If there’s anyone else who can read my diary, remember to carefully select your Beyonder pathway. Once you choose this, it pretty much confirms your allies and your enemies.
Roselle's Diary

 on Chapter 790

A pathway corresponds to a series of potion formulas and the corresponding formulas that give access to supernatural and mystical powers. Once a person has drunk a potion, he is said to have become a Beyonder of that pathway.

Loosely corresponding to the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards, there are 22 different pathways that each possess 10 Sequence levels, for a total of 220 different Sequences. Each Sequence contains its own abilities, and each pathway has its own theme. Pathways are not limited to providing solely offensive or solely defensive capabilities but expand in scope and variety as one advance in Sequence. Different pathways can do very different things, ranging from utility abilities such as divination or equipment crafting to a powerful offense such as weather or spirit control.

Because of their power, the potion formulas are very valuable and tightly guarded secrets. On the black market, they can sell for thousands of pounds. The other way to acquire potion formulas is through the Cards of Blasphemy created by Emperor Roselle after seeing the Second Blasphemy Slate.

Pathway Levels Edit

There are 10 levels in each pathway, called Sequences:

Title Sequence Information
Great Old One/
Outer Deity
Above the Sequence To reach this level, a Sequence 0 needs to accommodate one Sequence 1 characteristic and the Uniqueness from each Pathway in their group and the corresponding Sefirot.
God 0 At any time, there can only exist a maximum of one Sequence 0 Beyonder for each pathway: there can only be one god. There is a qualitative change at this level.
High Sequence
Archangel 1 If there exists a Sequence 0 in the pathway, there can be no Sequence 1 Beyonders.
Otherwise, if there is no Sequence 0, then there can be a maximum of three Sequence 1's. This is because the potion formula to advance to Sequence 0 requires all three Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristics.
If a Sequence 1 angel possesses more than 1 Sequence 1 characteristic or accommodates the Uniqueness of their pathway, they are known as a King of Angels.
Angel 2 Beyonders at this level become a true mythical creature and gain practically unlimited lifespan.
They can respond to prayers all over the world.
Even with optimal digestion, Beyonders that reach this level will start to go mad unless they have an anchor.
The Sequence 2 of each pathway differ in the quantity of Beyonder.
Saint 3 Beyonders at this level can respond to prayers.
The Fool, Error, and Door Pathways can be exchanged starting at this Sequence.
4 At Sequence 4 and higher, Beyonders in the same high Sequence group (except Fool, Error, and Door) can switch to different pathways within the same group. For example, a Sequence 5 Beyonder of the Darkness Pathway can promote to Sequence 4 of the Death Pathway because they are both in the same pathway group.
They begin the process of becoming a mythical creature and attaining godhood. At this level, they gain a partial mythical creature form and increased longevity.
There is a qualitative change at this level.
Mid Sequence 5 Advancing to this Sequence or higher will require a ritual in addition to the potion ingredients.
Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
6 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
7 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
Without the Acting Method, many Beyonders become stuck at this Sequence, finding it difficult and risky to advance further.
Low Sequence 8 Depending on the pathway, there might be a qualitative change at this level.
9 This is the entry-level as a Beyonder. Nevertheless, even the weakest Beyonder can be impressive in their own domains.

Mythical Creature Form Edit

Every pathway has a unique mythical creature form. It’s a nonhuman form that contains complex knowledge, divine traits, and hidden symbols. If an ordinary person looks at it, they will suffer from serious injuries and even mental disorders, the higher the rank of the demigod, the stronger the damage and the lower the chance to resist the damage.

Saints' (Sequence 4 and 3 Beyonder) mythical creature form is not complete. They only possess some racial characteristics of their mythical creatures. Only Beyonders at Sequence 2 and above possess a truly mythical creature form.

Known Mythical Creature Forms Edit

Pathways Mythical Creature Forms
Fool A vortex of Worms of Spirit with Tentacles
Door Worm of Cosmos
Error An ancient stone Clock with Clock hands made of Worms of Time
Hanged Man Flowing shadows, eyes hide behind the curtain of shadows
Visionary Dragon with Gray Scales and Golden-Eyes
Tyrant Sea Creature with Tentacles that surrounded by Lightning
Sun Unknown Creature with Golden Flame burning on Feather
White Tower Tower filled with Books having Bronze-Eyes
Wheel of Fortune A scaleless silver snake covered with a pattern of symbols
Moon Flesh Mountain of Reproductive Organs (Lilith)
Mother Unknown
Twilight Giant An one eyed giant or Cyclops with blue and black gigantic skin
Darkness Eight-legged Demonic Wolf
Death Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl)
Justiciar Unknown
Black Emperor Curly Hair Baboon
Chained A huge rag doll chained with thorny vines, bright red bloody eyes, no human breath
Paragon Unknown
Hermit Gigantic Flesh formed of Countless Eyeballs
Abyss Unknown
Red Priest Unknown
Demoness Gorgon

Chart of All Known Sequences (220/220)[1] Edit

Low Sequence Mid Sequence High Sequence (Demigod) Godhood Above the Sequence
9 8 7 6 5 Saint Angel 0
4 3 2 1
Seer Clown Magician Faceless Marionettist Bizarro Sorcerer Scholar of Yore Miracle Invoker Attendant of Mysteries Fool Lord of the Mysteries
Apprentice Trickmaster Astrologer Scribe Traveler Secrets Sorcerer Wanderer Planeswalker Key of Stars Door
Marauder Swindler Cryptologist Prometheus Dream Stealer Parasite Mentor of Deceit Trojan Horse of Destiny Worm of Time Error
Secrets Supplicant Listener Shadow Ascetic Rose Bishop Shepherd Dark Knight Trinity Templar Profane Presbyter Dark Angel Hanged Man God Almighty
Spectator Telepathist Psychiatrist Hypnotist Dreamwalker Manipulator Dream Weaver Discerner Author Visionary
Sailor Folk of Rage Seafarer Wind-blessed Ocean Songster Cataclysmic Interrer Sea King Calamity Thunder God Tyrant
Bard Light Supplicant Solar High Priest Notary Priest of Light Unshadowed Justice Mentor Lightseeker White Angel Sun
Reader Student of Ratiocination Knowledge Keeper Polymath Mysticism Magister Prophet Cognizer Wisdom Angel Omniscient Eye White Tower
Warrior Pugilist Weapon Master Dawn Paladin Guardian Demon Hunter Silver Knight Glory Hand of God Twilight Giant Eternal Darkness
Sleepless Midnight Poet Nightmare Soul Assurer Spirit Warlock Night Watcher Horror Bishop Servant of Concealment Knight of Misfortune Darkness
Corpse Collector Gravedigger Spirit Medium Spirit Guide Gatekeeper Undying Ferryman Death Consul Pale Emperor Death
Hunter Provocator Pyromaniac Conspirer Reaper Iron-Blooded Knight War Bishop Weather Warlock Conqueror Red Priest Scourge of Destruction
Assassin Instigator Witch Pleasure Afflictions Despair Unaging Catastrophe Apocalypse Demoness
Savant Archaeologist Appraiser Machinery Specialist Astronomer Alchemist Arcane Scholar Knowledge Magister Luminary Paragon Phantom of Knowledge
Mystery Pryer Melee Scholar Warlock Scrolls Professor Constellations Master Mysticologist Clairvoyant Sage Knowledge Emperor Hermit
Monster Robot Lucky One Calamity Priest Winner Misfortune Mage Chaoswalker Soothsayer Snake of Mercury Wheel of Fortune Key of Light
From Outer Deities
Apothecary Beast Tamer Vampire Potions Professor Scarlet Scholar Shaman King High Summoner Life-Giver Beauty Goddess Moon Goddess of Origin
Planter Doctor Harvest Priest Biologist Druid Ancient Metallurgist Pallbearer Desolate Matriarch Naturewalker Mother
Arbiter Sheriff Interrogator Judge Discipline Paladin Imperative Mage Chaos Hunter Balancer Hand of Order Justiciar The Anarchy
Lawyer Barbarian Briber Baron of Corruption Mentor of Disorder Earl of the Fallen Frenzied Mage Duke of Entropy Prince of Abolition Black Emperor
Prisoner Lunatic Werewolf Zombie Wraith Puppet Disciple of Silence Ancient Bane Abomination Chained Father of Devils
Criminal Unwinged Angel Serial Killer Devil Desire Apostle Demon Blatherer Bloody Archduke Filthy Monarch Abyss
  1. From author's note:

List of Pathways Edit


All pathway symbols by Chinese reader, Deralo

Each pathway belongs to a group containing multiple pathways. At high Sequences, pathways can switch to other pathways in the same group without suffering madness, making Beyonder characteristics and ingredients of the same pathway group valuable to all the pathways within that group. The only pathway without any other pathway to switch is the Wheel of Fortune Pathway.

Lord of the Mysteries Edit

Fool Pathway
The Fool pathway seems to be about acting and directing actors. It specializes in illusions, changing appearances, controlling other people as marionettes, divination, and strong muscle and facial expression control. At high Sequences, they can resurrect from the dead, turn their marionettes almost into another copy of themselves, and bring things from the past to the present. Summon someone or something him familiar from history, And exists in the form of a fictitious body with the corresponding ability.

Door Pathway
The Door pathway has many traditional mage abilities. They can teleport, perform divination, phase through objects, cast tricky spells, and copy other Beyonders' powers. Their main ability is to travel quickly through the Spirit World. At high Sequences, they will have higher capabilities to manipulate space. They can also make things happen in secret, allowing them to avoid detection through Beyonder methods.

Error Pathway
The Error pathway is good at stealing from others. They can trick others through illusions, steal their opponents' Beyonder abilities, and steal reasoning and attacking intentions. At high Sequences, they can turn into a parasite to live in a host, as well as steal abstract concepts such as life, destiny, and fate. They are also experts in exploiting the loopholes in the rules, becoming a "bug" like existence.

The Ancient Sun God called this pathway a "Bug", and explained it as "a trojan horse of fate, the slug of time, the loopholes in rules, the manifestation of all errors"

God Almighty Edit

Hanged Man Pathway
The Hanged Man pathway seems to have corruption and degeneration abilities. They represent depravity but also represent sacrifice and commitment in a positive sense. They can use powerful flesh and blood magic, manipulate shadows, and steal souls to use other Beyonders' abilities. At high Sequences, they could manifest their foe's corruptive thoughts and use their stolen soul's abilities simultaneously.

Visionary Pathway
The Visionary pathway is adept at subtle psychological and thought manipulation. They can read minds, understand emotions, manipulate others, hypnotize people, and plant false ideas and emotions in people. At high Sequences, they can control others without their realization and even affect reality through their thoughts and dreams.

White Tower Pathway
The White Tower pathway represents the omniscience in "omniscience and omnipotence". Their knowledge is more mysterious than that of the Hermit or Paragon Pathways. They have good memory and reasoning, as well as the ability to copy other powers. At high Sequences, they can see the future.

Tyrant Pathway
The Tyrant pathway specializes in water and weather-related abilities. They can cast powerful water, wind, and electricity spells, gain strength in water, sing to disable their opponents, glide in the air, act freely underwater for long periods of time, and become enraged to increase their power. At high Sequences, they can control sea creatures, walk freely in the ocean, control the weather, travel at the speed of lightning, and can even produce enough electrical power to rival a star.

Sun Pathway
The Sun pathway has traditional priest abilities, such as powerful light and holy magic, as well as buffing abilities. They can cast light and fire spells, buff others and themselves with music, create notaries which act as buffing charms for people, purify evil spirits, and create unbreakable contracts. At high Sequences, they could directly reduce their opponent's Sequence and creates an ocean of light to instantly purify their foes in a large area.

Goddess of Origin Edit

Mother Pathway
The Mother pathway has plant and earth-related abilities. They also dabble in the field of healing, healing both physical and soul bodies. At high Sequences, they are able to make their surroundings flourish quickly, creating a chimera/crossbreed, an ordinary human, and various constructs such as golems.

Moon Pathway
The Moon pathway has powerful healing and buffing capabilities, as well as good physical stats. They can create powerful healing and buffing potions, tame animals, regenerate, and cast darkness spells. At high Sequences, they could freely utilize the power of moonlight to move instantly and shield a certain area, making their activities hidden. 

Key of Light Edit

Wheel of Fortune Pathway
The Wheel of Fortune pathway is adept at manipulating fate, luck, and probability. They can control luck, store luck and release it, make people unlucky, perform and counter divination, predict the future, gain increased bodily control, and manipulate disasters. At high Sequences, they can make the certain uncertain, trap people in an endless loop of fated event, and avoid danger by restarting the encounter or through reincarnation.

The Anarchy Edit

Black Emperor Pathway
The Black Emperor pathway can manipulate rules and order to suit their own needs. They are proficient at distorting justice and law in order to exploit loopholes while using their opponent's own words, actions, and intentions to restrict them. Those of this pathway can set down an order that must be followed by those weaker than them. At high Sequences, they can endlessly resurrect and cheat death if their order still remains.

Justiciar Pathway
The Justiciar pathway is strong at setting laws and punishing lawbreakers. They can set up rules that will inflict punishments if broken, directly attack minds and souls, recognize people supernaturally, detect abnormalities, and use all kinds of weapons and explosives. At high Sequences, they can negate other Beyonder powers and supernatural phenomena, and enforce order upon chaos.

Scourge of Destruction Edit

Red Priest Pathway
The Red Priest pathway seems to contain war-related abilities. They are experts with fire, traps, have enhanced strength and agility, can find and attack weaknesses, they are good at plotting conspiracies, and can provoke others into losing control. At high Sequences, they can transform into a blazing meteor to travel quickly, and control the weather.

Demoness Pathway
The Demoness pathway seems to be centered around causing disaster and catastrophe. They have excellent agility, have powerful ritual and curse magic, good at assassinations, can manipulate invisible threads, incite people to cause crimes and inflict disease. At high Sequences, they can resurrect, petrify things, spread plagues, and control natural disasters.

Phantom of Knowledge Edit

Paragon Pathway
The Paragon pathway specializes in knowledge of the natural world and crafting items. They have excellent scientific knowledge, historical knowledge, mechanical knowledge, can create powerful Beyonder weapons, and have an intuitive knowledge of using and avoiding the drawbacks of sealed items. At high Sequences, they can pour their spirit into objects they create to give them life.

Hermit Pathway
Not much is known about the Hermit pathway, but they seem to specialize in knowledge of the mystical and occult world. They have good divination and ritual magic abilities. At high Sequences, they are able to see and hear hidden existence easily, creating spell based on fairy tales, and foresee the woven fate of a person.

Eternal Darkness Edit

Twilight Giant Pathway
The Twilight Giant pathway has traditional warrior abilities, including many powerful combat capabilities, both offensive and defensive. They can easily master all weapons, conjure powerful weapons and armor, destroy evil spirits, take damage for others, enter an almost unbreakable defensive stance, and wield extreme strength, speed, and agility. At high Sequences, they can mix powerful drugs and medicines for stat enhancements or healing, suppress their intentions, create doppelgangers, automatically identify weaknesses in others, and bend light to hide their presence.

The power of the Twilight Giant pathway is also related to waning.

Death Pathway
The Death pathway is notable for its powers related to the dead and spirits. They can create zombies, summon spirits to fight for them, resist cold and decay, travel through the spirit world, communicate with the dead, and have enhanced abilities to fight the undead, wraiths, and other evil spirits. At high Sequences, they can resurrect and instantly kill their enemies.

Darkness Pathway
The Darkness pathway has powers related to the night and souls. They gain strength during nighttime, can pacify souls, enter others' dreams, cast AoE sleep spells, see in the dark, and suppress their enemies' moods and desires. At high Sequences, they can host evil spirits within them, shift a certain area under the state of secrecy, and give misfortune to others.

Father of Devils Edit

Chained Pathway
The Chained pathway gains different types of mutant abilities, although they also inherit a curse. They can summon zombies, jump through things with reflections, resist bullets with powerful defense, possess others, control ghosts, cast death-related spells, regenerate and heal themselves, and sacrifice rationality for more power. They have high strength, speed, and defense, but have some difficulty in controlling themselves. They also lose power or control during the full moon. At high Sequences, they can control every nonliving thing within a certain radius and hex their target turning them into harmless animals.

Abyss Pathway
The Abyss pathway gains demonic and devil-related abilities. They have high strength, perception, can cast ritual and sacrificial spells, control and corrupt the desires of others, detect danger intuitively, increase in size, resist mental, poison, and curse attacks, and buff themselves for more strength and defense. At high Sequences, they can make their enemies able to make a mistake easily.

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