As long as we can welcome the return of the Lord, even if we’re abhorred by every single force, we won’t show any sign of cowardice.
— Mr. A to Lady Despair

 on Chapter 475

Mr. A is a Beyonder who worships the True Creator. He organized Beyonder gatherings to make and conduct various trades. After the Aurora Order repeatedly failed to aid the True Creator in his descent, Mr. A started to receive punishment from the True Creator.


Mr. A usually wears a hooded robe, hiding his looks under a shadow. Under the hood, he has a beautiful, devilishly feminine face and extreme madness and confidence in his cold eyes.


He was later erased by the Grade 0 Sealed Artifact 0-17 "Angel of Concealment" during his fight with Klein in his identity as Sherlock Moriarty and sent to the secret realm.

He faced the complete mythical state of the mad Antigonus and died instantly, and his body collapsed.

In the Foggy Town, Klein tricked him into direct contact with fish, mushrooms (from Frank) and water, which would cause the mushrooms to grow on his flesh (as Rose Bishop). He, combined with Senor and Creeping Hunger, turned into a gigantic mushroom[1]. All of these turn into a brand new Creeping Hunger with new abilities and fear of mushrooms.


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