Fors Wall is a Beyonder who follows the Door Pathway. She is part of the Tarot Club. She is 23 years old, a bestselling novelist, and good friends with Xio Derecha. Later she becomes a disciple of Dorian Gray, a member of Abraham Family. She is lazy and sometimes postpones writing in order to enjoy herself.


She was about 1.65 meters in height. She has slightly curly brown hair and pale blue eyes.

The Magician, a young woman, wears a common Loen-styled dress. Apart from having a trait of languidness, she doesn’t have any other characteristics. This kind of person is the easiest to ignore, so she needs to have more attention paid to her.
— Cattleya’s Observation, Chapter 566

In Taiwanese's Light Novel Volume 5, Fors has brown short layered hair.

Personality Edit

Fors Wall is lazy and sometimes postpones writing in order to enjoy herself. She is not particularly adept in social situations, often reacting rather than being proactive. She is honest and helpful, demonstrated through her willingness to help the Abraham Family without stealing the items that were entrusted to her.

She likes smoking and drinking.

Background Edit

Fors's father was a low-level military officer, went to East Balam to chase after wealth and power. Then he had a new family and new life there, abandoned his wife and daughter. Her mother fell seriously ill and died when Fors was in grammar school. Later, Fors graduated from an accredited school and her father introduced her to the Yosifov Clinic through the veterans' club.

3 years ago, one of her patients was Mrs. Aulisa, a widow from a branch of Abraham Family. At the end of her life, Aulisa made a will and gave her savings, books (such as the Sights in the Spirit World), as well as the formula for Apprentice and Traveler Bracelet to her.[1] Fors started to become a best-selling author and a Beyonder of Door Pathway since then. She knew quite a number of people in the literary world and publishing industry, as well as among the middle-class doctors.

She believed in the God of Steam and Machinery, though she had never read the Steam and Machinery Bible seriously, and her faith appeared as just a way of life.

She almost went insane due to the ravings of Mr. Door, a King of Angels of her pathway. She prayed to the Fool to ask for help and Klein made her a member of the Tarot Club.[2]

Later she became a disciple of Dorian Gray, a member of Abraham Family.[3] With his help, she managed to reach Saint level.


  • According to the author's note at the end of Volume 7, Cuttlefish considered to killed Fors during Mr. Door's return. However, due to her personality, too lazy, to the point he doesn't know how to push her to take any risk. She survive till the end of Book 1.


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