Emlyn White is a sanguine of the Moon Pathway, and a priest in the Harvest Church. He, as all sanguines do, believes in the Moon, or Sanguine Ancestor Lilith. But after being caught to the Harvest Church by Utravsky, he is slowing transferring belief towards Earth Mother.


He looks twenty-eight or twenty-nine-years-old, had black hair and red eyes, possessing a high nose and thin lips. He was handsome but didn’t give off masculine vibes. 

Personality Edit

Prideful by nature, he is lead by his elders to believe he was chosen by Lilith to save the sanguines. He regarded himself as the savior of vampires, although in reality, the elders could have picked anyone else instead. He is rich and spent ridiculous amounts of money for his collection of dolls. He does not like to venture outside, preferring to tend to his dolls at home.


According to their neighbors, the White family is a kind, amiable, and law-abiding family. Emlyn's father is a well-known physician. They secretly relied on bloodletting therapy to help treat patients while receiving “food” as compensation.

However, sometimes they'll go to the hospital to steal the blood. That's when Emlyn met a thief. He caught a thief and confiscated the Master Key. And because of this key, he got lost and ended up got caught by Father Utravsky in the Harvest Church.

He joined Tarot Club after he prayed to The Fool. Due to this, he's able to advance at a faster speed compared to his fellow clansmen. He's now an Earl after he managed to kill Klarman.

As the Sanguines is truly assimilated into the Church of the Earth Mother, he was appointed as the High-ranking Deacon responsible for the affairs of Sanguine residing in Backlund.

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