You can address me as…The Fool
— Klein Moretti

 on Chapter 8

Klein Moretti is the main protagonist of Lord of the Mysteries. He is a Beyonder and God of the Fool Pathway. He is the mysterious leader of the Tarot Club known as The Fool and a Transmigrator who comes from the modern era.

Honorific Names[edit | edit source]

The Fool's Honorific Name and Symbol, consisting of the "Pupil-less Eye" representing concealment and Contorted Lines that represented change[22]

  • The Fool:

“The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era;
The Mysterious Ruler above the gray fog;
The King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck.”

“Blessed of the Sea and Spirit World;
Guardian of the Rorsted Archipelago;
Ruler of the Undersea Creatures;
Master of Tsunamis and Storms;
The Great Kalvetua.”

  • Gehrman Sparrow:[23]

“The Blessed of the Spirit World and the Sefirah Castle;
The Mystery stemming from ancient times;
The witness of an extended history;
Protector of Backlund magic and drama performers;
(*Protector of all poor children in Backlund;)
The great Gehrman Sparrow.”

* Later he changed the fourth line to avoid being located by Amon[24]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Zhou Mingrui:
A young man with dark brown eyes and short black hair. His facial features were unremarkable, and he appeared refined, but he had obvious eye bags with an inkling of a double chin.[25]

Klein Moretti:
His original body has black hair, brown eyes, an average-looking face, a deep outline, and is thinly-built. Klein also has a distinct scholarly air to him. His refined aura is further reinforced by the valuable suits he dressed with and the canes he held on all occasions.

He is often forced to hide his identity by shapeshifting with the aid of his powers as a Fool Pathway's Beyonder. Like this, he created distinct appearances matching his different names:

  • Sherlock Moriarty: Brown eyes, slightly long black hair, average-featured face with some stubs of facial hair, thin yet with a moderately muscular build.
  • Gehrman Sparrow: A young gentleman with the gold-rimmed glasses, neat black hair and dark brown eyes. He looks colder and sharper than Sherlock or Klein. Gehrman refined demeanour and gloomy aura make him appears as an experienced, ruthless adventurer.
  • Dwayne Dantès: A middle-aged gentleman with a mature appearance, deep-blue eyes, black hair with few silver strands, and profound gaze. Someone who exhibits the aura of a person who had experienced the vicissitudes of life.
  • Merlin Hermes: A wandering magician, he wears a black robe and classic hat. He looked nothing special.

Personality[edit | edit source]

From the beginning, you’ve been a guardian. You imitate others until you were imitated by others.
Azik's Letter

 on Chapter 1394

Klein Moretti has exhibited a cautious and good-natured personality. He is humorous, polite, mature, and gentlemanly. Fundamentally a lover of justice, he will not hesitate to do what is right even at personal cost. As an ordinary citizen of Earth who transmigrated suddenly into a dangerous world, Klein was naturally a bit fearful and indecisive at first. But during the short span of time following his transmigration, Klein experienced a lot of dangerous or tragic situations. He even became the leader of a secret organization, killed numerous monsters (even some humans), and finally evolved into a Beyonder surpassing the boundaries of a human being (aka Saint, Angel). Klein indeed became much more ruthless, confident, and mysterious compared to his former mentality. In fact, Klein Moretti became gradually incomparable from the Zhou Mingrui of Earth. His experiences notwithstanding, Klein still preserves the core of his personality as one who is cautious, yet will uphold justice where necessary and not involve or target the innocent.

The current transmigrator is like the original Klein, he is interested in history and cares about his appearance. Klein immediately became a sophisticated and socialite person known for his elegant style as soon as he could afford the cost of the different clothes and accessories. Together with his humorous disposition and status as a Beyonder of the Fool Pathway, he gave off an amiable and mysterious aura. As for the interest in the history of the transmigrator, it can be explained in a lot of ways (remnant memories of the history graduate; the natural curiosity of a transmigrator; learning more to survive; Pathway related to mysteries, etc.).

Moreover, it is worth noting that Klein Moretti had a talent for acting even before becoming a Beyonder treading the Fool Pathway. It was first seen when he had the reflex of assuming the attitude of a mystical and powerful entity called The Fool during his first trip in The Gray Fog. Klein then became much better at posing and faking identities as he progressed in the sequences of his Pathway with the Acting Method.

Identities Klein assumed:[edit | edit source]

  • Mr. Fool: Mr. Fool is an old god that seeks to revive and reclaim his authority. He is mysterious and seems to be executing his will through the Tarot Club. He does not speak often, especially in later meetings, and only gives hints to Tarot Club members. He also does not allow members to offend him and punished Cattleya once she let out hints about him.
  • Sherlock Moriarty: Klein did not take much effort distinguishing Sherlock from Klein, so in many ways, they are similar, except that Sherlock is good at deduction and is a great detective.
  • Gehrman Sparrow/The World: He is a crazy adventurer who began to hunt pirates on the sea before being involved in many Beyonders' incidents at the Demigod level. He doesn't talk much, stays cold and calm all the time while being very assertive with others. Gehrman is also known as The World of the Tarot Club, a mad believer and Blessed of The. Fool.
  • Dwayne Dantès: A mysterious tycoon from Desi Bay and a devout believer of Evernight Goddess. He came to Backlund to seek new opportunities, and to a certain extent, tries to enter the upper hierarchy of Backlund nobles. In fact, he was an adventurer who accumulated wealth in the Southern Continent, and since the fortune was not gained in a completely legal way, he came to Backlund to clean up the fortune. If any official Beyonders wish to dig deeper than this, they would then discover that he is a cheat who disguises himself as a rich man and makes big investments for the final scam. He is known as a womanzier because of Arrodes.
  • Mr. Clown: When his shadow and part of spirit were corrupted by Sasrir's will, he called on Audrey's historical projection to help him build a virtual personality that will prevent him from losing control. His right half body was Gehrman and his left half body was a myriad of translucent spirit maggots. His behavior had become frivolous, absurd, and reckless, he would joke around and didn't care much about politeness. His craziness and frightening gestures brought fear to others. But it was all just an appearance he put towards others and he still kept his sense.
  • Merlin Hermes: A wandering magician who travels and grants people's wishes, he calls himself the Miracle Magician and servant of "The Fool, Lord of the Mysteries, Great Ruler of the Spirit World."

Background[edit | edit source]

Klein is a citizen of the Northern Continent’s Loen Kingdom, Awwa County, Tingen city. At the start of the novel, he had just graduated from the Department of History at Khoy University.

His father was a sergeant of the Royal Army who died in a colonial conflict with the Southern Continent, and his mother was a devotee of the Evernight Goddess who passed away the year he passed the entrance exam to Khoy University. He also has an elder brother, Benson Moretti, and a younger sister, Melissa Moretti.

Connection with Gods[edit | edit source]

Your fate has intersected Amanises, Leodero, Adam, Amon, Herabergen, Aucuses, Medici, Ouroboros, as well as ‘Him’…
Sasrir to Klein

 on Chapter 1260

Through divination and other ways, Klein has drawn the attention of a number of gods. According to the Evil Spirit Sasrir, he has or will cross paths with his other self True Creator, seven former Kings of Angels, and Amanises.

Evernight Goddess[edit | edit source]

The Evernight Goddess has been putting a great deal of attention to him and responds to every one of his prayers/rituals. Klein is, in many ways, her Blessed.

When Klein "transmigrated' into this world, he was supposed to be born with a "curtain" which includes Fool Pathway characteristics from sequence 9 to 1. In order to prevent The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth from awakening, Evernight Goddess moved the curtain to the Forsaken Land of the Gods.[26]

Later Evernight Goddess (descended into 0-17) saved Klein from Mr. A during the Great Smog of Backlund.[27] She also sent Klein to Foggy Town when he tried to steal Antigonus Family's Notebook.[28]

In the later chapter of volume 4, Klein as Gehrman Sparrow together with Azik Eggers began to explore the undersea ruins beneath the Berserk Sea which was the legacy of Death. The Evernight Goddess, who descended by using the Sealed Item 0-17 as her Vessel, came to the rescue of Azik Eggers who had been trapped by the soul-merging ritual left behind by the late Death God Salinger.[29]

Klein later tried to pray to the Evernight Goddess to understand the motives of Ince Zangwill.[30] His speculations were finally confirmed that Evernight Goddess was indeed currently absorbing the Authority of Death from the late Death. Before the revenge fight against Ince Zangwill, Klein was given a drop of blood from the Sequence 1 Snake of Mercury Will Auceptin as a gift, which he made into high-sequence spell 'Deity's Curse' by praying to the Evernight Goddess.

In volume 5, Klein as Dwayne Dantes was 'tasked' by the Evernight Goddess to be 'Death's' representative in Backlund, as he was visited by Patrick Bryan, a Numinous Episcopate demigod who claimed to have received an order from the Goddess to meet him.[31] Later, after he tried to pray to the Evernight Goddess, he concludes that she is currently 'resting' and cannot respond to prayers, only to be visited by the 'Servant of Concealment' Lady Arianna, to cooperate with him in his next plan to eradicate Amon's presence from Backlund.[32] She used Klein as an agent to investigate the real background of a large number of mysterious disappearances and also prevented King George III from obtaining Godhood.[33][34][35]

In Volume 6, she helped Klein get out of his predicament with Amon in Forsaken Land of the Gods[36] and also helped him in hunting Dark Demonic Wolf Kotar.[37][38] Klein also helped her deal with the enemy from Rose School of Thought that wanted to destroy her base of believers in the Southern Continent.[39]

Later on, during a conversation with Evernight, she explains why she favors him to such a degree. Due to the previous Lord of the Mysteries, The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth, sealing 7 Sefirot in the Western Continent, it is in Gods' best interests to foster a successor so that he may undo the seal and allow access to the Sefirot. But due to the Lord of the Mysteries remaining will still being strong, it was very risky to do before. While Amon might have been a stronger candidate for the position, Evernight favored Klein due to their identities as transmigrators, as he reminds her of her previous world, and thus decided to stand by him and help him.

Lord of Storms[edit | edit source]

Klein has a brief contact with Lord of Storms as Klein's historical projection prayed to Lord of Storms asking for the Theater With Curtains That Never Draw, a Sealed Artifact which contains one of the Beyonder characteristics of Miracle Invoker. However, Lord of Storms responded to him with lighting.[40]

On the Forsaken Land of the Gods, Klein always used the remnants power of the Lord of Storms by shouting his true name in crisis moment.[41][42] He also shout his true name in Utopia, called Lord of Storms to deal with Adam.[43]

True Creator[edit | edit source]

After Klein destroyed a number of conspiracies from the True Creator, the True Creator finally learned Mr. Fool's name (from Lovia) and asked his followers to search for him. In the few instances where Klein drew the attention of the True Creator with the gray fog, Ouroboros was sent but didn't find anything. Immediately after Klein's battle against Kotar, he planted a corruptive seed of thought in Klein which 'guided' Klein to check on the Dark Angel Sasrir, who had been sleeping inside the Giant King’s Court.[44]

Mother Tree of Desire[edit | edit source]

The Mother Tree of Desire also seems to notice Klein's uniqueness in fate, and has attempted to corrupt him, and is still seeking him after a failed attempt.

Adam[edit | edit source]

Klein found out that the real culprit behind the Great Smog of Backlund was the joint cooperation between the current Royal Faction backed by King George III, the Psychology Alchemists' demigod Hvin Rambis who was backed by the Twilight Hermit Order's leader the Angel of Imagination Adam, and the late Lady Despair Panatiya backed by Demoness Sect. After obtaining the clues, Klein fought with Hvin Rambis after he noticed something wrong with Miss Justice's current situation. By the advice of Lady Arianna, Klein sacrificed the item he obtained after defeating Hvin to the Evernight Goddess, in exchange for the Scholar of Yore potion formula.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zhou Mingrui was his original name before he transmigrated, he does IT-related work.
  • It was on Earth that he learned a method to control an area of The Gray Fog, allowing him to create the Tarot Club by posing as a strange and powerful entity while he was not even Beyonder yet. The club was thus created on a false assumption that Audrey Hall and Alger Wilson imagined during the first meeting.
  • He chose the nickname of The Fool with the tarot card in mind. He did not know at the time that it was also the name of the Sequence 0 (Godhood) belonging to the Fool Pathway and that the tarot card of "the fool" could hide the corresponding Card of Blasphemy.
  • The last line of The Fool honorific name ‘The King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck’ shared a similar meaning to the honorific name of ‘The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth’. In Chinese, Yellow refers to Earth, and Black refers to Heaven.[45]
  • Klein's epitaph on the tombstone in Tingen City: ‘The best elder brother, The best younger brother, The best colleague.’[46]
  • Each of his identity names has a reference from various media in the real-life world:
    • Sherlock Moriarty: A combination of name from the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis, James Moriarty. The fictional characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
    • Gehrman Sparrow: Gehrman is a reference to Gehrman, the First Hunter, a boss character in Bloodborne. And Captain Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the Pirate of the Caribbean.
    • Dwayne Dantès: Dantès is a reference to a famous avenger, Edmond Dantès from The Count of the Monte Cristo, a French adventure novel written in 1844.
    • Merlin Hermes: Merlin refers to the legendary wizard featured in Arthurian legend. And Hermes is originated from Greek Mythology, who is the Herald of the Gods, Protector of travelers and merchants.
  • After the incident in Bayam, his identity as Gehrman Sparrow was on the Wanted list, with a bounty of 50,000 pounds.[47] And has reached 90,000 pounds in volume 5.[48]
  • Both Medici and Sasrir said he has a great talent for being a Provoker.[49][50][51]
  • Snakes is the animal he's scared the most because of his psychological trauma in the past. When he was a child, he liked to secretly open the bedroom door and watch movies with his parents through a crack at midnight. Unfortunately, his parents once watched a snake calamity movie. One scene was involved demolition of a building. The result was the unearthing of a large nest of snakes, and them squirming remained deeply imprinted in his mind.


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