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Desi Bay Edit

Desi Pie Edit


Desi Pie & Sweet Lemon Ice Tea by 贝克兰德所有贫困孩子的保护者忠实信徒

Desi pie is a type of pie from Desi Bay that stood out amongst the southern pies. it was a baked dish made of wheat dough filled with a tiny bit of meat. Klein's favorite.

The rich, meaty juice seeped into the outer crust, neutralizing the dryness and made up for its shortcomings. The wheat fragrance was clearly brought out, and the small pieces of crushed apples were used to stimulate appetite with a slightly sour and sweet taste while neutralizing the oily taste.
Klein Moretti

 on Chapter 243

Desi Grilled Fish Edit

A roasted fish smearing with basil, fennel, sea salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Paella Edit

Seafood Paella in Desi Bay is very famous across Loen.

Sonia Sea Edit

Murloc Raw Flesh Edit

Murloc is a Beyonder creature of the lowest grade in Sonia Sea. The most delicious part of a Murloc’s body is its cheek which suitable for eating it raw.[1]

Damir Special Cured Meat Edit

A special local delight in Damir Harbor. The meat has a unique flavor to it, because it was dried in the gaps of a dead volcano, where the Spirit World interferes with reality. Ordinary people who ate the meat will temporarily gain the ability of Spirit Vision.[2]

Bansy Blood Pudding Edit

Salted Blood Pudding with spicy sauce. It is said that the locals learned this dish from the elves.

Canned Wolf-Fish Edit

Canned wolf-fish was popular on the east coast of the Feysac Empire and the Gargas Archipelago. It’s wolf-fish pickled in salt, but it retains the blood, and the smell very stinks.[3]

Teativa Edit

It means “meat within fruit” in Loenese. It's local food in Bayam. The cook used a giant local fruit, Teana, hollowed out its flesh, leaving only a solid shell; then stuffed it with mashed mutton and fish, followed by sea salt and several types of spices; and repeatedly roasted it over the fire. The meat was fresh, fragrant, and perfectly blended with the sweet and slightly sour flavor of the fruit.[4]

City of SilverEdit

Black Faced Grass Edit

A plant that grows between the stone cracks of the City of Silver's wall and is the staple food of the City. They resemble human hair. It was said to be the final intervention that the magnificent God left for them.[5]

It was revealed later by Colin Iliad that the Black Faced Grass is the product from the Grade 0 Sealed Artifacts, Gift of the Land.[6]

Feynapotter Noodles Edit

A famous dish that is sold all over Loen. It is close to the classic spaghetti in reality.

Utopia Edit

Pork Chops with Apple Sauce Edit

The pork chops served at iris in Utopia, it's fresh and juicy, with a strong aroma, while the apple juice poured on them has a slightly acid taste, which eliminates most of the greasy. [7]


Sweet Iced Tea Edit

A local beverage of Southern Loen. It's a bit like iced black tea from earth, with a stronger taste of tea and more refreshing.[8] Klein loves it, but it's too sweet for a gentleman, so he can't drink it in public when he assumes Gehrman Sparrow or Dwane Dantes' identity.

Fermo CoffeeEdit

Fermo coffee is a high-quality coffee bean from the Paz Valley on the Star Highlands of the Southern Continent. It was high bitterness but a rich aroma.[9]

Fermo coffee from the Paz River Valley is bitter, but very fragrant. It leaves a splendid aftertaste. Do you want one?
Dunn Smith

 on Chapter 18

Gurney SapEdit

A locally-produced of Symeem Island. It is a special beverage, like lemonade with sugar and milk.[10]

Golas BeerEdit

Golas beer was rather popular along the eastern seaboard of the Feysac Empire. The beer was rather black in color with plenty of foam. It had a pleasant charred taste, and there was slight stimulation in the mellow taste.


Zarhar is a locally-produced of Bayam malt beer. It was cheap with a unique taste. It was loved by adventurers.[11]

Southville BeerEdit

Southville beer is a white, smooth, frothy beer. It is the best beer that the Loen Kingdom produced from Southville county. It was first bitter and fragrant, but later, the flavor of malt burst out. It had a slightly sweet aftertaste.

In front of it, many beers can’t even be called alcohol and can only be considered as beverages.
— Bartender at the Bravehearts bar

 on Chapter 232

Lanti ProofEdit

Lanti Proof is the sailors’ favorite alcohol. Lanti referred to strong distilled spirits made from pure malt.

Black RandEdit

Black Rand is a locally-produced of Bayam. They referred to strong distilled wines mixed with other fermented grains, which, like Lanti, was something unique to Loen.

Misty ChampagneEdit

Misty champagne is golden champagne, whose minute bubbles were like mist.

Aurmir Grape WineEdit

Aurmir grape wine is a red wine that was like blood. It's the most famous and most expensive grape wine in the Intis Republic.

Sonia Blood wineEdit

Sonia blood wine is brewed from the sugar-wood juice found in the surrounding areas of Golden Spring, Sonia Island. It tastes like thin honey mixed with blood. It’s sweet and smooth, but it’s very easy to get drunk on.


Nepos is a brownish-green distilled liquor that’s a specialty of the Feysac Empire. It’s brewed with potatoes or grain. The alcohol purity was high, as stimulating and famous as Blaze. Compared to Sonia blood wine, its price was rather low, and it was well-liked by ordinary Feysacians.


A beverage made from a fruit native to West Balam. It was orange-yellow in color with a sweetness amidst its sourness. It was good at quenching thirst and relieving heat. It also had some caffeine that allowed people to combat fatigue and stay awake.[12]

Sparkling Iced Tea Edit

Sparkling Iced tea is a signature none alcohol beverage of Utopia, it has a refreshing feeling, which is especially delicious. [7]


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