At present, there are two main continents known to exist: the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent. And the Five Seas. There's a rumor about the Western Continent, the homeland of the elves and the Forsaken Land of the Gods at the east.

World Map

Map of the Lord of the Mysteries World. (by 阙憾空梦)

Northern ContinentEdit

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One of the continents in the world. It houses a large portion of Humanity and is the main place the Churches are in. A continent evolved from North America.

Southern ContinentEdit

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One of the continent in the world. It inhabited by primitive tribes with a shamanistic belief system. A continent evolved from South America.

Forsaken Land of the GodsEdit

Western ContinentEdit

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There's a rumor that the Western Continent is the homeland of the elves. Queen of Calamity Cohinem said: when the apocalypse is coming, the Western Continent will reappear. And one needs the spell or password to enter that land.

The Five seasEdit

Sonia SeaEdit

Located on the east of the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent. There are some notable islands such as Rorsted Archipelago, Gargas Archipelago, and Sonia Island. At the east of the Gargas Archipelago is the Sea of Ruins. Suspect that Forsaken Land of the Gods located at the end of the sea.


Sonia Sea map

North SeaEdit

Locate on the north of the Northern Continent.

Fog SeaEdit

Located on the west of the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent. There's a rumor that the end of the Fog Sea might be the Western Continent, the homeland of the elves.

There's also a rumor of the Lost City of Newins sinking somewhere in the bottom of the Fog Sea, there’s a civilization with intelligent creatures. Around that patch of sea, seafarers and adventurers often find special items that all point to the Newins of ancient times.

Berserk SeaEdit

At the end of the Fourth Epoch, Death fleeing to the Southern Continent and created a raging stormy wave, an impassable barrier. It completely obstructed the sea route between the Northern and Southern Continents. 

Polar SeaEdit

Located on the south of the Southern Continent.

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