingen 5 pence
beef Tingen 5 pence /slice; 6 pence /lbs
An oat bread with pork sausage + a cup of Southville beer Backlund 10 pence
Two large cups of tea, a plate of lamb stewed with young peas, two loaves of bread, two pieces of toast, a serving of low-quality butter, a serving of artificial cream A cafe in East Borough, Backlund 17.5 pence
Ice cream (restaurant) Tingen 1 soli
Black pepper steak Tingen 1 soli 2 pence
Grilled Sickleback fish Bayam 2 soli 5 pence
Desi Champagne Tingen 12 soli 3 pence
Weekly food expense of a middle-class family (Mrs. Sammers' calculation) Backlund 1 pound 5 soli
A bottle of ordinary wine ~2 pounds
A ten-person party hosted by a middle-class family Backlund 4 pounds 8 soli
Chef's choice in a fine-dining restaurant Backlund 15/10/8 pounds
Aurmir Red Wine of 1330 126 pounds

Education Edit

School Tuition
Sunday school 1 penny/week
Public primary school 3 pence/week
Tingen Technical School (secondary education) 9 pence/week
Female Boarding School for upper class 500 pounds/year

Wages Edit

Job Salary by week Salary/year
A worker at the harbor (Backlund) 1 soli /day
Making matchboxes at most 1 soli 3 pence /day
A housemaid 3 soli 6 pence - 6 soli
Laundress (in an upper-class household) 10 pounds
parlormaid (in an upper-class household) 11 pounds
Chambermaid (in an upper-class household) 12 pounds
Handyman (in an upper-class household) 12 pounds
Scullery maid (in an upper-class household) 13 pounds
Assistant cook (in an upper-class household) 15 pounds
Lady's maid (in an upper-class household) 18 pounds
Gardener (in an upper-class household) 20 pounds
Coachman (in an upper-class household) 25 pounds
Nursery governess (in an upper-class household) 25 pounds
Female lead factory worker 10 soli
Footman (in an upper-class household) 30 pounds
Steward (in an upper-class household) 30 pounds
Cook (in an upper-class household) 30 pounds
An ordinary chef 12-15 soli
Valet (in an upper-class household) 35 pounds
Female housekeeper (in an upper-class household) 42 pounds
Average factory worker around 1 pound
Senior clerk 1 pound 10 soli
Butler 15 soli - 1 pound 10 soli 40-80 pounds/year
Experienced Butler working for a noble family 2 pounds at least 100 pounds /year
Government employee 3 pounds
Nighthawk 3 pounds
Lawyer 3 pounds more than 200 pounds
Lecturer at Tingen University 3 pounds 10 soli
Manager at an import&export company 6 pounds
Manager at Coim Company 430 pounds
An experienced Nighthawk 12 pounds more than 600 pounds
A senior lawyer 800-1000 pounds
A businessman 1500 pounds
First Manager of Backlund Bank 5000 pounds
  • Audrey owns 300K-pound worth of assets and growing, annual interest being more than 3k pounds. Susie costs 450 pounds.
  • "Buying" a baronet title costs about 300K pounds, and a hereditary baron costs 700K - 1 million pounds.
  • Duke Negan, who owns the most land outside of the royal family in Loen, owns more than 12-million-pound worth of land, and has an annual income of 850k pounds from land rent.

*Prices and wages above were originally summarized by 盛夏的骤雨. Translated with some minor changes.

Beyonder Edit

Sequence Formula (pounds) Characteristic (pounds) Main Ingredients (pounds) Mystical Item (pounds)
Sequence 9 200 300 150 each 500
Sequence 8 400 600 300 each 1000
Sequence 7 800 1200 600 each 2000
Sequence 6 2000 4000 2000 each 5000-6000
Sequence 5 5000 8000 9000-12000
Sequence 4 10000 (Partial Formula)


Feysac EmpireEdit

Feysac Empire's currency maintained the very intuitive base-ten denomination, making conversions very simple. There are three denominations:

Kopek → Feysilver → Gold hoorn

The exchange rate with Loen's currency is 1 Gold pound = 5.5 Gold hoorn.

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