My faith lies only with Mr. Fool!
— Derrick Berg

 on Chapter 1172

Derrick Berg is a teenager that lives in the City of Silver which resides in the Forsaken Land of the Gods.

He is following the Sun Pathway. He provides the club with historical records of the past epochs which are unknown to people in the current era. He also provides the club with various Beyonder materials from monsters around the City of Silver which are difficult to procure in the current era.

He hopes to become sequence 0 of Sun Pathway, because in this way he can lead the City of Silver out of the Forsaken Land of the Gods, and restore sunlight, and in general normal lives, back to his people.

Appearance Edit

Derrick has brownish-yellow hair wore the unique black tight suit that was different from the clothing of countries in the Northern Continent. According to Audrey, he has a feeling of a lone wolf. Derrick is also over 2 meters in height.

Personality Edit

Derrick Berg is a naive and honest person. Because of his youthfulness, he is not particularly cunning, leading him to be taken advantage of by Alger during Tarot Club interactions. He is inexperienced with navigating complex political and social situations, often leaking valuable information for free that he could have sold for a good price.

Honest and eager, Derrick always strives to do the right thing. He wants to become the sun and restore sunlight back to his home.

Since the first Tarot Club meetings, he has been taught by other Tarot Club members, especially Alger. He has now become maturer, and able to think deeper when facing complicated situations. However, this didn't change him being an honest and sincere person. He always thinks of the good side of everyone and is very grateful for all the help he received from Tarot Club members, especially Alger, and not to mention Mr. Fool.

Background Edit

Because of the curse in City of Silver, he had to kill his parents by himself. Derrick prayed to the god to a crystal ball that his father said it was used by a long-destroyed city to worship their deity, then he was pulled into the Gray Fog. He becomes a member of the Tarot Club.[5]

Derrick keeps learning, honing and growing, he gradually takes on his responsibility. He gradually won the trust of Colin Iliad.

After Colin died, Derrick becomes the youngest Elder of the Six-member Council, bears more responsibilities.[6] He led the first exploration team out from the Forsaken Land of the Gods.[1] Soon after they finished building Church of the Fool, he became one of the Archbishops responsible for the church.


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