There can only be one Sequence 0 per pathway? Is this the true meaning of the paths of the divine? As long as one consumes the corresponding potion, does a ritual, and grasps the acting method to digest the Beyonder characteristic, an ordinary person can become a god one step at a time? This is truly blasphemous…
— Klein Moretti

 on Chapter 266

True Gods are the Sequence 0s of their respective pathways. Some ancient Gods of the second epoch possessed incompatible pathways and hence were crazy and brutal. When a God obtains all authorities of their respective pathway, neighboring pathways, and the corresponding Sefirot, then they will become "Above the Sequence".

To become a True God, one has to do the ritual needed for it, and consume three Sequence 1 Beyonder Characteristics, and the Uniqueness of their respective pathway. The ritual is needed to converge the three Beyonder Characteristics and the Uniqueness, which is going to bring qualitative changes for them. If they have already become a King of Angels before, and they consume all the materials needed without doing the corresponding ritual, it won't bring any qualitative changes and also lead them to lose control easily.

Note: Some Pretenders are hidden existences that are not Sequence 0s of the pathways they occupy but nevertheless managed to grasp the corresponding authorities.

Known Gods on Earth Edit

Note: = Deceased, ‡ = Pretenders, (1).who claim to be a God they are not, (2) established secret organizations to worship themselves.

Pre-Epoch 1st Epoch 2nd Epoch 3rd Epoch 4th Epoch 5th Epoch
Fool The Original Creator Lord of the Mysteries Demon Wolf Flegrea N/A The Fool The Fool
Door Phoenix Ancestor Gregrace N/A Mr. Error
Error N/A Ancient Sun God N/A
Hanged Man God Almighty N/A True Creator Adam
Visionary Dragon of Imagination Ankewelt N/A
Tyrant Elf King Soniathrym Lord of Storms
Sun N/A Eternal Blazing Sun
White Tower N/A God of Knowledge and Wisdom
Wheel of Fortune N/A N/A
Darkness N/A Demon Wolf Flegrea N/A Evernight Goddess Evernight Goddess
Twilight Giant Giant King Aurmir N/A God of Combat
Death Phoenix Ancestor Gregrace N/A Death Artificial Death
Hermit N/A N/A Hidden Sage
Paragon N/A God of Steam and Machinery
Red Priest N/A N/A Blood Emperor N/A
Demoness N/A Primordial Demoness Cheek
Moon N/A Sanguine Ancestor Lilith N/A Primordial Moon
Mother N/A Earth Mother (Lilith)
Justiciar N/A N/A Night Emperor N/A
Black Emperor N/A Black Emperor Solomon N/A Emperor Roselle
Chained N/A Mutated King Kvastir N/A Chained God
Mother Tree of Desire
Abyss Devil Monarch Farbauti (Dark Side of the Universe)

Outer Deities Edit

Also collectively known as The Cosmos. They are cosmic deities that are seeking to invade Earth. The Seven Lights explain that Outer Deities are 'Above the Sequence' that were attracted to Earth by the Original Creator's remains due to the Law of Convergence. They are currently blocked by the Barrier.

Note: The Original Creator is the source of all pathways. However, after giving birth to descendants, namely Mother Goddess of Depravity, Mother Tree of Desire, and Child of Chaos, his descendants became the origins of their corresponding pathways.

Current Known Outer Deities Edit

Outer Deities Pathways
High-Dimensional Overseer Unknown
Supernova Dominator Unknown
Ring of Preordain Unknown
Monarch of Decay Unknown
Inextinguishable Raving Unknown
Primordial Hunger Unknown
Mother Goddess of Depravity Moon
Son of Chaos Justiciar
Black Emperor
Mother Tree of Desire Chained

Suspected Ones Edit

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