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Roselle's diary is the record of Huang Tao's life experiences as Roselle Gustav, a transmigrator. As the diary is written in simplified Chinese, only Klein Moretti is capable of full understanding its contents. Members of the Tarot Club collect its scattered pages in exchange for favors from The Fool.

Note that Roselle's diary entries are not necessarily read in chronological order in the story. An attempt was made to recreate the diary in a chronological way, refer to this Roselle's Diary in a Chronological Order.

Chapter 21 Edit

18th November. Truly a fascinating matter. A blue-sky experimentation and a chance mistake made me discover the pathetic fellow lost and trapped in the deep darkness amid the storms. He can only approach the reality of this world on the day of the full moon every month; yet, he is unable to transmit his cries. He is lucky to have met me, the protagonist of this era

“After reading the paragraph I wrote above, I suddenly felt a little down. Even my Chinese is written like a translation. Four decades have passed in a finger snap. My past memories feel more like a dream.”

1184, 1st January. At the grand New Year Gala, Lady Florena was truly splendid.”

2nd January. My diplomats are all idiots!”

3rd January. I made a hasty choice back then. In hindsight, I should have chosen the Apprentice, the Seer, or the Marauder. Unfortunately, there is no way of redoing it.”

4th January. Why are my children so stupid? I’ve repeated myself so many times. Do not be fooled by those charlatans! The key thing about potions is not about grasping them, but digesting them! It’s nothing about tapping powers, but acting! And the name of a potion is not solely symbolic at its core, but a concrete imagery, and the ‘key’ to digestion!”

9th September. An alliance opposing me has been established. Feysac from the north, Loen from the east, Feynapotter from the south. My enemies have finally joined forces, but I have no fear. I will use facts to teach them that the generations of weapons and knowledge cannot be compensated by mere numbers and low-grade Sequencers. Besides, it’s not as though I do not have subordinates. As for the higher-grades, heh heh. Have they forgotten who I am?”

23rd September. I have lost communications with the ship seeking the Forsaken Land of the Gods. I should consider inventing wireless telegraphs. I hope it would not be affected by the storm.”

24th September. Miss Ithaca is more mesmerizing than Lady Florena. Perhaps, I’m just being nostalgic about my youth.”

Chapter 59 Edit

8th April. I stood at the bow of Black King and stretched my arms, saying to Grimm and Edwards, ‘My fortune is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own at the ends of the Fog Sea!’ They did not understand my humor at all and even asked if I really had other treasures. How boring. You can’t be my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse if you keep at that!”

April 11th. I discovered a nameless island that was not on a safe sea route. There are a good number of extraordinary animals there, no—I prefer calling them extraordinary beings; it feels more impressive that way. Other than that, there are several weird creatures on the island. I believe that if Darwin had been transmigrated there, there is no way he could have written his Theory of Evolution.”

April 15th. Grimm has suddenly become a little odd. Has he been infected by something?”

October 2nd. They actually wanted me to marry Matilda from the Abel family without even consulting me first! Heavens, I have not even met her! No, I must decline! Even if I were to run away from home and survive on my own and suffer the vicissitudes of life, I must fight against this marriage!”

October 5th. Miss Matilda is really pretty.”

October 6th. Her personality and her demeanor is just my type. I am starting to look forward to the marriage.”

October 9th. They actually called me the Son of the Steam. I like that very much.”

May 21st. The Church of the God of Craftsmanship gave me two choices, two beginning Sequence pathways. One of them is the Savant. It is a complete Sequence pathway they possess. The other is Mystery Pryer, which they obtained from the Moses Ascetic Order, but it lacks the higher Sequences.”

May 22nd. My choice was easy: Savant! The Savant has a complete Sequence pathway! Although wielding more information on mysticism can aid my return home, the problem is that if I am not strong enough, there is a need to acquire external help for transmigration. And I do not know if this external entity would be good or bad, benevolent or malicious. I cannot control it, and thus it could be very dangerous. In that case, why not strengthen myself and return by relying on my own powers? Thus, the complete Sequence was the most important factor in my considerations!”

May 23rd. I have become a Savant. With the power of the potion, I actually recalled all the knowledge I had learned in the past, such as physics, chemistry, etc…

“I have not only recalled the knowledge, but I understand it more deeply, as well as its possible applications and implications. Haha, this is a ‘job’ specially tailored for a transmigrator like me from an alternate realm. I will be able to express my advantage to the greatest extent! I have to say that if I were to return in my present state to the third year of high school, I would definitely become top scholar. If I could further specialize in an area, it wouldn’t even be too hard for me to become a scientist.”

May 26th. I am enjoying my status as a Savant. Something odd worth mentioning. When I address myself as a Savant, doing things that are in line with this role, the murmurings that drive me crazy become considerably softer. I have also been able to control my occasional temper outbursts. I have also recalled the matter regarding the diary. “Is this the ‘acting’ that the mysterious Mr. Zaratul mentioned? This could be key in resolving the side effects posed by potions.”

Chapter 93 Edit

July 9th. I suddenly thought of an interesting question. Since the Sequence pathways are also called the ‘Blessings of The Divinities’ or ‘Pathways of The Divinities’, then why would the stone slate that records the completed twenty-two Sequence pathways be called the ‘Blasphemy Slate’. Blasphemy, what an interesting term… Just who is the one blasphemed?

“And who created the Blasphemy Slate? How could that person hold all of the Sequence pathways? Just what other information was on the stone? I really want to see it…”

July 12th. I’ve realized another fact today. The Sealed Artifacts are an important component of a church’s overall strength, even though some of the sealed items are very, very dangerous. Among the seven churches, the God of Craftsmanship wields the least number of Sealed Artifacts which are also relatively less dangerous… Did I join an organization without a future? No, I should think of it this way; only a blank piece of paper can produce a good painting. A weak organization is the best place for me to display my abilities!

July 14th. I saw that mysterious Mr. Zaratul again. I never expected him to be the leader of an ancient organization, the Secret Order!”

“After learning that I had become a Savant, Mr. Zaratul mentioned that I had chosen a difficult, yet relatively safe path. I asked him why that was the case, but all he did was smile before telling me that the Sequence pathway contains secrets beyond my imagination. I couldn’t help but ask him which Sequence pathway he selected. He told me that his Sequence 9 was Seer.

“I intentionally mocked him and asked if every Seer only disclosed half-truths, never explaining things more clearly. Furthermore, he was clearly a powerful High-Sequence Beyonder. There was no need for him to continue acting as a Seer!

“Mr. Zaratul told me that it was a habit he adopted from back when he was a Seer, and that this was a method that could pique my curiosity and make me cooperate with him. He hoped that I could help him steal a dangerous sealed item from the Church of the God of Craftsmanship, a relic of the Antigonus Family.

“Clearly, this must wait until I become a core member of the Church of the God of Craftsmanship. I asked Mr. Zaratul how long it would take to digest the potion if I used the acting method, and what standards I should use to determine if I had digested it completely.

“He told me that for the lower Sequences, it would only take half a year to digest the potion as long as one strictly used the acting method. In fact, in the fastest case, it might only take a month. And standard measure for progress was simple; every Beyonder would sense it immediately once the potion was completely digested. It is what it is.

“I asked him for more details, but he merely smiled at me.

“To hell with his smiles, I’ll beat up every Seer I see when I become a High-Sequence Beyonder!”

Chapter 113-114 Edit

December 20th. A new year approaches, but the feedback I received is making me very confused and troubled.

“There is no crude oil in this world! There’s no crude oil to be found!”

December 21st. I’m no longer thinking about crude oil anymore. Upgrading my Sequence level is what matters!

December 22nd. The filthy environment in Richeux Borough is unacceptable. If I hadn’t visited incognito, I might’ve never known that it still looks the same as when I was young. I want to gather all my ministers and formulate a ‘Capital Sewer and Public Toilet Enhancement Plan’. Hmm, I have to rectify the people’s bad habits. Let them boil hot water for consumption, wash their hands and faces frequently, don’t litter, don’t pee and poop anywhere, use condoms if possible… Haha, I thought of what to name this campaign: the Patriotic Health Campaign!

“Hence, the invention of the condom has to be brought forward. There’s also masks, paper cups, and others. Yes, even the most primitive version would do. Give it a try. I have to thank this world for they still have rubber trees.

December 23rd. Perhaps I should consider that suggestion. Keep a back door for myself outside of the Church of the God of Craftsmanship. For example, I could join that ancient and mysterious organization which influences the world from the shadows?”

Chapter 144-145 Edit

3rd November, Matilda is three months pregnant now. I even find those maidservants who come from the villages beautiful. No, I can’t lower my standards. Coincidently, Countess Florais has invited me to join a private party, hehe.

8th November, Archbishop Fan Estin sought my help. Huh, what can I do for an archbishop?

9th November, it turns out that there is actually a secret hidden within Sequence pathways. Archbishop Estin told me that after becoming a Sequence 5 Beyonder, the rest of the Sequences could be replaced with Sequences of the same level from one or two other pathways! In other words, it starts from the Mid-Sequence to High-Sequence! But this is only limited between those one or two pathways. If it’s replaced with a potion from a wrong pathway, semi-insanity is the mildest outcome, and one can’t advance any further.

“This way, one can begin substituting pathways from Sequence 4 onwards. Sleepless and Corpse Collector pathways. Yes, the Church’s Savant and Mystery Pryer pathways can also substitute for one another at a High Sequence.”

9th April. The relationships between the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun, the Church of the Lord of Storms, and the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom are poor. They see each other as enemies. The Church of the Evernight Goddess is at odds with the Church of the God of Combat from the Feysac Empire. This can be taken advantage of. These are all facts worth considering.”

13th April. I participated in an ancient organization’s gathering. I never expected them to be members of this organization as well. It sure was frightening.”

“To think that the second Blasphemy Slate was in the hands of this organization. This is the first time I’m seeing this legendary item!”

“Indeed, it was hiding an unimaginable secret, hehe. Perhaps there will come a day when I will create a Blasphemy Slate unique to me. No, a set of them, with each one hiding an ultimate secret!”

Chapter 159 Edit

2nd August. This goes deeper than I imagined. History sure is something that can be manipulated easily.

5th August. I witnessed the abilities of a High-Sequence Beyonder today. It was scary indeed. There’s a qualitative change that has happened to them in a particular aspect, it was as though they’ve transformed into a deity. It’s no wonder that we describe them as ‘Demigods’, though I think calling them ‘Legendary beings’ is more fitting.

6th August. There’s something strange going on. Why would the Seven Major Churches adopt such a strange attitude towards the potions? At the low to middle Sequences, they not only provide the main ingredients to those who managed to advance, but they’re also generous enough to share the formulas and demonstrate the process needed to create the potion. They would also explain in detail if a ritual is needed to create the medicine, yet finished potions are the only things they provide to those who are advancing to the higher Sequences.

“This isn’t logical. Shouldn’t they keep the formula a secret for the lower Sequence potions and give the candidate the completed potion since it’s relatively easy to gather the necessary ingredients and create the potion? As for the higher Sequence potions, shouldn’t they share the formula and make the promising members search for the ingredients due to the difficulty of obtaining the main ingredients?

“There must be some hidden secret to this.

9th August. The events of the past two days have made me feel uncomfortable. I started the Industrial Revolution with my own hands and personally ushered in the Age of Steam and Machinery, but this will create the conditions necessary for the Evil God to descend upon this world?”

Chapter 216-218 Edit

16th December. I managed to contact the pathetic fellow who’s trapped in the storm and was lost in the darkness.”

“He called himself Mr. Door and tried to teach me a complicated and difficult ritual. He wanted me to help him return to the real world and promised to fulfill three of my requests.

“Does he think I’m stupid? I’ve lived for more than sixty years over my two lives. Does he think I can’t tell that this is the usual manipulation done by evil gods and devils?

“But the history of the Fourth Epoch that he described was truly interesting.”

“I know of the most famous ‘War of the Four Emperors’ in the Fourth Epoch, but the specific details and the main figures involved are limited to the information spread by the major Churches. For example, the ‘Black Emperor’ of the Solomon Empire.

“It wasn’t until today that this so-called Mr. Door finally answered my questions by letting me know who the remaining three emperors are. The half-insane Blood Emperor of the Tudor Dynasty, the Night Emperor of the Trunsoest Empire, and the Underworld Emperor of the Southern Continent, also known as Death.

“According to Mr. Door’s description, in this war that changed the situation of the entire world, the Black Emperor, Blood Emperor and Night Emperor fell one after another. The Underworld Emperor reaped the greatest benefits.

“Having said that, Mr. Door added with profound significance that after over a century of ‘digestion,’ Death went mad, but he also became stronger. Therefore, Death teamed up with the Primordial Demoness and brought about a Pale Disaster for the Northern Continent. Of course, this isn’t something he witnessed personally, but rather something that he hears when he comes close to the real world every month.

“Death went mad, but also became stronger!

“Even deities can go mad?

“What a horrifying sentence!

“However, this also confirms my guess. Before the Fifth Epoch, those deities would often descend into the real world, directly interfering with the situation in the Northern and Southern Continents. They might even personally appear just like Death.

“I asked Mr. Door if he had participated in the ‘War of the Four Emperors’? If so, what role did he play? And what was the position the seven deities maintained in this war? What role did they play?

“Mr. Door didn’t answer my question. He only said in a teasing manner that the number of pre-eminent mighty figures in the Fourth Epoch far exceeds my imagination.

“In addition, he also mentioned two laws, one is the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Indestructibility, and the other is the Law of Similar Sequence Beyonder Characteristics Conservation, which is consistent with certain things that I have learned from that most secret and ancient organization, and also from some of the phenomena I have observed. Heh, this can lead to many interesting conclusions, making many explanations take on other forms, making one’s mind tremble in horror. For example, when there are too many High-Sequence Beyonders in the same Sequence pathway, the Low-Sequence Beyonders would reduce, and vice-versa.

“… The Beyonder Characteristics had been fixed at the source. It will not increase or decrease. Does this mean that there really is a God who created all the deities, an omnipotent and omniscient God, and everything originated from Him?”

10th September. I’ve endured it for a long time, but I still can’t help but complain a little.

“I must’ve had f**king sh*t for brains to chose the Savant path, right?

“Of course, this has indeed allowed me to develop my greatest advantage, allowing the Church to attach great importance to me. But the problem is that the first few Sequences lack any Beyonder powers needed for combat. I can only make do by relying on mystical items and rely way too much on external items.

“For example, Sequence 9 Savant only has extraordinary abilities in memory, learning, and practical skills. For example, Sequence 8 Archaeologist gains a strong physique and corresponding ancient knowledge, and they can only barely apply some ritualistic magic. For example, Sequence 7 Appraiser, whose ability is to quickly identify mystical objects, allowing them to avoid hidden dangers to the greatest extent. For example, Sequence 6 Artisan, who can produce machinery wonder but not very powerful Beyonder objects. Apart from that, one’s standard in ritualistic magic will be enhanced. It’s no wonder its modern name is Machinery Specialist.

“Comparatively speaking, the Sequence 7 Warlock and Sequence 6 Scrolls Professor of the Mystery Pryer pathway are sufficiently tempting. It would be great if only the Church has the complete Sequence and that the Hidden Sage doesn’t exist.

“However, I finally received some good news. After I advance again, I’ll gain Beyonder powers combat powers that I can call my own. Sequence 5 Astromancer!

“Its modern name scares me a little. It’s actually called Astronomer…

“Am I going to end up as an all-powerful mad scientist?

“Heavens have mercy on me. I was only a second-tier student at the college entrance examination!”

2nd June, the kingdom has created chaos, again and again, instigating wars without being able to completely destroy the Feysac Empire, the Loen Kingdom, and the Feynapotter Kingdom. As such, the kingdom has no choice but to shoulder huge debts, and its economy is on the verge of collapse.

“From my observations, the people, merchants, and soldiers are very dissatisfied. The riots are just lacking a spark! This is my chance.

“But I have to be very careful. The Sauron Family has witnessed the history of the Fourth Epoch and is an ancient family with a high possibility of having High-Sequence Beyonders. I need the support of the Church, as well as gain a tacit agreement with the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun.

“I can’t appear immediately. First, I’ll let the rebels destroy order before I end it all as a protector. Consul Roselle Gustav. I like that name.”

June 3rd. After discussing with Edwards and the others, I gave up on the idea of reaching a tacit understanding with the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun. This might very well reveal my true intentions, making the Sauron family and the ancient nobles who support them aware of them in advance and carry out a direct approach. That would make matters extremely difficult and dangerous.

“It’s a pity that Grimm died in the Fog Sea. He was the smartest among us.

“Descend into chaos! Descend! Only with everything in chaos will I get the chance to fish in troubled waters! Only when the Sauron family is incapable of handling this situation will the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun reluctantly acknowledge me!

“Perhaps I should give some help to those rebels, but how should I conceal myself so that no one would notice?

June 4th, Zaratul from the Secret Order came to visit me in incognito very suddenly.”

8th April, I have to send someone to investigate the Secret Order to get more information. I can’t repeat my passiveness from before. I can’t let Zaratul lead me by the nose anymore.”

Chapter 237 Edit

29th October. The leader of the Secret Order, Zaratul, visited me once again. He didn’t mention anything specific and just casually chatted with me. I wasn’t able to guess his true intentions. It seems like he just wanted to strengthen the communication between us and understand each other better?

“I’ve already met the two High-Sequence Beyonders from the Church, but I felt that Zaratul was much more powerful and mysterious than them, so I asked him what Sequence number he was without much hope, and in the end, he actually answered me!

“He told me that he was a Sequence 2, Miracle Invoker!

“Sequence 2? In the Church’s categorization, that’s the position of an angel, close to that of a deity!

“He truly is more powerful than the Alchemist and Arcane Scholar that I met before!

“But my intuition tells me that Zaratul isn’t telling the whole truth. Sequence 2 might just be his former position, or that he’s about to advance.

“Miracle Invoker? A master at creating miracles? The name of this potion makes one’s imagination run wild!

“This is the corresponding Sequence 2 of Seer, a Miracle Invoker who controls fate?

“I tried probing Zaratul if the word miracle refers to the miracle of fate? That the Seer pathway is one that slowly understands and grasps fate so as to control it?

“Zaratul ignored the first question. He told me that fate is just one of the parts of the Seer pathway, and it’s not even its main focus. The pathway that truly represents fate is Monster!

“He raised a few examples which were all potion names of the Monster Sequence. Sequence 7 Lucky One, Sequence 5 Winner, Sequence 2 Soothsayer, and Sequence 1 Snake of Mercury! It’s also known as the Snake of Fate.

“This was the first Sequence 1 I got to know. It hit me right in the face!

“According to what I know, the Monster pathway should be controlled by the Life School of Thought. This school seems to also have parts of the Apothecary Sequence pathway. They propose three major divisions, the world of absolute rationality, the world of the spirit, and the material world. Yea, it’s pretty cool.

“Zaratul told me that the Life School of Thought specializes in astromancy, seeking to use medicine, music, light, wine, and fragrance, to eliminate paths with unfavorable star readings and fate. They believe that disasters and diseases are caused by the loss of balance between man and nature, as well as the balance between man and his own mind.

“He added meaningfully that the Life School of Thought worships the moon.

“Why worship the moon and not go one step further, the Evernight Goddess?”

18th April. Matilda is pregnant.

“It’s to be expected, and I can even tell you exactly which love-making session she conceived in, because I felt a decrease in my Beyonder characteristic.

“Once the conception is successful, my own Beyonder characteristic will follow a mysterious connection, and part of it will be transferred to my child.

“After that, I asked Archbishop Fan Esti worriedly. He told me that this is a normal phenomenon. For Sequence 7 and below, Beyonder characteristics will not be passed on to the next generation, but it isn’t absolute, Sequence 6 and 5 will naturally pass down a portion, but it will not affect the parent’s strength. As for the child, they would be born with certain Beyonder powers, close to that of Sequence 9. But as a result, their pathway is basically fixed.

“At high Sequences, the inheritance of Beyonder characteristics is something one can control. One can choose to pass down or not, or one can even choose to pass down just a little bit, a third, half, or all of them.

“In other words, the children born from High-Sequence Beyonders might be born as Beyonders. As for the Sequence number, it’s up to either one of the parents to decide.

“I wonder if the descendants of the deities are like this as well…”

10th November, I received the great pirate Savigny Solomon in secret at the White Maple Palace. Solomon. I hope that he will plunder my opponents on the new sea route and strike at the ships of Feysac, Loen, and Feynapotter.

“And I promised to help him advance to a High-Sequence Beyonder.

“The Beyonder pathway of Black Emperor has names that are as strange as the Demoness pathway—Corruption, Confusion, The Fallen, Disorder… However, in order to match the Black Emperor, they added on their own suffixes, Baron of Corruption, Mentor of Disorder, Earl of The Fallen, and Prince of Abolition.

“In order for Savigny to live up to his name, I decided to confer him the title of Earl of the Court in secret.

“Savigny has a child named Nast Solomon, and my intuition tells me that he will dominate the Five Seas in the future.”

Chapter 264-265 Edit

9th February. I have a third child. I named him Bornova.

“My eldest daughter, Bernadette, was lucky. Her mother and I were just Low-Sequence Beyonders back then. She is free to choose the path she wants to take.

“My eldest son, Ciel, is the most unfortunate. He inherited a minute amount of Beyonder characteristics, but he has to follow my path. Perhaps, he could make changes at Sequence 4, but attaining High Sequences are never easy.

“My second son, Bornova, was born between Bernadette and Ciel. I have his characteristics equivalent to a Sequence 5 Beyonder. This has reduced the burden on me, allowing me to digest my potion even faster, accelerating my advancement. And when he was just born, he was already showing various traits of an Astromancer.

“Zaratul came to congratulate me in secret and praised Bornova as a lovely angel. I asked this master of divination what he would accomplish in the future. He only smiled and didn’t answer me.

“When I asked him about Ciel’s future, he finally said that death is an inevitable ending, but that might be a good thing.

“Seriously, a Seer’s words are always so vague that it makes one want to pry their mouths open.

“When I finally asked about Bernadette’s future, he suddenly became very serious. He said she would hate me, detest me, turn her back on me, and she would become an important figure in the mysterious world.

“Sometimes, you really shouldn’t ask about the result of a divination. I find it hard to believe that my adorable and kind Bernadette who cares for her brother, adores her father, and pampers her mother would hate me and betray me. Why would that happen? What excessive act did I do? Maybe she’ll have someone she loves but I’m not satisfied with. Some punk that I’ll end up killing?

“No, Zaratul isn’t a Soothsayer, and the divination he receives might be wrong! Forget it, Roselle!”

22nd May. Floren of the Sauron family actually wants me to be his subordinate!

“Do I look like someone who would be a lackey? His attitude is simply unacceptable.

“I swear that I’ll one day make him pay the price for his arrogance today.

“However, some of the things he mentioned are very interesting and worth pondering over.” “Floren said that the history of the Sauron family exceeds two thousand years, making it longer than even the Church of the God of Craftsmanship’s history. They witnessed all the cooperation and strife, light and darkness, in the Fourth Epoch, and they have survived until this very day. Other than the Augustus Family of Loen, the Einhorn Family of Feysac, and the Castiya Family of Feynapotter, the other powerful families that have been deemed their equal, such as the Antigonus Family and the Zaratul Family, have been relegated as vestiges of history, or have turned to nothing but rats in the sewers, hiding from the public as shady existences.

“He said that making me his subordinate—a subordinate of the ancient and glorious Sauron family—is a gift to me.

“Back then, I wanted to f**k all eight generations of his ancestors.

“However, for the Sauron family to have a history exceeding two thousand years is indeed surprising. The Fourth Epoch is known as the Epoch of the Gods. Be it the seven orthodox deities of the present times, or Death, Primordial Demoness, Dark Side of the Universe, and the True Creator, they all remained active in the real world. Legend had it that they frequently did miracles. For the Sauron family to last to this day and enjoy its current high standing, it’s definitely not an easy matter.

“Their long history has given them far more than just arrogance. They must be hiding many secrets, and perhaps even extremely terrifying Sealed Artifacts.

“They are truly a colossus that stands tall above the earth, one that people can’t look straight at.”

11th August. That retard Floren is showing off again.

“He said that he’s the most promising member of the Sauron family generation to become a High-Sequence Beyonder because he’s very similar to his great-great-grandfather.

“Is there any necessary connection? I looked him up and down, left and right, but I couldn’t find any sign of talent.

“Moreover, in the field of Beyonders, is talent important? Well, figuring out the essence to ‘acting’ can be a core element of talent, but that’s not necessary. As long as one knows the acting method and not be stupid enough to misunderstand the meaning, or avoid doing things that easily result in a loss of control, then one has a chance to completely digest the potions. Which is to say, just a bit more time and effort needs to be spent. In one’s lifetime, it’s not impossible to become a High-Sequence Beyonder.

“The main obstacle to becoming a High-Sequence Beyonder is the difficulty of obtaining Beyonder ingredients and the difficulty of corresponding rituals. Of course, I have to admit that those born as Beyonders have more time to prepare.

“Was Floren’s great-great-grandfather a High-Sequence Beyonder? Does looking like him imply talent?”

20th April. I participated in that ancient organization’s secret gathering once again. Those members still leave me shaking. It’s hard to believe that they’re actually all members of this organization.

“This time, I learned some of the ancient organization’s philosophy. They believe that people will always lose some of their individuality bit by bit until they ‘sleep.’ Hence, by trying hard to observe and remember oneself, one can use the various types of information to achieve the purification needed to face the final end of days.

“They’ve kept and passed down secrets for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. They believe that dusk is inevitable, and that doomsday cannot be avoided.

“They believe in the original Creator and believe that He is not truly dead. When dusk comes and everything ends, He will wake up from His slumber and let everything return to Him. He will create a new world, a new history.

“All of the actions from this organization stem from this belief. It can be said that they show great animosity to the True Creator. They aren’t stingy with their descriptions to describe Him as fallen and evil.

“They wield the second Blasphemy Slate and the twenty-two paths of the divine, but they only allow members to choose a few of them, with the exception of those who were already Beyonders when they joined.

“Are there any secrets to these pathways?

“I’ll first jot it down and analyze it in the future. These pathways are Bard, Sailor, Reader, and Spectator.

“Haha, I have to change my habits of calling these Sequence pathways in the future. Using those names in that ancient organization makes me appear quite uneducated.”

1st Jan. A beginning of a new year. I happened to finish my first Card of Blasphemy.

“I will hide the ultimate secret of the twenty-two paths of the divine in these different Cards of Blasphemy and scatter them across the world. If things fail, they’ll be the best insurance that my children can fall back onto.

“Haha, I’ll disrupt the order they wish to have and spread the profound mysteries of the divine!

“These Cards of Blasphemy will possess characteristics of being anti-divination and anti-prophecy. Apart from the ones I’m giving my children, the fated ones will receive it!

“I’m a person who makes sure to square accounts when it comes to grudges, and after I die, who cares if floods deluge the heavens! Oh, I didn’t create that sentence.

“In short, the more chaotic the world is, the better it is!

“I have to consider how to name the Cards of Blasphemy that will form a set. The paths of the divine number twenty-two. The Major Arcana tarot cards also have twenty-two cards. They can match quite well, but there are a few that don’t meet the requirements. I need to make some changes to match the original potion names.

“That ancient organization is my last and biggest insurance. I don’t know if they’ll support me, or the manner in which they’ll support me in.

“I still remember the shock when I first saw the Blasphemy Slate.”

“So it turns out that the Beyonder pathways are paths of the divine. It really is true that the Blasphemy Slate is blaspheming the deities.

“Above every pathway’s Sequence 1, there is still a Sequence 0! And there’s a corresponding potion and ritual!

“Each pathway has a Sequence 0!

“And Sequence 0 is the Sequence of a True God!

“For example, Sequence 0, Sun!”

Chapter 290 Edit

14th January. I discovered a problem. If unconscious High-Sequence Beyonder objects are not sealed, they would unconsciously attract nearby Low-Sequence Beyonders from the same pathway, causing them to come into contact with each other. The higher the original Sequence, the more likely that this will happen.

“However, this situation doesn’t seem to be a constant. It seems to be intermittent.”

16th January, the taste of a Demoness still isn’t bad.”

20th January. I finished making the second Card of Blasphemy.

“Let me think, let me think, where should I hide it?

“Yes, I plan to disguise it as a bookmark and insert it into a very valuable book. If the person who obtains it isn’t someone fated, it would be hard to imagine that the most valuable thing in the book is actually that seemingly ordinary bookmark!

“Not bad, that’s a good idea!”

Chapter 317 Edit

6th March. Dammit, I’m almost constipated from eating the food here!”

17th March. Are the ladies of Intis so open? Did I hit on her, or did she hit on me? I just find it odd.”

22nd March. It’s time to choose a religion. On one side is the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun, and on the other is the Church of Craftsmanship.

“My choice is without a doubt. Praise you, God of All Machinery!

“One day, I will make the Church of Craftsmanship change its name to the Church of Machinery.”

Chapter 359-360 Edit

23rd February 1143. I’ve transmigrated to this world for more than a week. I have to write something down and describe the things I have encountered, or I feel like I’ll go crazy.

“Hehe, if I write it in Simplified Chinese, I’m sure that no one will be able to decipher it. This world uses alphabetical words!

“I am now Roselle Gustav, but I’ll never forget my real name.

“Huang Tao!

“I don’t know how I transmigrated either. I carefully recalled and thought about it for a long time, and then I remembered that a few days before my transmigration, I bought a very mysterious silver plate with some strange symbols and patterns engraved on it. It was extremely interesting.

“However, it did not reappear after my transmigration here.

“It’s not my cheat item!

“Hmm, this is a world similar to ancient Europe. It’s after the Renaissance, and cannons and guns have appeared, but they’re rather crude and primitive.

“As for me, Huang Tao Roselle Gustav, as a fan of online literature, I loved reading transmigration with technology genre novels. I know quite a lot of useful things and specifically read up on the corresponding knowledge!

“This is the stage where I can display my abilities!

“But, I realized that my f**king memory isn’t good! I’ve almost forgotten everything!

“The Heavens allowed me to transmigrate to another world, but I wasn’t given an outstanding memory or a system. Nor was I given a two-way door. How can I survive like this!?

“Alright, I’ll start with some details. When I have the money, I’ll hire a bunch of craftsmen, inventors, and scientists. I’m only responsible for giving them ideas!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so full of anticipation for the future.

“But I still miss Mom and Dad a little…

“Besides, the entertainment in this world is too monotonous. The one or two maids don’t look that good, and their entire bodies exude rustic vibes. It makes me wish that goes completely bankrupt.

“I haven’t finished reading Lin Gao’s Five Hundred Good-for-nothings, and there are so many beauties that are awaiting me on Tik Tok. The games, Kings of Glory and PUBG, are still waiting for me. Thinking about them makes me feel a little depressed.”

25th February. What a boring world. There are no newspapers and so few novels! I think I need to help this culturally impoverished society, but the premise of this is that I have to get some money and recall how paper is made and how the print press is done.

“As a transmigrator, I can only live on the pocket money that my new dad and mom gave me. I can only occasionally see one or two shiny Fermo gold. What a tragic story.

“However, hunting is quite interesting.

28th February. This world might be a little different from what I know it to be.

“I got lost while hunting in the woods today. As a result, I saw an unimaginably intense battle.

“In the battle, the man who was surrounded had additional eyes growing on his face—a total of four eyes! They even shot dark green light! Th-this is f**king illogical! Is this a humanoid monster?

“This is actually a fantasy world, right?

“That monster’s opponent was even more powerful. He summoned a pillar of light that burned with golden flames. Yes, I think it was summoned…

“Fortunately, they didn’t discover me. After getting rid of that monster, that person left with the corpse.

“I, Huang Tao, am indeed the protagonist. I discovered the truth of this world a few days after I transmigrated!

“Perhaps they can recognize the mysterious symbols and patterns on the silver token… Of course, I won’t ask. I want to become like them and crack it myself!

“There’s another key reason as to why I said this. I can’t even f**king remember what the pattern looks like. I can only vaguely remember it.”

Chapter 391 Edit

15th March. I really am the protagonist. With just some archaeological clues and folklore, I’ve found a ghost ship left behind by the Solomon Empire in the Fog Sea’s boundary at the Aurak Archipelago, the Dark King!

“It’s really cool!

“There are some ancient books on it, including a treasure map pointing to some nameless island. That’s the final settlement of a great noble of the Solomon Empire who was defeated and left the Northern Continent. Everything that he left behind is there!

“This treasure will definitely belong to me!

19th March. After much deliberation and consideration, I’ve finally decided to set out on a long voyage. After that, I’ll enter the Royal Army as an officer, so it will be hard for me to have an opportunity such as this again.

“Edwards and Grimm are willing to take the risk and follow me into that foggy sea.

“Actually, I don’t just want the treasures. I also wanted to verify something—from the sun, the red moon, to the trajectory of the stars in the sky, as well as the changes in four seasons, all sorts of signs and different data to prove that the world I’m on should be a planet. In that case, it shouldn’t only be the Northern and Southern Continents. Based on the various data, the land mass occupied by the two continents totaled up isn’t even a tenth of the planet’s surface area. Could the rest of it be the sea and islands?

“To the west of the Northern and Southern Continent is the Fog Sea; to the east is the Sonia Sea. I suspect that there are other continents at the end of these two seas, just like how the Southern Continent is at the end of the Berserk Sea. Maybe I can find a brand-new continent, the Western Continent!

“Let’s go, great seafarer Roselle Columbus Magellan Gustav, go and verify your conjecture!”

18th April. I discovered the term Western Continent in an ancient book on the Dark King!

“There really is a Western Continent!

“However, even during the Fourth Epoch, in the Solomon Empire, when the gods were still walking the lands, the Western Continent was only a rumor. Legend has it that it was the homeland of the elves, and it was related to the ancient god named Soniathrym.

“The problem with that is that the elves ended up on Sonia Island and later scattered themselves over the mountains and the numerous islands in the seas, and there is no legend that they have ever tried to return to their homeland.

“In short, the end of the Fog Sea might be the Western Continent, the homeland of the elves. Then, what’s at the end of the Sonia Sea? Is there really an Eastern Continent? Where is it hidden in the books of myths? Could it be the ethereal Forsaken Land of the Gods?

“Proceed onward, Roselle. You’re about to reach your destination!”

20th April. All signs indicate that we’re about to reach a continent, not the land from an island!

“There’s actually a benefit to being lost? Could it be that I’ve discovered the so-called Western Continent?”

“21st April. I saw the abyss.”

* And just for variety and humor, one of the pages Klein received in this chapter was a counterfeit one, formed from mashing together sentences at random from other genuine pages and resulting in a page with the following content: "Ah, f**k hungry please people in manor."

Chapter 440 Edit

13th January, contact with Mr. Door stabilized.

“The powerful Beyonder, who’s lost in the darkness and trapped in the storm, didn’t rush me to complete a complicated and difficult ritual so as to help him return to the real world.

“He seems to have understood that he has to come up with something that would move me, instead of giving me three intangible wishes, in order for me to consider whether I should take the hidden risks of saving him.

“Mr. Door temporarily didn’t mention this matter and instead, with great interest, chatted about my tarot card creation. Heh heh. The word ‘creation’ should be written with quotation marks. From this point, it’s apparent that Mr. Door is able to make contact with the real world at particular times and through particular methods, and he should be able to observe a lot of details.

“While talking about ‘The Moon’ card, I thought of a matter Zaratul mentioned. He said that the Life School of Thought worships the moon, but not the Evernight Goddess. Yes, I added the second half myself!

“Hence, I asked the Fourth Epoch expert, Mr. Door, about this question. He chuckled and similarly didn’t give a direct answer. However, compared to the furtive Seer who speaks half-truths, making me want to beat him up, he’s a lot more frank.

“He told me that if he were to choose a card from the tarot cards to represent the Evernight Goddess, he wouldn’t choose The Moon, but—

“The Star!

“That makes things very interesting. I pressed, ‘Who is the real owner of The Moon? His reply was even more worthy of relish.

“He said with a laugh that The Moon currently has no owner.

“If I didn’t misunderstand him, then he means that the peak of The Moon’s pathway is empty. The Sequence 0 is empty!”

“I continued pressing, but Mr. Door refused to say more. Heh, he thinks that I’ll rescue him by whetting my appetite? Dream on!

“I hid my curiosity and scoffed at Mr. Door for not being respectful enough to true gods. He casually, yes—casually replied to me. This is the attitude a Fourth Epoch noble has to the deities.

“This guy is too good at acting! However, I really am interested in the nobility of the Fourth Epoch, so I took the opportunity to ask.

“Mr. Door told me that in the Tudor Dynasty, there were five noble families—Abraham, Antigonus, Amon, Tamara, and Jacob. Each family was known as an Angel Family, and they possessed tremendously terrifying strength.

“Angel Family, just the name itself raises many problems. It really makes one yearn for it! Mr. Door said that the number of Angel Families in the Fourth Epoch exceeded the five. There were the Zaratul and Zoroast Family, which had always been loyal to the Solomon Empire; the Augustus, Sauron, Einhorn, Castiya families of the Trunsoest Dynasty; and the furtive Andariel and Beria families; as well as the Demoness family which stemmed from a true goddess which was one step up from the Angel Families.

“So the last winner of the Fourth Epoch was the Trunsoest Dynasty, but where did their royal family go? The four Angel Families—Augustus, Sauron, and the others—divided up the Northern Continent.

“Just as Mr. Door said the previous time, the strongest powerhouses in the Fourth Epoch far exceeds my imagination. However, most of them have been buried in the ashes of history. Even the Sauron family has waned, destroyed by me. In another one to two millennia, perhaps the Augustus family might no longer exist. Only the true gods appear capable of forever illuminating the real world.

“Although some deities perished in the Fourth Epoch, they should only be few in number. This makes me think of something, something that was previously written in a web novel which I memorized. It can be used here with some changes:

“Ashes await those who fail to become true gods!

“After the communication period ended, Mr. Door disconnected. He’s like a prisoner who’s released on parole for a fixed period of time. And he does know a lot. When he mentioned the Zaratul family, there was faint contempt in his tone.

“Perhaps I need to maintain my relationship with Mr. Door. Apart from the Church of the God of Steam, Zaratul, and that secret and ancient organization, I should leave another outlet.

“Unlike the saying, a wily hare has far more than three holes!”

2nd June, Bernadette massaged my back!

“It’s good to have a daughter. She knows to care for her old father, and although I can see what she wants at a glance, at least she’s willing to put on an act. Besides, she did a good job.

“I asked her which Beyonder pathway she wanted. She said she was undecided, but she liked the maxim of ‘do as you wish, but do no harm.’

3rd June. I saw Floren again. He’s very different from before, as though he’s a different person. No, he still had his original memories and some of his distinctive characteristics, which is enough to prove that he’s him.

“What exactly happened to him to experience such a huge change?

“Perhaps a metaphor could be used to describe it more precisely. Some monsters are physical sutures, while he is a monster of mental sutures.”

5th June. I obtained an ancient book. It actually mentions the Primordial Demoness’s name, not one of an honorific name!

“‘Her’ name is Cheek, but that’s a man’s name.

“Is this ancient book fake?”

Chapter 462 Edit

8th August. For the first time, I was invited to the White Maple Palace to attend a ball held by His Majesty.

“These aristocrats are really f*cking extravagant, with the food they eat completely being in pursuit of novelty. Things like grilled swans, sheep’s testicles…

“I have to say, I was very surprised at the beginning. The aristocrats of this world, yes—this is limited only to aristocrats, really love cleanliness; it’s common for them to take baths, and toilet paper has already taken a nascent form. They totally aren’t like the aristocrats of Earth’s middle ages.

“I originally thought that this was an effect of the existence of true gods, but I was later informed that this was an improvement that had to be made because of some kind of threat. Beyonders of a particular Sequence are able to spread the plague through dirty habits. I wonder which pathway and Sequence that is.

“At that time, my first thought was that there’s something wrong with these aristocrats’ brains, right? Since they’re afraid of the plague, why don’t they clean up the streets? Why didn’t they build a complete sewage system? Why don’t they uplift the slums?

“They’re all in the same city. Does this mean that this place will be fine when there’s a plague over there?

“Well, with water sources, food, and people isolated and them moving only in one direction, perhaps it really will be alright…

“But there are plagues that can be transmitted through the air! When I hold a high position, I must push for urban planning and clean up the environment. Even without the plague, just living in such a stinking city is still very annoying!

“Oh right, I’ve been summoned tonight by His Majesty.

“I thought that since I was born on Earth, I, who received an education of all men being equal, would be neither humble nor arrogant and appear rather calm. But in fact, I remained very nervous and excited, unconsciously bending my waist and bowing my head. Of course, I know that in terms of dignity, I’m equal to the King…

“This is the charm of power!”

11th November. About to advance to Sequence 4 to become a demigod.

“After this, as long as I don’t lose control, then my life’s natural order will experience a qualitative change. I would no longer be a short-lived creature. Of course, different Sequences of different pathways will be in different states.

“I faced two choices. One is Alchemist of the Savant pathway, and the other is Mysticologist of the Mystery Pryer pathway. Eventually, I chose not to change pathways since the Hidden Sage is a very dangerous existence. However, I ultimately suspect that ‘He’ isn’t a real deity. Perhaps, ‘He’ is of a slightly lower level.

“After becoming an Alchemist, I will be able to inject ‘soul’ into the items I create and give them life. This is the feeling of being a Creator. It will definitely be excellent. It’s also the reason why I continued choosing this Beyonder pathway.

“After obtaining this Sequence’s Beyonder characteristic, I should be able to complete more of my concepts. There will come a day when the saying, ‘it’s not that we aren’t working hard, it’s just that the cheat has a Gundam.’ It will be a Gundam in the truest meaning of the word!

“The only problem is that the corresponding ritual of Alchemist needs to extract all the life force of a particular region, desertification of the land and the drying of lakes… Why is this not much different from a cult’s sacrificial ritual…

“I’ve always felt that the potion Sequence system has too many dark and crazy parts to it. Occasionally, it would be so evil that it can make one despair.”

23rd April. This bunch of aristocrats really are a mess! I even thought that Ma’am Karen had seduced me for sex because she had taken a fancy for my inner self. But who knew that her husband, the Earl of Champagne, was peeping in the opposite room. He was even thrilled and even f**king wanted to f**k me!

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept it, so I had to kick him out of the room.

“Compared to their family, I’m just a pure child!”

26th April. Zaratul came visiting. I deliberately asked him what a miracle was.

“He asked me in return about what I thought it was.

“What I think it is? There is only one miracle in my heart, and that is the wonders of civilization! For example, the Great Twilight Hall of the Feysac Empire, the former residence of the Giant King, Aurmir.

“Zaratul finally gave a direct answer.

“He said, ‘What is a miracle? A miracle is to be resurrected from the dead!’”

Chapter 484-485 Edit

11th February. Today, I found out about a secret of the Sauron family. Hahaha! I’m going to die from laughter! Hahaha!

“So it turns out that the Hunter pathway that they possess will change gender at Sequence 4. Men wouldn’t change, but women will change into men! It’s no wonder that none of the High-Sequence Beyonders of the Sauron family that I’m aware of are female. The Iron-blooded Knight is indeed a true man!

“Hahaha, if it wasn’t for how sensitive this secret was, then I would even feel like ridiculing Floren next time. The Sauron family ancestor that he looks like might’ve been a woman!

“This potion is way too much of a trap, isn’t it? I hope the Savant pathway wouldn’t have any strange changes upon reaching the high Sequences. I don’t want to one day suddenly realize that I either don’t advance, or I have to change into a woman.”

12th February. This won’t do. I want to laugh whenever I see Floren.


“15th February, the modified artillery I designed and supervised was completed. The effect was worse than I expected, but the problem isn’t that great. With it and mass production, I’ll be able to show the world what true advanced tactics are!

“In order to celebrate, I decided to hold a banquet to invite those fellows who looked down on me. Just wait to be slapped in the face!”

5th May, that unspeakable organization called for another gathering.

“I’m struck by the way they gather their members every time. It’s phenomenal, no—a miracle.

“With my earlier observations, I raised some problems at this gathering. For example, all the Sequence 0 names have a high-enough level on the Blasphemy Slate. Only Red Priest appears rather unique. It doesn’t sound strong enough. The old gentleman sitting beside me told me that ‘red’ represents the red of war. And priest can be understood as the ritualist of strength at its core.

“Someone objected, believing that the ‘priest’ in Red Priest represents being a priest of that Creator.

“I leaned towards the former and asked for the name of the old gentleman in a low voice. I didn’t know the identity of every member. To put it in an extreme manner, I only know a portion of them.

“The old gentleman answered me with a smile. He said his name was Hermes.

“Hermes? The Hermes who created the language of ancient Hermes? Hermes, the founder of humanity’s mysticism?”

“Heavens! The old man sitting next to me who looks so ordinary and nothing special was actually Hermes. He lived from the dark Second Epoch all the way to the Beyonder decline of the Fifth Epoch!

“I made the right choice joining this organization!

“I can see my bright future, not using three exclamation marks to describe my feelings right now just isn’t enough!!!

“This bunch of big shots, these undying old bastards, are all gathered together because they believe in the opinion that twilight is approaching? No, it’s definitely not the case. At least, I’m not!

“There must be people among them who passionately believe in those ideals, purely waiting for the original Creator to awaken, hoping for the progress of history to develop to that node as predicted. Heh heh, according to my understanding, it’s most likely not an awakening, but a resurrection.

“But there can’t be more than half of those people. The rest are people having their own goals; either they’re ambitious like me, or they’re just lurking snitches. Wait a minute, I thought of a problem; I quickly joined the gathering after I agreed to the secret invitation, but I didn’t undergo any scrutiny, and although the person who called for the gathering said that the members of this gathering had their differences and had to vote for me to join, barely allowing me to join after a majority vote of two-thirds, but that’s not the point. The point is that they don’t care if I believe in the idea that twilight is coming, nor do they mind me having all sorts of thoughts.

“What are they relying on to determine that I won’t bring harm to this organization? Could there be a High-Sequence Beyonder of the Spectator pathway among them, one that reaches the level of an angel? ‘He’ had created a secret psychological cue in me through my verbal promise without me realizing it. And that they’re confident enough to discover the hidden malice of its members?

“That might be possible, but thinking about it makes me shudder.

“In addition, without permission, once the name of that organization is mentioned to the outside world, it will be immediately noticed. They even gave me a few examples of former members who were eliminated… Writing on paper or in a newly created language wouldn’t do as well!

“Let me think. Let me think. Sequence 2 of the Spectator pathway is Discerner while Sequence 1 is Author. Who among them fulfills the corresponding traits?

“Yes, I have a preliminary suspect, the person who convenes the gathering.

“Yes, there’s also Sequence 0 of the Spectator pathway. Its name is Visionary!

“But I don’t believe anyone here has reached the level of a true god. Otherwise, there’s no need to hide behind the scenes. Of course, they might have divine items at the Sequence 0 level or the Uniqueness of a particular pathway. Perhaps it’s what creates this realistic dreamscape that can connect the east and west shores of the continent while having the ability to react the moment its name is mentioned.

“I didn’t think too much into it back then. Amidst my shock, I asked about a few other matters, such as why the term ‘authority’ is used in the description of deities. Old Mister Hermes gave an interesting answer.”

“16th March, my first time attending a noble ball in this world.

“The young ladies and madams are a lot better than I imagined. In the novels I read, they didn’t bathe in the middle ages and relied on perfume to mask their disgusting body odor. They would frequently step on feces when they were out, and easily smeared their faces with things that are laced with poisonous heavy metals.

“But it’s different here. They love to take baths. They have charming perfumes, fair skin, and tight waists. Most of them have pretty good figures.

“I overcame my nervousness and had a nice chat with the young daughter of Viscount Derilose. We talked about the meritorious deeds of my ancestors, talked about my family’s estate, and my present aristocratic title. Then, she politely mentioned that she wanted to get something to eat.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time since hitting on chicks needed to be taken slow, but when I went downstairs to take a walk in the garden, I found her in an empty study f**king with the eldest son of Earl Florais. F**k! This is their first time meeting each! Is it me, Huang Tao, Roselle, who isn’t good-looking enough? Or am I not entertaining enough?

“How realistic! Fortunately, the madams have treated me quite well. I can sense the hidden passion within them, hehe. ”

Chapter 567 Edit

9th April. I just returned from Countess Wawrinka’s masquerade party when I suddenly felt an emptiness in my heart.

“One woman, one woman, one woman after another. The monotonous and mechanical movements, the indistinguishable smell of perfume, and the warmth from the entanglement of their limbs; all these in exchange for a few seconds of pleasure, followed by endless boredom, disgust, emptiness, and numbness.

“What pleasure is there in such a life? Is the meaning of life to just do this every single day?

“I can’t go on like this. I have to get out of this sorry state.

“Also, I need to remind myself that I shouldn’t habitually write Arabic numerals.”

11th April, Countess Wawrinka invited me to a private salon, and she told me that Ma’am Julia would be there, too.

“Ha, will this conservative blonde girl who had come to Loen because of her marriage participate as well?

“I really look forward to it!

“I’ve been imagining her in bed for a long time. I hope her husband, Viscount Dellien, doesn’t mine.”

14th April. I’ve been attending too many events recently, and the flesh is weak even though the spirit is willing…

“But that’s nothing!

“Although I’m still young, I should be careful about the risk of retrograding. Temperance! Temperance!

“The Archaeologist Sequence has improved my physique and effectively enhanced a certain degree of my powers. However, this isn’t its area of expertise, but just something that comes with it.

“As I continue raising my Sequence, the changes from the previous potions will also intensify. This is my motivation.

“Apparently, Apothecaries can concoct medicine that lack side effects. Perhaps, I should ask a few of them.

“Also, I really have to control myself. Unrestrained behavior will only lead to continuous increases in the threshold, and the degree of satisfaction wouldn’t be like how it would normally be.

“After calming down and thinking about it carefully, there are many things that can be done. Humans are always like this, bound by desire, unable to see what’s of value. Why did I transmigrate over here? What secrets lie hidden in the depths of the stars above my head? Where did the original consciousness come from, and if self-cognition purely comes from one’s consciousness, then who was I before I had the identity of Huang Tao? Who does the essential part belong to…”

2nd October, Zaratul came to visit me again.

“Now that I’ve become a demigod, he wishes that I can honor a promise. He wishes to steal that dangerous Sealed Artifact from the Church.

“That is a Grade 1 Sealed Artifact, the Antigonus Family’s Notebook from the Fourth Epoch!”

“Heh, I’ll have to do it depending on the situation. If it’s easy to steal and there’s no risk of exposure, I’ll try to do it. Otherwise, I’ll pretend as though none of this ever happened.

“It doesn’t matter even if Zaratul were to expose me. With my present identity, status, Sequence, and influence, as long as I’m willing to repent, the Church won’t do anything to me.”

10th December. I once again attended that ancient and secret gathering.

“At the gathering, I discovered that they were unanimous in being extremely hostile to the Solomon Empire of the Fourth Epoch.

“I raised the question which Mr. Hermes quickly answered. In the Fourth Epoch, the ally and supporter of the Solomon Empire was the True Creator.

“This is very real.

“I resisted the urge to ask what exactly our organization had done in the history of the Fourth Epoch, but as I left the palace and returned from my dreams, I found that Mr. Hermes’s route this time coincided with mine to a certain extent.

“This ancient man who lived since the Cataclysm definitely knew more. I build up a rapport with him and earnestly asked him the question—is that why the organization hates the True Creator? Is it solely because ‘He’ had used the Creator’s holy name in ‘His’ name?

“Mr. Hermes chuckled and said that they weren’t such superficial creatures.

“He asked me in return if I knew what the actual abilities of the Shepherd were.

“‘Of course’ was my answer.

“He asked again in a profoundly meaningful manner, ‘Who do you think would be most likely to develop in the direction of being omniscient and omnipotent among all the present gods?’

“This… The first thought that came to me was the Shepherd pathway which could engage in Devouring and Grazing, so as to control the souls and characteristics of other Beyonders.

“So that’s the reason…”

Chapter 615Edit

22nd April. We plan on entering, to explore the Abyss.”

23rd April. We followed the pitch-black ocean, passed through the liquid-like fog, and arrived at the mountain peak that resembled a monster. Behind it was endless black fog. It seemed to blanket an entire continent.

“However, looking at the bottom of the peak makes it seem endless and without limit. I had joked with Edwards that if I were to commit suicide by jumping off that cliff, I might never fall to the ground, forever in a state of falling.”

24th April. We proceeded down the peak in an attempt to probe deeper.

“The thick black fog is biting cold, as though it can erode flesh and the soul. Haha, luckily, the Dark King I’m onboard has certain items that resist this corruption, or I’ll suspect that me and my Knights of the Apocalypse will become members of Farron’s Undead Legion.

“It’s very quiet, and we didn’t discover anything.”

25th April. We saw devils, but they were in the form of rotting corpses.

“Behind the black, jagged mountain, below a slush-filled opening that one cannot call a path, there were different devil corpses that were either in normal or unimaginable places.

“It was as though they had all been killed at the same moment.”

26th April. Either corpses or silence; there’s no end up ahead.

“The items on the Dark King has begun to show signs of corruption.

“I’ve seldom had fear over the past few years, but here, that fear of the unknown is like an invisible hand that clasps my heart tightly.

“I have to leave! I have to return! I can’t stay here any longer!”

8th May. My beloved Bernadette is almost two. The older she grows, the more likable she is. She’s indeed a young lady who doesn’t let down the excellent genes of her mother and I.

“Hearing her clearly call me daddy and seeing her bubbly figure, I suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction.

“Ever since I transmigrated to this world, I’ve done many things. I can say that some aren’t honorable, but I’ve not felt any shame about it, nor have I ever regretted it. On the one hand, this has to do with me finding it very difficult to curb my desires, making it easy for me to be influenced by my environment. Heh heh, I have to thank fate that I’ve not met a Desire Apostle from the Devil pathway. According to the records, I would definitely succumb to Beyonders of this Sequence. I might even be instantly killed.

“On the other hand, I still have a sense of alienation from this world. My parents in this world are very nice to me. I’ve also worked hard to make them proud, but I know that my feelings for them aren’t substantial. Similarly, this is how I treat Matilda. It’s more a possessive instinct rather than love.

“I have to admit that my mental state is like playing a role-playing game in virtual reality. My parents, brothers, and friends are all non-playable characters. I can devote some of my feelings to them, but never anything serious. Therefore, I can join all kinds of corrupted gatherings without any sense of guilt. I can face people I know well in a cold, ruthless manner. It’s just like when I played The Elder Scrolls. I could slaughter an entire village just for a chicken.

“But after Bernadette was born, I realized that I had an additional sense of belonging to this world. I was no longer as estranged from it.

“This is my child, a living child of mine.

“Perhaps this is what so-called maturity is?”

6th January, a brand new year, a brand new beginning.

“After advancing to Artisan, I finally have the powers to do that thing!

“That is to create the mysterious silver plate in my memories. There is a high chance that my transmigration was a result of it!

“In fact, after I became a Savant, I could already recall its appearance, as well as the strange symbols and patterns on its surface. But the past me could clearly sense that I wasn’t able to replicate something like that.”

9th January. I finally succeeded after repeated failures.

“Holding the silver plate filled with special symbols and patterns, I tried hard to inject my spirituality in a bid to activate it.

“An endless grayish-white fog seemed to surface before my eyes, but nothing happened.

“Is it a problem with the material, or am I lacking certain requisites?”

10th January. According to my recollections of my transmigration experience, I restored my past state, believing that I no longer lacked anything. However, the mysterious silver plate only showed me the strange gray fog. It wasn’t able to help me do anything.

“Since this doesn’t work, how did I succeed in my transmigration back then?

“I temporarily gave up on my attempts, and I destroyed the silver plate I created. Perhaps when I’m a High-Sequence Beyonder and become a demigod, I will have a way to interpret those patterns and symbols to figure out the truth behind my transmigration.

“Yes, I’ll definitely become a demigod! I’m the protagonist of this era!”

Chapter 714-715 Edit

9th February. Today is Bornova’s birthday. He’s already a healthy, strong, honest, and kind young man. His piousness has won the Church’s favor.

“Everyone is congratulating me, saying that Bornova will definitely become a Blessed, a saint. They praise him for how pure and flawless his faith is.

“I should be very happy, but I can’t hide my dismay. I wish that my children can be more human, to have more emotions. I hope that they can be themselves, and not just a believer of a deity.

“However, almost everyone believes from the bottom of their hearts that Bornova’s present state is excellent. Matilda is the same. Likewise for Ciel. Most of my noble officials share the same feelings. Only Bernadette shares my point of view. She has told me in private that she believes a person should be more self-centered, as long as they don’t harm others.

“Recalling the words Zaratul had said during Bornova’s birth, as well as the premonition I’ve had after becoming a demigod, my heart is turning heavier. Adorable angel, heh heh, what an adorable angel.

“Is this you being wary of me?

“Is this how you are attempting to control me?

“No, you can probably never understand the pride inside me. To me, so what if you’re a deity? I can replace you!”

11th February, contact with Zaratul was fruitless again.

“Ever since he obtained that Antigonus notebook, the number of times this Secret Order leader appears has been decreasing. I’ve no idea what secret he’s scheming. Anyway, ‘He’ will definitely not tell me.

12th February. I made a mystical item very suitable for Bernadette.

“This can allow her to effective avoid the Hidden Sage’s nagging, as long as she doesn’t proactively pray and seek a response. Yes, this item seems to be able to help saints enter the easternmost front of the Sonia Sea where the battlefield of the gods is. It prevents one from being influenced by the True Creator’s ravings, and that place likely hides the secret to the Forsaken Land of God.

“Ha, I was only making a present for my daughter out of fun. To think that it has such powerful effects. Bernadette, your dad is really the best Artisan in the world!”

5th October. A few Primordial Moon believers were caught by the Black Suits organization I established. They failed to complete the corresponding sacrificial ritual.

“Their behavior has intrigued me, as their strength seems to come directly from the crimson moon.

“Unfortunately, large amounts of data have confirmed that the crimson moon is really a satellite that’s revolving around our planet. Then, how is it fusing physics and mystery together?

“With my present strength, it’s not impossible to head for the crimson moon. At most, it will be troublesome and a little difficult, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary.”

“17th October, I’ve finally made up my mind.

“I will attempt to switch to the neighboring Mystery Pryer pathway. Only by doing so can I become a Sequence 1.

“I’ve always suspected that the Hidden Sage is only a conceptualized Uniqueness. Due to some sort of accident, it became sentient and awakened. Therefore, this pathway’s Sequence 1 position is likely still empty!”

“I’ve long obtained the potion formula of Knowledge Emperor from that most ancient organization. Now, it’s time to seek the corresponding ingredients. It might already belong to a particular angel, and it might’ve fused with an object around it, turning into a warped and evil monster, or a chaotic and terrifying Sealed Artifact. In short, I have to be careful. It’s best that I find a suitable helper.

“Knowledge Emperor. This Sequence 1 potion name is rather interesting. If I hadn’t directly seen the Blasphemy Slate, I would’ve imagined that it belonged to the Reader pathway, making it belong to the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Even stranger, these two pathways aren’t switchable.

“I once discussed this matter with that mysterious leader and Old Mister Hermes. We basically came to a consensus and believe that the Reader pathway represents the ‘omniscient’ part of ‘omnipotent and omniscient.’ And the Mystery Pryer’s Savant corresponds to knowledge itself which is categorized into two aspects; one is more about mystery, while the other is more about reality.

“Heh, when I become a Knowledge Emperor, Bernadette can stop worrying about the Hidden Sage’s infusion of knowledge. She can also stop being afraid of pursuing knowledge.”

Unknown date, “No! Impossible!

“How can that happen!?

“If my predictions aren’t wrong, I’m not the only one who met with that encounter!

“No. No! How can that happen!?

“The thing that I saw tells me that everything will be destroyed. Likewise for everything I’ve created! No! I can’t accept such an ending!

“I have to work hard to save myself. I can’t rely on the seven deities!

“As long as I ascend to the throne of Sequence 0, only then will I and the things I value be preserved!

“Should I attempt to pull Mr. Door back into the real world? No! Although ‘He’ claims to be only a Sequence 1, I believe that ‘He’ isn’t just an ordinary Sequence 1! It’s very likely that ‘He’ will bring unexpected catastrophe upon me!”

Chapter 743 Edit

Unknown date, “How surprising. The Fourth Epoch history divulged by Mr. Door is getting more and more interesting.

“This unlucky b*stard who’s trapped amidst the storm and lost to the depths of darkness told me that the Black Emperor died once and had revived again.

“Surprisingly, this matches what was said in that ancient secret organization. Back during that gathering, they said that the nine secret mausoleums of the Black Emperor weren’t all destroyed. Even if this deity who walked the land were to perish, ‘He’ could resurrect.

“Even if all nine mausoleums were destroyed, as long as the order left behind by the Black Emperor remained, ‘He’ had the ability to strangely resurrect. Only with the birth of a new Black Emperor would he be completely obliterated, never to appear again.

“According to Mr. Door’s description, the Black Emperor had three stages in the process of ‘His’ resurrection. First is that the Uniqueness leaves the person possessing it, turning into an abstract concept. Second is when the subjects of the Black Emperor hear ‘His’ mighty voice again. The third is that, when fused with the Uniqueness, the Black Emperor would reappear in the astral world. The three Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristics would automatically be returned into the emperor’s hands. This is an order that other true deities are unable to distort or prevent.

“This way, the Sequence 1 Prince of Abolition of this pathway, Blood Emperor, and Night Emperor would be in a rather awkward situation. They might instantly perish, falling back to Sequence 2. Mr. Door said that back then, the Lord of Storms and the Evernight Goddess had chosen the Night Emperor. They helped ‘Him’ switch to a neighboring pathway—the Judgment pathway. As such, the Tudor-Trunsoest United Empire fractured.

“And Blood Emperor Alista Tudor, who was pushed into a corner, made a crazy decision. It was to switch to a non-neighboring Beyonder pathway. He paid the cost of losing his reasoning, becoming a lunatic so as to forcefully advance and become a true god.

“I have to say that this decision is filled with irrationality. It’s almost impossible for it to happen, but Mr. Door told me that Alista Tudor eventually succeeded. The craziest true god was born!

“It’s truly fascinating, but Mr. Door didn’t go into the details since he kept it from me.

“I asked him which was worse—lunacy or death. ‘He’ said that it was an obvious choice, death, because as long as one was alive, it wasn’t impossible to recover even if one was completely mad.

“‘He’ laughed and gave an example. A crazy true god could use ‘His’ instinct to mate with all kinds of living beings, giving birth to all kinds of descendants. Through this process, if ‘He’ was lucky enough, the conflicting Beyonder characteristics would be purged. The lunacy would slowly disappear with time as ‘He’ improves bit by bit.

“Mr. Door deliberately didn’t say if there would be any remnant problems, nor did he explain why almost no one made such a choice, but I could tell that there was definitely some huge hidden risks.

“I have to say, Mr. Door’s understanding of true gods far exceeds my imagination. Before ‘He’ was exiled, ‘He’ might’ve made an attempt to reach Sequence 0… It’s no wonder ‘He’ shows such contempt to Zaratul, and he has zero respect for the various true gods.

“This only makes me more unwilling to let ‘Him’ return to the real world.”

Chapter 766 Edit

11th September. Ever since I became an angel, I’ve had the feeling that I’ve had my identity disassociated. In my heart, in my soul, and in the depths of my mind, there’s ultimately a voice urging me, influencing me and creating an uncontrollable sense of coldness, bloodthirstiness, cruelty, and craziness.

“This doesn’t stem from the external world or an influence from a god of the same pathway. I can clearly sense that it comes from one’s genes, the collective subconsciousness of humanity from generation after generation. It stems from the Beyonder characteristic itself, and not from the remnants psychological influences.

“It makes me have a strong desire to hunt and kill. It makes me want to devour all the living beings around me with Beyonder characteristics. It requires me to spend a lot of effort to resist it. Even if I’ve already acted and digested the potion, it doesn’t seem to improve.

“It’s no wonder that Mr. Door said that rationality is temporary, but madness is eternal.”

28th September. I haven’t written a diary entry in ages. In the past half a month, I seemed to see myself being replaced by a stranger. Bit by bit, I turn cold and terrifying. Even my daughter, Bernadette, can only allow me to show her minute amounts of fatherly love. Very, very tiny amounts.

“Just as I was about to go mad, I seemed to hear countless praises. They were from my subjects, people who had benefited from my reformations. They are the believers who view me as the Son of Steam. They praise me with great acclaim. They erected statues of me, write stories for me, and have created songs and poems for me.

“Their voices seem like a ship’s anchor that helps me ‘secure’ myself in place.

“I began to have the ability to resist that desire and that roar within me. Bit by bit, I walked out of it as I once again possessed the normal feelings of a father, a husband, and a man.

“Just Sequence 2 alone causes such changes. At Sequence 0, at the level of a true god, how terrifying would it be to resist that madness?

“Perhaps ‘They’ also need an anchor so as to resist the Beyonder characteristics and the strong inclination to lose control, the urges buried deep in the collective subconscious.

“I probably understand why ‘They’ establish Churches and why they want to spread their faith, to write stories for their faction’s saints and leave legends for their corresponding angels…

“But why do ‘They’ not have any anthropomorphic form other than symbols?

“I can’t understand it.

“I’ll try asking Mr. Door in the future. ‘He’ seems to know a lot in regards to the domain of deities. If ‘He’ had been released back then, there might very well be an additional deity today.”

29th September. After rereading yesterday’s diary entry, I recalled the corresponding rituals of my Sequence 4, Sequence 3, and Sequence 2. They clearly had hints of madness and cruelty, akin to the kinds held by antagonists in novels.

“A Sequence pathway might very well be a path destined to be crazy and filled with despair.

“And this is the only path for humans to obtain extraordinary strength.

“How laughable and ironic it is.

“We strive to save ourselves, only to better destroy ourselves?”

5th December. Night of the Blood Moon. I conversed with Mr. Door.

“Like every time prior to this, ‘He’ would always make a request to get me to help ‘Him’ return to the real world, but ‘He’ doesn’t overly insist on it. Furthermore, ‘He’ would randomly answer some of my questions.

“Heh heh, it’s like ‘He’ is playing a game, trying hard to raise my affection towards ‘Him.’ But unfortunately, I’m sorry, I’ve already sealed off that option ahead of time.

“As I already knew of the legends of the Kings of Angels, I mainly asked Mr. Door about the level of strength that the Kings of Angels have, knowing the fact that I had nothing to lose by asking ‘Him’ that question.

“Mr. Door said that some of the Kings of Angels accommodated the Uniqueness, while others had consumed two sets of Sequence 1 potions; it could also be both.

“The word ‘accommodate’ is used in an odd manner. I had asked ‘Him’ about it, but Mr. Door didn’t directly answer me. All ‘He’ said was that if one was unable to ‘accommodate’ the Uniqueness, then the Uniqueness was a burden instead of an aid to a Sequence 1 angel before they held the ritual to advance to Sequence 0.

“Hmm, it’s understandable. It’s akin to using a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact. The negative effects are often terrifying, and the Uniqueness must definitely be even more exaggerated.

“I also asked which Kings of Angels had ‘accommodated’ their Uniquenesses, and similarly, Mr. Door didn’t give a direct answer. ‘He’ only said that Amon and Adam make all the angels feel a sense of envy, because ‘They’ were born with a Uniqueness and didn’t need to consider the problem of ‘accommodation.’ From another point of view, does it mean that Amon and Adam’s state is equivalent to having consumed a Sequence 1 potion and the Uniqueness? As expected of the Creator’s sons!

“That Creator who’s also known as the ancient sun god was actually so powerful that ‘He’ could pass on a Uniqueness to each of ‘His’ two sons, as well as Sequence 1 Beyonders characteristics… Was ‘He’ trying to purify ‘Himself’ to eliminate any unneeded interference?

“Then, does Mr. Door also ‘accommodate’ a Uniqueness, and also possibly have even consumed two Sequence 1 potions? I didn’t ask, because I knew ‘He’ definitely wouldn’t answer me.

“During the conversation, Mr. Door warned me not to directly say out Adam’s full name; otherwise, it would be detected and the conversation would be discovered.

“I had an inkling why as I laughingly asked ‘Him’ that didn’t ‘He’ just say Adam’s full name?

“Mr. Door said it didn’t matter. This is because the Apprentice pathway’s Sequence 4 is called Secrets Sorcerer. It has the meaning of maintaining secrecy, and although it’s inferior to the Servant of Concealment, it’s enough for ‘Him’ to block any detection at ‘His’ level.

“I asked another few questions regarding the deities, but Mr. Door didn’t answer. All ‘He’ said was that when I had the ability and opportunity, I could head above the moon to take a look. I would then understand many things.

“This is somewhat in line with some of my previous thoughts, but I’m suspecting if ‘He’ is luring me there to get a chance to return to the real world. After all, ‘His’ appearance each time is related to the moon!”

28th November. I dreamed of Grimm again.

“He was the smartest among my subordinates, but unfortunately, he died in the Fog Sea due to some unknown infection while exploring that nameless island. He didn’t even leave a child behind.

“Back then, I knew that the nameless island hid secrets with unimaginable danger, but due to my lacking strength, all I could do was hold back.

“The dream this time is likely a result of my spirituality reminding me that I can explore that island, grasp its secrets, and completely resolve Grimm’s matter.

29th November. I summoned three subordinates, and with Benjamin Abraham’s help and some searching, I finally found that nameless island again.

“I didn’t directly enter, and I decided to rest for a day along its periphery.

“Edwards said that he also often dreams of Grimm, feeling a deep sense of guilt for not having managed to save him back then.

“‘This is not your responsibility, but my problem.’ That was what I said to Edwards because I’m their leader.”

30th November. We ventured deep into the island.

“Existing here were Beyonder creatures that large sources of data claim that they have gone extinct. They gathered there without any conflict, as though they were consecrating something…

“This bunch of Beyonder creatures without any intelligence appeared to be holding some ritual!

“They were praying to an unknown deity? “In the ritual, I saw Grimm…”

Chapter 789-790Edit

29th December. It’s almost a new year again.

“All the mausoleums have been built. What’s done cannot be undone.”

(Bernadette's note in Feysac: Immediately follows the previous page.)

“I believe I’m not the only transmigrator in this world.

“If there’s anyone else who can read my diary, remember to carefully select your Beyonder pathway.

“Once you choose this, it pretty much confirms your allies and your enemies.

“I’m unable to give any actual suggestions because I myself can’t see the true faces of the seven deities or those evil gods. This might be partially related to the second Blasphemy Slate that the ancient organization hides. Unfortunately, I only have a rough idea of the hidden parts, and I’m unable to verify them.

“Similarly, I don’t know what’s written on the first Blasphemy Slate either.

“A useful warning is to not choose pathways with Sequence 0s that are occupied, and also be careful of neighboring Sequence 0s and Sequence 1s. I’ve suffered tremendously on this aspect.

“As for what Sequence 0 represents, search for my other diary pages if you aren’t aware.

“Heh heh, this page is equivalent to the afterword of my life. If I succeed, I’ll be a god, and it will be another story. If I were to fail, there wouldn’t be a future. Perhaps, well—you know.

“Go, my friend who understands my diary, go seek out the secret of transmigration and the truth hidden within. I’ll be watching you, if I’m still alive.

“Finally, let me warn you that you have to remember:

“Be careful of the moon!”

Chapter 821 Edit

“…Based on the information obtained from the Church, there really are monsters in existence that are stitched at the soul level.

“After High-Sequence Beyonders die, the Beyonder characteristics they produce will have remnants of the imprint of their soul. It can be very powerful and resilient. It might not even fully dissipate after centuries or even a millennium.

“But when Beyonder characteristics form a mystical item with their surrounding objects, there’s a need to have a sufficiently similar soul in order to use them; otherwise, the negative effects will be extraordinary. And when such Beyonder characteristics are preserved and made into the main ingredient of a potion, the consumer similarly must have a powerful Soul Body to withstand it; otherwise, there’s a high chance of failure.

“In mysticism, an advancement’s failure will often lead to a loss of control or death. Only very few lucky ones can be calmed down and maintain an intricate balance. However, it’s rumored that certain special Sealed Artifacts can draw out unfused Beyonder characteristics and recondense them. It would be akin to not having consumed the potion, so the failures will only suffer a storm-like assault on their soul. But according to my conjectures, there’s likely some level of mutation at the gene level. This is because, based on the information provided, those who failed their advancement and survived by this method had mostly died from terminal illnesses within five years.

“Therefore, consuming a potion similar to one’s Soul Body can effectively decrease the difficulty of advancements, but it will leave behind remnant soul imprints. Unknowingly, one will suffer an identity dissociation, and they would slowly transform into a monster stitched at the soul level. It’s just like that High-Sequence Beyonder who resurrected on his body. Resurrected…

“On careful thought, it’s really quite terrifying… However, the Church told me that there are roughly three methods to rid the High-Sequence Beyonder soul imprints in a Beyonder characteristic. As for what they are, they didn’t tell me. They don’t seem simple. It’s no wonder the Sauron family enjoys calling descendants who look similar to their ancestors as having talent. Heh, talent. I have to say that I do pity Floren quite a bit.”

Chapter 866 Edit

"21st September. Arrived at St. Millom. I've officially begun my first state visit.

"Feysac's weather is really a little cold. It's not even October and it looks like it's about to snow. It's no wonder it's famous for its various coats and winter wear. As well as its liquor!

"F*ck, the people here are ridiculously tall. As expected of a country that descended from giants. However, I have to say that I hate it when people look down on me!

"Tonight, I'll be going to a bar to find a Feysac beauty to share some drinks!"

"22nd September. I think I blacked out...

"What happened last night? What happened to my Feysac beauty? I actually lost out to her in drinking!

"The embassy staff told me that the women here are often better at drinking than men...

"I should show some temperance when I head to bars in the future. I sure don't want some ugly, middle-aged woman to do unspeakable things to me when I black out... "The alcohol here sure is strong. My headache has lasted an entire day. Thankfully, my stomach doesn't hurt. I should sleep early. I'll be visiting the Great Twilight Hall tomorrow."

"23rd September. The Great Twilight Hall is indeed grand. It's like a myth materializing into reality. That building seems to be completely prepared for giants.

"Since I don't share their faith, I could only circle the perimeter. The square at the bottom of the Great Twilight Hall is also filled with the fragrance of alcohol!

"There were plenty of people there, some kneeling, some sitting, others playing musical instruments. They exude a rather relaxed and open feeling.

"I got to know a Feysacian who blows a bone flute. Compared to his kinsmen, he's ridiculously tall. He's roughly three meters tall.

"His name is Honegger, and he claims to be from one of the clans in Feysac that have the purest giant bloodline. The way he plays the bone flute looks very sorrowful, as though he doesn't belong here but has no idea where to go to. Compared to the skirt chasers at Intis, he's a lot more like a poet. Now that I mention it, I really can't help but give some criticism. Those guys seem to wear any sexual diseases as a badge of honor. It just messes up the entire social market!

"I had a chat with Honegger for a while and raised my question from before. He said that he's only homesick.

"But the problem lies in the fact that he's a true blue native from St. Millom. He has never left this place before.

"Honegger didn't immediately reply to me as he played the bone flute for a few more minutes. He later told me that he misses the origins of the giant bloodline, the Giant King's Court mentioned in myths.

"He told me that he and his clan of Feysacians often dream of tall mountains that are used as giant city walls. It's a palace forever bathed in twilight's glow, with tall towers and other kinds of buildings. It resembles the Great Twilight Hall, but it's even more fascinating, epic, and miraculous.

"Without anyone needing to tell them, Honegger and his clansmen believe that it's the Giant King’s Court.

"Towards the end of our conversation, Honegger slowly stood up and thanked me for listening. He was going to leave Feysac to seek out the Giant King's Court, to find the home of his soul.

"He believed that in the zone at the easternmost front of the Sonia Sea, there might be a path that leads to the Giant King’s Court.

“He said that a millennia has passed, but the giants have never forgotten their home. Now, it’s his turn to follow the footsteps of his ancestors. This path would never stop until the destination is reached.

“He played the bone flute again and gradually left amidst that ethereal and sorrowful tune.


"10th January. Visited Sonia Island.

“This place is also called Ancient Elf Island. It has plenty of elvish ruins and customs left over.

“I was surprised on the first day. The elves actually make ‘blood cake,’ and they enjoy eating animal organs and are good at using spices.

“They even invented chopsticks?

“Thinking about the elvish depictions on the murals, apart from their blue hair, their facial contours and eyes are similar to Asians on Earth. Could they be my fellow countryman?”

"13th January.I've been so busy searching for writings, relics, and folk tales that I forgot to write my diary for a few days.

“Although many objects have been taken away by the various Churches, I’ve still obtained something of value.

“Various legends have it that Elf King Soniathrym created chopsticks. There are records of ‘Him’ using animal organs and blood to cook delicacies. There are stories of this ancient god being good at identifying and using spices. It’s acknowledged that ‘He’ is their founding ancestor, the first elf. Due to certain reasons, ‘He’ led the race and left the Western Continent that only existed in legends, bringing them to the Northern Continent.

“Could it be that this is a fellow countryman of mine, a transmigrator?

“‘He’ later produced an entire race? There’s nothing ancient gods can’t do, including having children?

“‘He’ apparently had a wife who was also an elf. Hmm… I’ll need to think this through.”

"16th January. After further investigation, elves might really have nothing to do with transmigrators. At the very least, they didn’t leave behind any Chinese, English, or other symbols.

“They have likely been using Elvish all the time. Nothing of it gives me a sense of familiarity.

“Furthermore, the inventions we have in common didn’t appear before I came. Likewise for famous quotes. There are only proverbs and idioms with similar meanings but with a completely different choice of words.

“From all the items and legends I have now, none of them support my theory. This is a little disappointing, but it also makes me relieved. If I were to encounter another transmigrator or other transmigrators, I really have no idea how to face them.”

"17th January. I dreamed of the home I've nearly forgotten."

"2nd April. My daughter is smart. She can speak before the age of one! Although she has only learned a few words, I believe that her subsequent development can’t be slow!

“She must have inherited this from me!

“No matter how I look, she looks a little like how I looked like on Earth. Could it be that a soul will also bring about some level of inheritance? Haha, I’ll just treat it as so.

“Bernadette, this name is quite good. It sounds beautiful, but deep in my heart, I keep having the urge to give her a Chinese nickname.

“Sigh, she won’t get to see her real grandmother and grandfather…”

"3rd April. I suffered from insomnia last night because of the wistful thoughts I suddenly had yesterday. Thankfully, I know Cogitation.

“However, this also made me consider a problem. That is whether I should secretly teach Bernadette Chinese.

“No, I can’t. If she were to understand the diary entries her father had previously written, I’d rather kill myself! In my daughter’s heart, her father is filled with honor.

“However, using Chinese to write my diary is my final tether to Earth and my past. My daughter should inherit this tether to a certain extent.”

"6th April. After a few days of consideration, I’ve decided to teach Bernadette two Chinese characters as though they are special symbols. I’ll tell her that this is a protective incantation that her father is giving her and that she is to remember it forever.

"She doesn't need to know the corresponding meaning. All she needs to do is to remember it.

"The word in Chinese is:


Chapter 890 (V4C158) Edit

"10th March. I participated in that ancient and most secret organization's gathering.

"After many observations, I'm increasingly puzzled over a problem: What does it mean to be the trend of the times? Who defines the trend of the times?

"If it's really as they claim, when everything ends and the original Creator is resurrected from the dead, awakening from his slumber, he would gather everything back into his body to create a new world and new history. Then there's no need for them to let the times develop according to what they expect of the times. They can quickly come up with all kinds of schemes, such as triggering a world war, a war between angels, or even a war between deities. Wouldn't that accelerate their goals?

"Or could it be the case that 'the times' is part of the original Creator? Only when 'the times' develop according to a certain expectation can 'He" draw energy from it and revive? This isn't scientific... Of course, whatever I see and participate in now isn't scientific at all...

"Actually, if I had any say, why revive the Creator who rides above all? Everyone can just go through the motions and enjoy themselves without any restrictions. Isn’t that better?

"Based on my observations, hehe, there are many members who share similar viewpoints as mine. However, there are a number of members who are stubborn and inflexible, strictly abiding to their beliefs. I wonder if they should be called idealists or crazy cultists.

"What I can’t see through the most is that mysterious leader. Old Mister Hermes told me that this organization began with him, no—’Him’. It was organized with people who shared ‘His’ beliefs and goals. However, ‘He’ seldom expresses ‘His’ thoughts, never stopping many of the members who use the organization for their own purposes. At times, I will even forget ‘His’ existence. ‘He’ seems to enjoy sitting there, silently watching everyone converse.

"But on one matter, I witnessed ‘His’ might. A High-Sequence Beyonder who had gone against their so-called trend of the times was put forth by ‘Him.’ In thirty seconds, the person became a target of elimination. And I believe that the poor fellow wouldn’t survive past summer.

"Who is ‘He’? Some ancient god that survived the Second Epoch??”

Chapter 891 (V4C159) Edit

"11th March. The more I recall what happened yesterday, the more afraid I am. A demigod existence had his fate decided with just a few words. He didn't even have the chance to express his disapproval. And the makeup of the ancient secret organization convinces me that, apart from dealing with the seven orthodox Churches, there is nothing that they can't do. Even the toppling of a nation isn't impossible.

"How lucky I am to be pulled into this organization; otherwise, who knows if I might one day suffer an unexpected assassination I cannot resist. I'll die with my eyes wide open!!

"This kind of organization that hides behind the scenes, secretly passing judgement on others, while determining the life and death of the target is really unacceptable. Even if I'm one of their members, I'm still appalled and feel fear deep down.

"This world is much more dangerous than Earth. Perhaps just being born with relatively high spirituality, randomly flipping through an ancient tome, sitting normally on a ship doing business, taking in the beauty of some lady, entering some castle because of one's love of travelling, being woken up by fighting next door in the middle of the night, or creating something that's of meaning, these would be enough to cause one to die a baffling, tragic death!

"And this is one of the reasons that drive me to improve myself, to advance myself to gain the ability to determine my own fate. I can definitely succeed. I'm the protagonist of this era, ha!"

"12th March. I feel there's a need to seek out some material regarding the Fourth Epoch, Third Epoch, and even the Second Epoch. The experience that came from joining that ancient secret organization tells me that there might be countless secrets hidden here, the kind that will influence the direction of an epoch.

"Unfortunately, such information is astonishingly rare. They're either kept by the Church, or they have been destroyed. I believe that I'm unlikely to gain much simply by relying on my subordinates. The best method is still to raise my Sequence. It will allow me to gain a higher status and greater power in the Church."

"18th May. I've been having nightmares recently. I dream of myself wearing ancient silver-gray armor and sitting beside a cliff. In front of me is silence, and there's a bottomless black fog beneath me. It was filled with corruption and evil. Merely looking at it was enough to influence me. Towards the end, my face grew complicated, jet-black patterns as I monitored the abyss. My skin turned hard and I had the feeling that sticky liquid was flowing across the surface of my body. My eyes completely lost their reason.

"It was a reflection of the Abyss. It was the reflection of the Abyss which I saw and attempted to enter last month!

"As this nightmare becomes more frequent, I realize that extreme thoughts are becoming a common occurrence for me. Occasionally, the anger from being beaten up might lead me to hoping to rip apart the limbs of my target. Also, dark red lumps are growing on my back. My body temperature is also gradually decreasing.

"Is this a form of corruption from the Abyss?

"I have to think of a way to confirm and resolve it!

"For the time being, I cannot get the Church's help; otherwise, I'll have to divulge the existence of the primitive island and the Abyss.

"Yes, I can find the priests and bishops of the Eternal Blazing Sun. They're more skilled at purification!

"19th May. Through some connections, I received some secret treatment. My entire being felt a lot more relaxed. All the anomalies that happened to me have turned for the better.

"Amidst my joy, I also thought of a problem. I had only explored the periphery of the Abyss, without making contact with any high-level Devils. I even had an object on the Black King that could resist corruption; yet, I was affected without realizing it and even had signs of being corrupted. Those Criminal pathway Beyonders would make sacrifices to high-level Devils from time to time; the corruption they suffer must be even worse. Over time, it's probably untreatable, and they can only be cleansed--both body and aura.

"Likewise, High-Sequence Beyonders, especially angels, should be able to exert influence on Low- and Mid-Sequence Beyonders of the same pathway. And due to the difference in level, there are corresponding limitations on distance. When on becomes a true god, there's a high probability that they can "communicate" across the whole world and spirit world without any obstructions...

"This begs the question. Am I being influences to a certain extent by the God of Craftmanship, no--Should I say the God of Steam and Machinery? This is quite scary. It appears that only by becoming a demigod that I will be able to escape this influence?

"Thankfully, since the Fifth Epoch, there hasn't been any examples of true gods leaving the astral world to descend upon the land. Likewise, pathways without true gods do no have such severe problems."

"20th May. After a period of being dispirited, I've returned to the social scene!

"F*ck, those bastards have been secretly mocking me, saying that the reason for me not coming out recently has to do with me having too much fun and turning weak! Just because my dark eye circles are more obvious because of my nightmare-induced poor sleep quality?

"Hehe, I want to let them know what it means by the difference in one's talent!!"

"12th October. Edwards ran to me, telling me that one of his knights discovered a strange chapel. It might have to do with the faith before the Fourth Epoch.

"This piqued me interest as I immediately rushed to the tiny city by the name of Bayman."

"13th October. Bayman is a tiny town built on a mountain. The buildings all have protruded domes, just like a white straw hat. It's very special.

"Following the street, and covering several flights of stairs, I finally found the strange chapel. On the surface, it looked like an ordinary residence with nothing special about it. Only by entering would one discover the difference.

"There was only one priest here. He was a genial middle-aged man who wore a simple white robe. He had a pale gold beard that covered half his face. His light-colored eyes were clear like a child's.

"He claimed the place to be a temple of the Creator. Any creature from any species, any believer of any deity could enter.

"When I heard him mention this, it reminded me of a question I had. Apart from the seven orthodox deities, the other faiths are deemed heretics. They are unable to openly build a cathedral other than that of the original Creator. However, there has never been any such Church coming into existence. Even cathedrals are extremely rare!

"In front of the chapel was a simple baldachin. In it was a man carrying a cross. This was likely the divine image of the so-called Creator.

"I sat in the front pew and idly chatted with the priest. He told me of many different stories.

"He said that when humans were first born, the ones that rules the skies, land, and sea were all sorts of crazy, bloodthirsty monsters. They were said to be the origins of the later species: dragons, giants, and elves.

"These monsters freely indulged in their desires, occupying all kinds of places. It appeared that it wouldn't take long before they destroyed the entire world. At this moment, it was the Creator who had awoken. 'He' retrieved the special traits and powers that they had been blessed with, and had bestowed it to the humans.

"After that, 'He' returned to his slumber, leaving behind a prophecy:

"When madness, cruelty, greed, indulgence, coldness, and bloodthirstiness drowns the land once again, 'He' would awaken and retrieve everything.

"As we spoke, the priest held the hanging cross by his chest and silently prayed.

"Such a myth is completely different from the Churches' canon. There are many interesting parts that are worth thinking about."

"15th October. I've been back in Trier for a day. Only then did I forget to ask the priest for his name!

"Forget it. There will still be a chance in the future. My sixth sense as a man tells me that I'll definitely head to that chapel again."

Chapter 1035-1036 Edit

19th July. Night of the Blood Moon.

“Mr. Door’s answer allowed me to confirm one thing. In that ancient secret organization, the second Blasphemy Slate I saw wasn’t complete!”

“According to Mr. Door, the main difference between the second Blasphemy Slate and the first Blasphemy Slate isn’t that the latter has many unique Sequence names, but that the former had many additions. It was a secret the ancient sun god caught a glimpse of towards ‘His’ later years. Alright, as a true god, there’s no such thing as later years. I’m just using the human concept of the period from ‘His’ birth to fall, so that would be considered ‘His’ later years.

“In other words, the second Blasphemy Slate’s creator was the ancient sun god?”

“Towards this question, Mr. Door answered with almost certainty. ‘He’ told me that the ancient sun god’s fall resulted in the birth of the Blasphemy Slate.

“Does that mean that it’s considered a key relic of the ancient sun god?

“Then, who was the one who created the first Blasphemy Slate? The original Creator who truly created everything? And what were the additional pieces of knowledge that appeared on the second Blasphemy Slate?

“Mr. Door didn’t answer, only saying that it involves too many secrets. It cannot be explained in just a few words. If ‘He’ were to return to the real world, ‘He’ would be able to tell me in detail.

“Heh, do you think I’ll fall for it?

“As the Blasphemy Slate was mentioned, I recalled two questions that had been bothering me since a long time ago. What does it mean to be the trend of the times? Who defines the trend of the times?

“Mr. Door’s reaction was very odd. ‘He’ laughed for nearly twenty seconds before telling me, be careful of the ‘Spectator.’

“What has this got to do with my question?

“With ‘His’ reminder, I carefully recalled the contents of the second Blasphemy Slate and discovered an unusual problem. As a Beyonder of the Savant pathway, my memory is something I can be proud of due to my eidetic memory. However, I only recalled that Sequence o of the Spectator pathway is Visionary, but I have no impression of its ritual to become a god!

“I can clearly remember all the rituals for the other twenty-one pathways, but this is the only one where, not only do I lack an impression of, I have even subconsciously neglected it.

“I tried asking Mr. Door what the ritual is for becoming a god for the Spectator pathway.

“Mr. Door laughed and said with a teasing and leisurely tone, ‘didn’t you already say it?’

“This… The ritual for a Spectator to become a god is to make the development of the times to be in line with one’s expectations. Then, consume the potion for their advancement when it’s at a certain time node in that trend?

“I believe that’s the truth!

“Compared to ‘the times is part of the original Creator; only when the times develop according to a certain expectation can ‘He’ draw energy from it and revive,’ this seems more objective. Heh, I knew that among the founders of that ancient secret organization, there had to be someone with their plans apart from the zealots!

“On careful thought, this is really quite a terrifying matter. It’s fine when stuck in the Low- and Mid-Beyonder levels, but once someone is of a high standing, they might suffer an unknown and sudden destruction simply because their particular thoughts, ideas, or matters that they would like to push forward disagrees with a particular existence’s expectations…

“Be careful of the ‘Spectator’!

“I’m very curious how Mr. Door knows what’s on the second Blasphemy Slate, as well as the various rituals needed to become a god. ‘His’ answer was that ‘He’ had seen the complete second Blasphemy Slate, and with ‘Him’ were Solomon, Zaratul, Tudor, Trunsoest, Augustus, Einhorn, Sauron, Castiya, Zoroast, Stiano, Constantine, and company… These were families who reigned over all the Beyonders in the Fourth Epoch!”

Chapter 1104 Edit

27th September, I saw Miss Ithaca once again. I had a nerve-wracking and thrilling but sufficiently wonderful experience with her. As expected, I prefer women of this age. I’m not just reminiscing about my youth, but rather that I haven’t changed after so many years. Heh heh, I’m really dedicated.”

21st November. As I had made too many preparations in the early stages, I obtained that chaotic and terrifying Grade 0 Sealed Artifact even faster than I imagined.

“And then, after a difficult battle, and with some help, I finally restored it to a pure Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristic.

“In a few more days, the ritual will be completed. I should be able to advance to Sequence 1 Knowledge Emperor of the Mystery Pryer pathway.”

26th November. Sunny and breezy.

“The ritual was very successful. I digested it thoroughly, and my anchors were even more stable. There weren’t many difficulties during the entire process.

“I’m already a Sequence 1 angel, a Knowledge Emperor. Bernadette no longer has to worry about the influence of the Hidden Sage. She can abide by the words ‘do as you wish, but do no harm,’ and continue on this path!

“At the same time, the level of an angel at Sequence 1 means that I can greatly resist the notice and corruption from the cosmos. I can head to the crimson moon and see what’s happening there.

“Regardless of whether Mr. Door is lying or not, everything points to the fact that the crimson moon is the key to the problem. If I wish to become a true deity, I have to figure out the reason.

“I’ll make preparations for another three more days before attempting to land on the moon!

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! Haha, don’t quote me on that.”

Chapter 1105 Edit

28th July. I attended that ancient secret organization’s gathering once again.

“From the discussions among the members, I sensed a problem:

“Is it because I advanced too quickly that I’m relatively inexperienced? There are many things that I have never heard of before?

“Just like how they mentioned about the corruption from the cosmos and underground. This is the first time I know of their existence!

“Heh heh, I wonder how many of them are ‘He’s1 or ‘She’s.’ Apart from a minority of the members, most of them don’t like others knowing their levels.

“While others are communicating with each other, I asked Old Mister Hermes with a whisper, hoping to understand more about the corruption that stems from the cosmos and underground.

Hermes told me that this isn’t something I can come into contact with at my current level. Just learning about it alone will cause me to be corrupted!

“It’s actually that scary? What could it be? I’m even more intrigued.

“That old mister later told me that the corruption that originates from underground can be ignored because it will fade with time. A long time ago, in the era when the ancient gods were active, powerful creatures had attempted to resolve this problem completely. In the end, it made things worse and caused tremendous losses. Later, they gave up on the idea of directly exerting influence, and they switched focus to sealing and guarding it.

“From that day forth, although accidents happened occasionally, it was stable overall. Today, even if there are no seals or guards, as long as no one comes close and tries to go deeper, there won’t be any incidents of corruption.

“What a surprising situation. It appears it doesn’t require the protagonist of this era to resolve this problem.

“Old Mister Hermes mentioned the cosmos again and said that the situation there is more complicated, interesting, and more dangerous than I imagined. ‘He’ said that even a Sequence 2 angel doesn’t have much knowledge of the cosmos. ‘They’ only have a general understanding of it. ‘They’ aren’t aware that, apart from the dangers, there are too many other things. If it wasn’t for the fact that ‘He’ once knew an existence that was good at wandering the cosmos and learned plenty of matters from that person, he wouldn’t be able to tell me all of that.

“I was very curious, but I didn’t hold much hope when I asked about the existence who was adept at wandering the cosmos.

“Old Mister Hermes didn’t hide the truth. He said that it was Mr. Door, Bethel Abraham.

“Mr. Door… I pretended not to know anything and asked about that person’s level in a very casual tone.

“Hermes didn’t answer directly. ‘He’ only said that in the Fourth Epoch, even angels and demigods would address ‘Him’ by ‘His’ name in private. ‘Those’ who could make everyone address ‘Them’ by their titles are in a small minority—of which, Mr. Door was one of ‘Them’—aside from Evernight, Storm, Earth, and the other deities.

“Is that so… Mr. Door’s level really isn’t low.”

31st December. The end of a year is the most suitable time to make a resolution and start a new story.

“I’ve already thought of where the eight secret mausoleums should be built. I’m just clueless about the last one.

“This has to be more covert than the eight previous ones, or else it will be meaningless.

“After a long thought, I thought of a place: The nameless island where Grimm was buried.

“Of course, the Abyss is also an option. However, I can’t find a living Devil in the area that I can enter, so I can’t force them to become my citizens and help me build a mausoleum. Ordinary humans can’t survive there, and even powerful Beyonders will find it difficult to resist the corrosive properties of the Abyss itself.

“Regardless, the environment on that nameless island seems like a pretty good choice.

“Heh, the Princes of Abolition in the Fourth Epoch’s understanding of citizens is too limited. The rule of an Emperor is not only limited to humans and humanoid creatures; all living things should be my subjects!

“And there are many extraordinary creatures on that nameless island with no intelligence. They have long worshiped and followed me. I can totally drive them into building a secret mausoleum.

“When I wrote this, I suddenly recalled that experience. Because I dreamed of Grimm, I brought Edwards, Benjamin, and the others back to this nameless island and discovered that those extraordinary creatures lived together in harmony. They were gathered together and holding a ritual, and amongst them was the deceased Grimm.

“I was indeed shocked back then. I felt a fear that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and everything appeared extremely bizarre.

That time, William and Poli died. Only Edwards and Benjamin survived. If I hadn’t already become powerful and controlled a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact, everyone would’ve perished along with them.

The power of those Beyonder creatures that affected that nameless island actually came from the cosmos, and those who were corrupted would return to the source after dying.

Thankfully, the power from the cosmos could only project a small portion of it into the real world. I finally solved the problem and made that nameless island my secret base.

“Now, it’s time to use it!”

27th December. I’ve been feeling uneasy recently because I have no confidence in what will happen next.

“I no longer yearn for help. I’m very satisfied if they can remain neutral.

“I have put myself in the most dangerous situation. This is an act of me taking initiative, but it is also a choice due to a lack of options.

“Sometimes, I’m very confused. How did I end up like this?

“Was I too extreme, or was this the only thing I could do?

“No, at this point in time, I can’t be confused anymore. Apart from affecting my mindset and making the already slim chances even slimmer, it’s meaningless.

“Now that I’ve reached this point, I can only continue on. If I succeed, it will naturally be sunshine and rainbows.

“Heh heh, all my hopes are placed on one sentence:

“Life is possible by being in death’s embrace!”

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