Leonard Mitchell was the captain of the Red Gloves, a division under the Church of the Evernight Goddess, in Backlund diocese.

Originally a member of the Tingen City division of the Nighthawks, he has since joined the Red Gloves and managed to get revenge against Ince Zangwill for the deaths of Dunn Smith and Klein Moretti. After the war, he advanced further and became one of the High-ranking deacons in the Church of the Evernight Goddess.

When not on missions around the Loen Kingdom, he usually stays in the capital, Backlund. He is currently housing a parasite of the Error Pathway, revealed to be Pallez Zoroast, an angel of the Zoroast family, who provides guidance to Leonard after losing most of his power.

Appearance Edit

He was a young police inspector and looked about the same age as Klein. With black sideburns and green pupils, he was good-looking and had a poet's romantic temperament.
— Chapter 10

Personality Edit

Leonard is a relaxed person who doesn't like rules by nature. He often put his feet on the table and didn't like going to church (Volume 1). Because of the parasite Pallez Zoroast, he believed himself to be the protagonist of the era.

After the death of Dunn Smith and Klein, he felt helpless in the face of these disasters and lost his pride. He also became more aloof, only thinking of revenge on Ince Zangwill.

Leonard also showed great skills at deduction in Tingen, later when he traced the case of devil dogs as a Red Glove, and most importantly, when he investigated Sherlock Moriarty and Gehrman Sparrow.[3][4]


  • When Leonard choose his codename in the Tarot Club, he randomly picked The Star card from Mr. Fool's deck. And it turned out the whole deck was full of The Star cards.[5]
  • According to the author's interview in Shanghai CP26, Leonard was and orphan that grew up in a orphanage managed by the Church of the Evernight Goddess.[6]


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