Pre-Epoch Edit

The Original Creator was the maker of the Universe, and also its destroyer. It is both day and also night. It’s the light of holiness, and also the decadent abyss. It is an amalgamation of all contradicting concepts and symbolism.[1] Therefore, He naturally has an uncontrollable tendency to split, and once he split, there will be a stronger desire for Convergence.

In an unattainable ancient time, the original creator spontaneously split out multiple personalities, who were also in a state of sleep, but have begun to use their power and Beyonder characteristics to affect the world and made preparations for the original creator's awakening. God Almighty and The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth were the most powerful and active ones among all personalities.[1]

The Earth Cataclysm
"Mystery has never gone far". The Original Creator had been sleeping on earth in the deep underground. Meanwhile, some Great Old Ones were already active on earth, such as God Almighty and Lord of the Mysteries, but their presence were unknown to the public. Many folklores and legends in this time were actually based on real mystery events.

There was already a rumor going around the internet about a prophecy stating:

When the stars are right, Chaos will rise from underground, and the Great Oldest One will awaken.
— Chapter 1167

The cataclysm came around the current time and everything was destroyed. The cataclysm started from the corruption from underground in the form of crude oil. This was due to the awakening of whom we called "the Original Creator", "the Primordial One", or "the Oldest One". He then shattered again into characteristics and Sefirot. This convergence and divergence attracted many characteristics and matter of creation to Earth and even some Outer Deities like what was sealed in the Magic Wishing Lamp. The remains of Him then formed a barrier that protected the Earth from Outer Deities.[2]

Many Outer Deities came to earth, either seeking the characteristics and matter of creation that was split up from them and attracted to earth or trying to consume more characteristics to increase their power. But they were shielded from Earth due to the barrier left by the Original Creator and stayed in the solar system.[2]

The Celestial Worthy and God Almighty, as the most powerful Great Old Ones on earth,[3] probably fought against the Outer Deities.

During this time, the stars and the earth all experienced a great change. North America became the Northern Continent; South America became Southern Continent; Greenland became the Sonia Island; East Asia became the Western Continent; Europe and West Asia became East Continent, now known as Forsaken Land of the Gods.

First Epoch: The Age of Chaos Edit

The Orthodox churches said about the Myth of Creation in their bibles:

“The Creator awoke from Chaos and shattered the darkness, creating the first ray of light. He then fused himself completely into the universe and made up all of existence. His body became the land and stars. One of his eyes became the sun, while the other became the crimson moon. Some of his blood rushed into the seas and rivers, nourishing and nurturing lives.

“His lungs turned into the elves; His heart turned into the giants; His liver turned into the treants; His brain turned into the dragons; His kidneys turned into the feather serpents; His hair turned into the phoenixes; His ears turned into the demonic wolves; His mouth and teeth turned into the mutants, and His remaining bodily fluids turned into the sea monsters, of which the essence was Naga. His stomach, His small and large intestines, and the evil parts of His body turned into devils, evil spirits and various kinds of unknown maleficent existences. His spirit became the Eternal Blazing Sun, the Lord of the Storms, and the God of Knowledge and Wisdom.

“His wisdom gave birth to humanity. That was the first Epoch, the Chaos Epoch.”
— Chapter 18

The City of Silver's myth of creation also mentioned the Original Creator, who created everything and fell asleep.[4]

War in Heaven Edit

In the early and middle period of the First Epoch, The Celestial Worthy and God Almighty may have acquired additional Sefirot, which made their instinct for aggregation stronger, so that they could not control themselves and started the war.[3]

Details of the War has long lost, no one knew, not even the Seven Lights.[5] We only know that since then, the two Great Old Ones that could be called Pillars have completely disappeared, and the rest of the Sefirot other than Chaos Sea and Sefirah Castle have been sealed in the Western Continent by the Celestial Worthy.[1] Before the seal, the elves left Western Continent, and were never able to go back again.

The Sefirah Castle seized "Transmigrators" from the earth and sealed them in cocoons,[6] as a measure of the resurrection of the Celestial Worthy. God Almighty’s corpse formed the First Blasphemy Slate in the Chaos Sea. And beside it was the Uniqueness of the Error Pathway.[1]

The Sprouting Era (Elf Chronicle) Edit

The beginning was dark, chaotic and mad until Beyonder races finally gained some senses. Ancient gods then started to emerge. The sky, land, sea and underground world began to form order. This time lasted for countless years since these races did not have a writing system and no record was left.

The origin of the human-like races: giants, sanguines, and elves were humans who consumed Beyonder characteristics directly.[7]

Second Epoch: The Dark Epoch Edit

The Early Era of Fire (Elf Chronicle) Edit

The world is ruled by eight ancient gods: The Giant King, Aurmir; the Dragon of Imagination, Ankewelt; the Elf King, Soniathrym; Sanguine Ancestor Lilith; the Devil Monarch, Farbauti; the Phoenix Ancestor, Gregrace; the Mutated King, Kvastir; and the King of Demonic Wolves, Flegrea.[4]

These eight gods split the remnant powers of the authority of the creator, becoming lords of the sky, land, and ocean. They ruled over reality, the spirit world, and the astral world. They ruled over various races.[4] They each had Subsidiary Gods by their side, probably sequence 2 (of their pathway) or sequence 1 (of other pathways).[8]

According to elves' chronicle[7], in this era, races that took on human-like forms fought against non-human races, devils and demon wolves. This corresponded to records of the City of Silver, which said the Giant King Aurmir, Elf King Soniathrym, and Sanguine Ancestor Lilith was on one side, fighting against the Dragon of Imagination Ankewelt, the Phoenix Ancestor, Gregrace and the Mutated King Kvastir. While the Devil Monarch Farbauti and the King of Demonic Wolves Flegrea were on the chaos side, wanting to destroy and corrupted everything. Humans were subordinates or even lowly slaves to the giants, elves and sanguines. This era lasted for no longer than a thousand years. At this time, these races remained to be cold, cruel, brutal and bloodthirsty.

At some point in time, Aurmir betrayed Lilith and caused her to perished, while Lilith got Kvastir and Flegrea to die with her. After their death, their subsidiary gods were either killed, turned to other gods, or vanished and hid in the dark. This included the subsidiary gods of Flegrea: God of the Dead Salinger (later known as Death) who turned to Gregrace, and Goddess of Misfortune Amanises (later known as Evernight Goddess) who vanished; subsidiary god of Lilith, Goddess of Beauty Auernia (later became the wife of Night Emperor), who turned to Elf King. However Lilith was not truly dead, and later she secretly replaced Omebella without anyone's notice.

The Dual Era (Elf Chronicle) Edit

After the fall of Lilith, Kvastir, and Flegrea, the other five races continued the war that lasted for a couple of hundred years. During this time, giants and dragons were the dominant race, which was why it was called "The Dual Era".[7]

Time after the Dual Era (Elf Chronicle) Edit

When the new balance between five races was formed, peace (relatively) returned. At this time, new-born elves and giants seemed to have more senses and feelings.

In the meantime, Aurmir was seeking corporation with some human race secret organization, led by his son Badheilbrunn and his wife Omebella. This secret organization was probably the Ancient Sun God.

Rise of Ancient Sun God Edit

According to the orthodox myths of the seven churches, Eternal Blazing Sun, Lord of Storms and God of Knowledge and Wisdom led Humanity to revolt against their oppressors. Humanity succeeded and managed to defeat and drive the Beyonder races to near extinction.

According to the historical records of the City of Silver, The Original Creator (who was, in fact, Ancient Sun God) woke up and took back the authorities from the 8 ancient gods, allowing Humanity to successfully rise up in revolt.[4]

Ancient Sun God walked out of Chernobyl and inherited the heritage from the Original Creator (Sefirot) through Chaos Sea and gradually promoted to "above the sequence". The First Blasphemy Slate appeared in Chaos Sea, and was controlled by him. According to Arrodes, Ancient Sun God was the "Second Creator".[9]

Ancient Sun God drew many followers including Kings of Angels beside him and claimed himself as the Original Creator. He fought against the rest of the ancient gods and took their power. The Devil Monarch Farbauti escaped to the Abyss and hid there ever since.

Humans started to study the world of mysticism. They started to create the Pathway system with all the potion formulas and rituals, Hermes also created the Hermes Language at this time.

Third Epoch: The Cataclysm Epoch Edit

Glorious Era Edit

After the death of all ancient gods, the Ancient Sun God became the absolute ruler of the world and the one and only orthodox god. Humans walked out of the shadow of other races and became the dominant race of the land.

The Evernight Goddess's followers became the first secret organization.[10] She and some former subsidiary gods also became sequence 0 around this time.[11]

Cataclysm Era Edit

The Dark Angel Sasrir collaborated with Evernight Goddess and formed Rose Redemption. This was done under the will of Ancient Sun God as an attempt of fighting against Original Creator's awakening. The members includeed all 6 Kings of Angels except for Adam and Amon, and some former subsidiary gods, including Evernight Goddess, Earth Mother, God of Combat and Death (exact name list see Rose Redemption). They had been gathering in Giant King’s Court quite often, plotting against Ancient Sun God.[11]

Sasrir fell asleep inside Giant King's Court and his consciousness returned to Ancient Sun God's body. His and the original Creator's consciousness fought while Ancient Sun God was besieged by Rose Redemption at the Battlefield of the Gods, or Sea of Ruins and died.

However he was betrayed by White Angel (Eternal Blazing Sun), Wind Angel (Lord of Storms), Wisdom Angel (God of Knowledge and Wisdom), who took his Beyonder Characteristics and Uniqueness of their corresponding pathways. He urgently fused the extreme emotions of his fall and be reborn on his corpse. He could only take back the Hanged Man pathway characteristics and the authority of "depravity" and became the god now known as the True Creator. His divinity side awoke on Adam, who was also a part of Ancient Sun God.

After Ancient Sun God's death, the East Continent where the City of Silver was located was separated from the rest of the world, and became the "Forsaken Land of the Gods". Until the time of the story, this land has remained in darkness for 2583 years.[12]

The Second Blasphemy Slate, which shows the 22 paths of the divine, formed from the remains of Ancient Sun God. According to Mr. Door, the point when Ancient Sun God died was the point the Second Blasphemy Slate was born.[13]

According to the legends of the orthodox churches, the Evernight Goddess, Earth Mother, and the God of Combat descended upon this world and protected humans from the cataclysm along with the Lord of Storms, Eternal Blazing Sun, and the God of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Fourth Epoch: the Epoch of The Gods Edit

Gods routinely descended to walk the earth and perform miracles. The God of Craftsmen (later known as the God of Steam and Machinery) was born in this epoch.

Warring Era Edit

According to Mobet Zoroast, Warring Era refered to the period when the Cataclysm ended and before the establishment of the Solomon Empire. This era lasted for almost 112 years. In this era, the ancestor of the Zoroast family who had first became an Angel fell in the conflicts. Fortunately, with the help of Solomon who had not yet become a god at that time, the Zoroast family didn't lose his Beyonder characteristics.[14]

Sometime around here, the Second Blasphemy Slate appeared, and many angels saw the complete Slate: Bethel Abraham (Mr. Door), Solomon (probably who later became Black Emperor), Zaratul (Senior), Tudor (who later became Blood Emperor), Trunsoest (who later became Night Emperor), Augustus, Einhorn, Sauron, Castiya, Zoroast, Stiano (one of the founders of Moses Ascetic Order) and a name that has not appeared in the book yet: Constantine. All of these names later became the most powerful Beyonders in Fourth Epoch. According to Mr. Door, the Primordial Demoness and God of Craftsmen also looked at the Slate with him.[15] The Slate was then taken by Adam.[16]

Solomon Empire and Tudor-Trunsoest United Empire Edit

For a long time, the Northern Continent was ruled by the Solomon Empire, led by the Black Emperor Solomon who was a Sequence 0 Black Emperor Pathway. He was supported by multiple Angel Families and by the True Creator. The high nobles at that time include the Zoroast family, Abraham Family and Zaratul Family, plus the Medici family and Ouroboros. Tudor and Trunsoest, Augustus and Castiya were also nobles, though ranked lower than others. Most of them believed in Black Emperor, except Medici and Ouroboros who believed in True Creator.[17]

The six orthodox gods were mostly fighting against each other. Evernight Goddess, God of Combat and Death were confronting each other; Lord of Storms, Eternal Blazing Sun and God of Knowledge and Wisdom had great disputes; Earth Mother was ambiguous, though slightly leaned towards God of Combat.

The Southern Continent was ruled by Balam Empire, led by the Underworld Emperor Death. Balam Empire was ruled by Eggers family, descendants of Death, with Azik Eggers being the emperor. They had their own religion based on the teachings of the Underworld Emperor that defied death.

Later on, Tudor and Trunsoest, later known as the Blood Emperor and the Night Emperor, rebelled against the Black Emperor and the Solomon Empire with the support of the six gods. Black Emperor died, and they successfully established Tudor-Trunsoest United Empire that ruled over the Northern Continent. Angel families mostly turned to support them, except Zaratul and Zoroast family which still faithfully believed in Black Emperor.

War of the Four Emperors Edit

Emperor Pathway Empire Angel Families
Black Emperor Sequence 0 Black Emperor Solomon Empire Solomon, Zaratul, Zoroast, Medici
Blood Emperor Sequence 0 Red Priest Tudor Empire Tudor, Abraham, Antigonus, Amon, Jacob, Tamara
Night Emperor Sequence 0 Justiciar Trunsoest Empire Trunsoest, Augustus, Castiya, Einhorn, Sauron,
Underworld Emperor Sequence 0 Death Balam Empire Eggers

Later on, the Black Emperor managed to resurrect himself and rebuild Solomon Empire. As a result, the Night Emperor and the Blood Emperor, who was sequence 1 of the Black Emperor Pathway, had to switch pathways, or they would drop to sequence 2. The Night Emperor successfully advanced to the Sequence 0 Justiciar Pathway with the help of the six gods.[18] The Blood Emperor also managed to advance into a Sequence 0 Red Priest Pathway with support from Adam and Amon but went mad in the process. Tudor-Trunsoest Empire was divided into two, led by the two emperors. The Underworld Emperor, seeing the ensuing chaos in the Northern Continent, decided to join in the fun.

The Four Emperors, who are all Sequence 0, fought against each other along with their subordinate Angel families. The result was a disaster. The Black Emperor, the Blood Emperor and the Night Emperor perished. All the Angel Families declined or outright eliminated. The angel of Zaratul Family was killed by Antigonus. Bethel Abraham was banished by Evernight Goddess and Lord of Storms.[19] The Underworld Emperor was said to benefit the most from the war (likely the uniqueness of Red Priest), but he later turned mad from attempting to accommodate it with the help of River of Eternal Darkness.[20]

Only the Trunsoest Empire survived the war.

Pale Era Edit

Near the end of the Fourth Epoch, Death and the Primordial Demoness Cheek joined forces to wreak havoc and create a catastrophe on the Northern Continent.[21] Together, they wreak havoc upon the Northern Continent. Death used his Authority to create a large horde of Undead while Primordial Demoness unleashed an apocalypse.

In the end, the Seven Gods joined forces to fight against them, resulting in the destruction of Death, the collapse of the Balam Empire and a power vacuum in the Southern Continent. His death also created the Berserk Sea that separated North and South Continent. The Primordial Demoness suffered from severe injuries which required her to slumber.

The catastrophe destroyed the Trunsoest Empire. The seven gods supported the four surviving Angel families of the Trunsoest Empire into establishing the Four Great Nations of the Northern Continent.

Angel Family Nation Founded
Augustus Family Loen Kingdom
Castiya Family Feynapotter Kingdom
Einhorn Family Feysac Kingdom (later known as the Feysac Empire)
Sauron Family Intis Kingdom (later known as the Intis Republic)

The Augustus and Castiya dynasties have inherited the Justiciar Pathway of the Night Emperor. Meanwhile, The Einhorn and Sauron dynasties have inherited the Red Priest Pathway of the Blood Emperor. These two pathways were considered as the pathway of royalties. Therefore the ingredients and the formula was heavily controlled. Only their respective royalties, military, or intelligence agencies have access to it.

The Fallen Barrier Edit

The residual power of the Original Creator constituted an invisible barrier outside the planet so that Outer Deities cannot invade directly. Over time, the barrier was weakening, as the Original Creator has not been able to truly resurrect. At the end of Fourth Epoch, cracks appeared on the barrier, and the seven orthodox gods had to move their divine kingdoms to the Astral World to fill in the gap. When the barrier is completely gone, all Outer Deities will flood in, and the doomsday will come.[2]

The establishment of the Four Nations marked the end of the Fourth Epoch and the beginning of the Fifth Epoch.

Fifth Epoch: The Iron Age Edit

The current epoch started more than 1300 years ago. Gods have stopped descending. The seven orthodox churches along with the four great nations ruled the Northern Continent. In addition, countless secret organizations have appeared and were active in the shadows. Ordinary people had no knowledge of the occult, mysticism or the power of the gods.

The Southern Continent has been divided into East and West Balam and was in a constant state of civil war. The nations of the Northern Continent have colonized the coastal areas, and the seven orthodox churches were busy proselytizing and converting the natives away from their indigenous Death belief.

Meanwhile, the sea and the islands between the Northern and Southern Continents are riddled with pirates, led by the four Pirate Kings and the seven Pirate Admirals.

Twenty-Year War and White Rose War Edit

In 621-642, Loen Kingdom and Feysac Empire fought against each other, and eventually Loen lost the war and lost Sonia Island.

Some time later, Loen fought another war, namely White Rose War. During this war, Loen defeated Intis and became powerful again.

Battle of the Violated OathEdit

In 738, the southern Feynapotter Kingdom originally believed in both Earth Mother and the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Due to some influencing factors, the two churches began to be at odds with each other, and their believers often clashed.

During that period, the Loen Kingdom and the Intis Kingdom seized the opportunity to start a war in the name of protecting freedom of religion. In the later stages of the war, the Feysac Empire joined the fray and attempted to destroy the ploy by Loen and Intis. However, they still failed to turn the situation around.

The result of the war was that the border between Loen and Feynapotter, as well as Intis and Feynapotter, countries such as Lenburg, Masin, and Segar, gained independence. They mainly believed in the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, leaving the Church of Earth Mother as the only religion in the Feynapotter Kingdom.

The conflict that lasted five years was called the Battle of the Violated Oath because both sides of the war accused their adversaries of violating the Holy Oath at the end of the Fourth Epoch.

Roselle and the Industrial Revolution Edit

See also: Roselle Gustav

The industrial revolution started by a transmigrator Roselle Gustav. With the power of Savant pathway, he could recall everything he knew before transmigration. He invented the steam engine, improved sailboats, and had countless inventions based on his memory. The improved sailboats and the steam engine later cultivated the growing number of pirates and the birth of steamship. God of Craftsmen changed His name to God of Steam and Machinery because of him.

in 1173, Roselle overthrew Intis Kingdom and became the consul of Intis Republic. Later, as an effort of promoting to Black Emperor, he led the Republic into victory in several wars against its neighbors, eventually changing the Republic into an Empire, declaring himself Caesar the Great in 1192.

Around this time, he started sending ships to look for the Forsaken Lands of Gods and the West Continent, but all efforts went in vain. In 1194 he discovered a safe sea route to South Continent, which started the era of colonization.

In 1198, he was assassinated in White Maple Palace by the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun, along with the royals and nobles from the former Intis Kingdom. After his death, Intis Empire returned to Intis Republic.

Colonization of the Southern Continent Edit

After the destruction of the Death, the Balam Empire started to collapse. They lost control of Star Highlands and Paz Valley, which established their own kingdom: the Highlands Kingdom and the Paz Kingdom. All of them were later destroyed by invasion from Northern Continent nations, which came through the safe sea route found by Roselle. The Southern Continent then was divided by Loen Kingdom and Intis Republic, while Feysac Empire also sent armies trying to get a piece of the cake. King of Loen Kingdom then gave himself the title "Emperor of Balam Empire".

East Balam was relatively peaceful under the colonization of Loen Kingdom, except Feysac would attack the east coast from time to time. While West Balam was more chaotic, as Loen and Intis both had colonies there and were constantly fighting over each other.

Colonizers built many plantations and manors in Southern Continent, and many locals became slaves or servants. The orthodox churches has been transforming local belief from Death, however they never truly succeeded, as Numinous Episcopate controlled by Eggers Family was still active, and people of the lower class have been secretly spreding the faith of Death.

Colonization of the Sonia Sea Edit

Before Roselle started the era of colonization, North Continent nations have already started sending ships to explore and colonize some islands, for example Bansy Harbor was occupied by Loen Kingdom about 300 years ago, Damir Harbor was occupied by Loen over 200 years ago.

Rorsted Archipelago was completely colonized by the Loen Kingdom less than fifty years ago. Before that, the natives on the Rorsted Archipelago always believed in Sea God Kalvetua. (See also: Rorsted Archipelago) Gargas Archipelago was taken by Feysac Empire.

Power Balance Before the World War Edit

Nation Religion Colonies
Loen Kingdom Church of the Evernight Goddess, Church of the Lord of Storms, Church of the God of Steam and Machinery Rorsted Archipelago, East Balam
Feynapotter Kingdom Church of the Earth Mother none
Feysac Empire Church of the God of Combat Sonia Island, Gargas Archipelago
Intis Republic Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun, Church of the God of Steam and Machinery West Balam
Lenburg Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom none
Masin Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom none
Segar Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom none

World War Edit

In October 1350, Feysac Empire attacked the capital of the Loen Kingdom, Backlund. On the same night, their Sonia Sea fleet attacked the Imperial Navy's main base in Oak Island. The next day, Loen Kingdom declared the war on the Feysac Empire.[22] The nature of this war was, in fact, a war between Gods, as they were trying to weaken enemies by destabilizing their anchors.[23]

The war is pushed by many factors:

  • Evernight Goddess acquired the Uniqueness of the Death Pathway[24], and so in order to contain it, she needed the death toll from the war to build up. She also set up this war as a trap to kill God of Combat.[25] This could be seen from the Church of the Evernight Goddess attitude towards the Loen declaration of war against Feysac.
  • Church of God of Combat got the news that Evernight Goddess has obtained the uniqueness of Death Pathway. God of Combat, being in the same pathway group with Evernight Goddess, would try to shaken her anchor through this war before attacking her.
  • The Loen Kingdom and Feysac Empire already had many conflicts regarding the lost war (Twenty-Year War) and Balam colonies;
  • Loen, or the royal family, needed this war to draw citizens' attention from the more-and-more-intense domestic conflicts such as the drastic gap between the poor and the rich, the conflict between New Party and Conservative Party, etc.;
  • King George Augustus III wanted to hold the ritual for promoting to Black Emperor during the war, which required citizens across the country to attend this ritual;[26]
  • Adam pushed this war as the trend of the era, in order to promote to sequence 0.
  • The Einhorn family of Feysac used this war to allow its key members to significantly digest their potions, and without much difficulty, they could prepare the corresponding rituals and allowed their family’s overall strength to be enhanced.[27]

Feysac and Loen's battle focused on three locations: the Amantha Mountain range: Winter County (where the headquarter of Church of Evernight Goddess, Church of Serenity, located), heavy-industrial cities on the east coast of Midseashire, and the important harbors by Sonia Sea. Feysac and Loen's colonial army in East Balam also started battling.

Sometime later, Feynapotter joined the war and invaded Lenburg.[28] Ever since then the power balance was broken. Loen, and Lenburg, Masin and Segar, lost most of their territory and became on the verge of losing.

Church of Evernight Goddess successfully withstood the Feysac army in Amantha Mountain range, and Church of Lord of Storms along with the navy withstood the Feysac and Feynapotter navy in Sonia Sea. However, Feysac successfully defeated the Midseashire army, they invaded Belltaine City and occupied Constant City. They then invaded Loen all the way to Backlund and met with Intis army.[29]

In the fall of 1351, the Resistance of Rorsted Archipelago negotiated with Church of the Lord of Storms and the Military and took control of Rorsted Archipelago[30], so that the church and the military could transfer more people to aid the main battlefield in Loen.

In the fall of 1351, the war between gods started. Evernight Goddess fought against God of Combat and Earth Mother in Backlund. God of Knowledge and Wisdom fought against Eternal Blazing Sun in the capital of Lenburg. Lord of Storms fought against God of Steam and Machinery in Bayam.[31]

The war ended with the God of Combat being killed by Evernight goddess and Lilith who revealed to be the Earth Mother.[32] Loen Kingdom won the war[33], while Adam managed to become sequence 0.[32]

Post-War Edit

After the war, the Church of Evernight Goddess decided to accept Beyonders of Church of God of Combat and Feysac Empire, only kill those that were extremely loyal, and not advertise the death of God of Combat. This was to preserve power for the upcoming apocalypse.[34] As part of the exchange between Evernight Goddess and Lilith, Evernight Goddess gave her part of authority of the moon to Lilith,[35] and removed her 'Lady of Crimson' title.[36]

Church of God of Steam and Machinery lost their standing in Loen Kingdom and was kicked out as a result. They had to transfer all their Sealed Artifacts Grade 2 and above out of Loen Kingdom within the time limit, and none of their demigods was allowed to stay in Loen. Church of the Lord of Storms was given priority to occupy the vacant space left by Church of God of Steam and Machinery.[37]

There's a plan for Church of Evernight Goddess to joined hand with Church of Lord of Storm, Church of the Earth Mother, Church of God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Loen Kingdom, Feynapotter Kingdom, and Lenburg to force Intis Republic and Feysac Empire into unconditional surrender.

During the war, the extraordinary power has been exposed to the common people, especially the veterans who all witnessed it in the battlefield. This has caused an increased number of Beyonders after the war. Many of them become Beyonders after directly consuming the characteristic of Sequence 9.[38]

The Resistance announced the respect for the Church of the Lord of Storms in Rorsted Archipelago, and the Church did not mobilize its power to take back the governance position from the hand of the Resistance. Because the governance was still in its early stage, the connection to the outside world was not as smooth as it can be.

In spring 1352, Derrick led the City of silver together with City of the Moon left Forsaken Land of the God.[39] With the help from Alger and Danitz, they settled the new home in Rorsted Archipelago, near the Bayam city.[40] In the same year, Roselle came back as sequence 0 Black Emperor, although he was in an incomplete status, and currently sealed by Klein in a perpetual cycle of Dying and Rebirth.

Lord of the Mysteries Edit

Amon and Medici planned for Mr. Door's return. All gods came to fight against Mother Goddess of Depravity who attempted to infiltrate earth through Mr. Door. With Bethel Abraham's sacrifice, Amon promoted to sequence 0 and shielded Mother Goddess of Depravity out again.

Later Amon interfered Klein's ritual of accommodating uniqueness of Fool Pathway, trying to gain control over Sefirot Castle. Many of other gods also joined the war. With the previous Lord of the Mysteries partially awoke inside him, Klein finally won and took Amon's sequence 1 characteristics and uniqueness. Then he fell asleep.

Years later, Klein, or the new Lord of the Mysteries, woke up.

Timeline of the Fifth EpochEdit

Date Notable Event
621-642 Twenty-Year War between Loen and Feysac Empire. Loen lost Sonia Island.[41]
738 Battle of the Violated Oath had started.
743 End of War. Only the Church of the Earth Mother remained in the Feynapotter Kingdom.
1143 Huang Tao transmigrated as Roselle Gustav.
1173 Roselle overthrew the Intis Kingdom, and through the acknowledgment of the Church of Steam and Machinery (at the time the Church of Craftmanship), became the foremost Consul of the Intis Republic.
1184 An alliance of Feysac, Loen, and Feynapotter was formed to oppose Emperor Roselle.
1192 Roselle converted the Intis Republic into the Intis Empire and proclaimed himself "Emperor Caesar".
1194 Roselle discovered a new safer sea route to the Southern Continent.
This discovery jumpstarted the colonization of the Southern Continent, which was also known as the invasion of the Northern Continent.
1198 Roselle was assassinated and died in a coup.
1307 The City of Silver Exploration Team encountered Amon in a ruin.
June 28th, 1349 Zhou Mingrui transmigrated as Klein Moretti.
July 2nd, 1349 Klein became a Beyonder of the Fool Pathway and officially joined the Nighthawk as an active member.
September 1349 Klein Moretti assumed the identity of Sherlock Moriarty and traveled to Backlund.
December 28th, 1349 Great Smog of Backlund
January 1350 Klein left Backlund and assumed the identity of Gehrman Sparrow.
October 1350 Feysac Empire attacked the capital of the Loen Kingdom, Backlund. On the same night, their Sonia Sea fleet attacked the Imperial Navy's main base in Oak Island. The next day, Loen Kingdom declared the war on the Feysac Empire.
December 1350 George III attempted to advance to sequence 0 Black Emperor under the acknowledgment of the Seven Gods, but his ritual was foiled by Klein and co, resulting in his death. This event escalated the war further with Intis joining the war.
Meanwhile, the City of Silver obtained Frank's mushrooms from The Fool.
1351 Amon obtained the last characteristic of the Worm of Time. Klein discovered the City of the Moon.
Spring 1352 World war ended in Spring, God of Combat killed by Evernight Goddess and Lilith who pretended to be Earth Mother.
Spring 1352 City of Silver and City of the Moon left Forsaken Land of the Gods
1352 Roselle came back as sequence 0 Black Emperor, although he was in an incomplete status.
End of February 1352 True Creator closed the gate of the Forsaken Land of the Gods.
September 1352 Klein established his marionette town Utopia.
Fall 1352 Mr. Door returned from his banishment, Amon stole his place in his godhood ritual, Klein killed Zaratul and became a King of Angels.


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