Sealed Artifacts are extraordinary items which grant the user all kinds of strange and powerful abilities, albeit at the cost of a significant drawback.

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Sealed Artifacts are powerful items that offer a wide variety of powerful effects at the cost of a significant drawback. The drawbacks are because sealed artifacts are in a state of "having lost control". Their powers often correspond to certain sequence abilities, such as the Blood Vessel Thief's correspondence to the Error Pathway's sequence 6 Prometheus or the Eternal Dream's correspondence to the Darkness Pathway's sequence 7 Nightmare. Because of their ability to augment the user with abilities outside of their normal sequence, they are very valuable and prized, selling for thousands of pounds, if sold at all.

Sealed artifacts usually come about in one of two ways: as a result of the death of an out of control Beyonder, or through craftsmanship by a sequence 6 Artisan of the Savant pathway. A few, like the Biological Poison Bottle, are a result of an experiment gone horribly wrong. In each case, they require a Beyonder Characteristic or the main material of a pathway potion to form; hence all sealed artifacts, if purified or destroyed, will result in the original Beyonder Characteristic or main material. The power of the sealed artifact will correspond to the sequence level and pathway of the Beyonder Characteristic or main material used to form it. In addition, the downside of the sealed artifact will depend on the sequence level of the Artisan who crafted it.

Sealed artifacts are classified into four grades by the seven churches, from grade 0-3. The classification refers to its danger, power, and sealing method. Generally speaking, the higher the grade, the more powerful its ability, but also the more dangerous its downside.

Grade 2 and 3 artifacts can have repeating codes in each of the seven churches, but the codes of Grade 0 and 1 artifacts are shared and known among the churches due to their danger.

Grade 0 Edit

Extremely dangerous, most important, and most confidential. They are not to be inquired, disseminated, described or spied on. Their abilities and power level are equivalent to an Angel (Sequence 1 or 2 Beyonder).

According to the rules of the Church of the Evernight Goddess, they can only be sealed in the basement of the Holy Cathedral.

Code Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside
0-01 1375
0-02 Trunsoest Brass Book 1286 A book made of Brass pages Creates laws in a region with each new law more complex than the previous. Offenders of the law will automatically be punished accordingly hard to control; will create laws that will eventually punish people regardless of what they do.
0-05 Magic Wishing Lamp 1145 A Golden Magic Lamp Similar to sequence 2 Miracle Invoker The wish is granted either in a twisted manner or is accompanied by unpredictable and terrible consequences.
0-08 Quill of Alzuhod 19 Common Quill Similar to sequence 1 Author Tries to kill user; hard to control
0-13 The Last Banquet 1178 Similar to sequence 2 Miracle Invoker
0-17 Angel of Concealment 474 A woman in a large hooded robe Similar to sequence 2 Servant of Concealment
Vessel for the Evernight Goddess
Uncontrollable, range randomly changes
0-32 Theater With Curtains That Never Draw 1178 Similar to sequence 2 Miracle Invoker
0-36 880 Thorned Crown Similar to sequence 2 Lightseeker Needs to be supplied with blood to activate its power
0-61 Box of the Great Old Ones 1195 Old jewelry box Similar to sequence 2 Planeswalker The holder of the box will disappear randomly, die, or change to a new holder. If no one is holding the box, the creatures around it would experience the same.
0-62 Staff of the Stars 1209 A black staff encrusted by jewels Similar to sequence 2 Planeswalker instant teleport and reproduce Beyonder ability or character. The holder must have empty thoughts, it can disappear randomly, and if left unattended various anomaly would appear
Proof of Glory 898 A crown Similar to sequence 2 Glory
Scroll of God 1209 A normal oil painting in a brass frame There are various effects corresponding to each scene depicted by the painting. If the oil painting is left unattended and unappreciated, the characters in it will come alive, comes out from the oil painting, and enter the real world.
Gift of the Land 1266 Allows Black Faced Grass to grow around City of Silver providing a harmless staple food for the population.
Mutates hybrid products produced from the Mother Pathway.
A dying person will turn into an Evil Spirit unless killed by a Family Member.
Sage Frontlet 1303 A jewelry with a vertical diamond eye In the centre. Similar to sequence 2 Sage's knowledge transformation ability If someone wears this sealed artifact for a longer period of time, it will be the same as consuming Sage's characteristic. They will either successfully advance or lose control and become a monster.
Other Beyonder abilities cannot be used while wearing this Jewelry.
Pale Death 1304 A pale metal mask with glittering metal lustre. Enforce the Concept of "Dead" in the user's surrounding area. it makes the user slowly dies away and eventually turn to a corpse. Then the user will be enslaved by the mask.

Grade 1 Edit

Highly Dangerous. They can be used in limited ways. Their ability and power levels are equivalent to a Saint (sequence 3 or 4 Beyonder).

According to the rules of the Church of the Evernight Goddess, their security clearance is limited to Diocesan Bishops or Nighthawk deacons and above. The central cathedral of diocese headquarters like Backlund can store one to two artifacts.

Code Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside
Antigonus Family’s Notebook 9 A Black Notebook Contains the legacy of Antigonus family Secretly corrupted a person who flipped through its content
167 Pure white bone sword laced with layers of symbols and icons Similar to sequence 4 Night Watcher
1-63 285 Ancient silver coated mirror Shifting all Beyonders into the world reflected by the mirror
1-42 Berserker’s Armor 419 A Suit of Armor Gives user extreme strength and sensing ability Creates silvery ice that attached to the user body, cannot be worn too long
1-29 474 When used it can erase the selected memory from the target Can turn user and target into an Amnesiac (Uncontrollable)
Sea God Scepter 549 A Scepter Similar to sequence 3 Sea King Makes user angry, drains all blood in a certain radius periodically, automatically receives overwhelming prayers of believers
Lilith's Ring 803 A Ring Similar to sequence 3 Master Summoner The user must drink human blood or else the user's blood will boil
1-80 846 Able to seal 0-017 when used in conjunction with 1-29 Shifting target(either physical body or mind) into a dream between reality and illusion
Unshadowed Crucifix 1021 Copper-green Thorned Cross Similar to sequence 4 Unshadowed Cannot be worn with other Beyonder item, slowly degrading the user sequence (Angel excluded), will make the user into a pious Sun believer
Concerto of Light and Shadow 1025 An Iron-skinned Pocket Watch Similar to sequence 4 Imperative Mage's ability Restrictions and sequence 4 Earl of the Fallen's ability Bestowment When the user enters combat state, a random mutation that affects Beyonder abilities will uncontrollably occur within its range
Rotting Meteor 1052 An Ice-Blue Metal Cylinder Launch a projectile that could poison and rot enemy physical and spiritual body instantly, effective against Demigod. Unknowingly being corrupted, a certain chance of sudden death or produce a certain mutation every time they use this item
Sword of Silverdawn 1077 A Silvery-White Straight Sword Similar to sequence 4 Demon Hunter User needs to be sufficiently tall, a living artifact that is unpredictable and increases the chance of losing control
Twilight Mask 1077 A Mask made of Skull Similar to sequence 3 Ferryman People around it will mysteriously and suddenly die, the user will suffer powerful mental attacks, wearing too long turns the user into the artifact's slave
Life's Cane 1077 A Cane Similar to sequence 4 Antiquity Alchemist User has a chance of randomly mutating
Fallen Flute 1077 A Plain-Looking Silver Flute Similar to sequence 4 Demon The user loses normal emotions and becomes dominated by their desires
Vision of Pure White 1234 An eyeball-shaped glass ball Similar to a few abilities from sequence 4 Unshadowed The holder would feel the heat of being exposed directly to a blazing sun unless it is sealed properly.
Pupilless General 1234 A palm-sized exquisitely crafted male puppet. Similar to sequence 4 Puppet Needs to be fed with the holder flesh or it will grow its eyes back, turn into an evil spirit, and chase its holder crazily.
Devil's Oil Painting 1293 An oil painting painted with abstract and incomprehensible shapes Similar to sequence 4 Secret Sorcerer's banish ability Keep Staring at the painting will make people dizzy, sick, and cause mental deterioration.

Grade 2 Edit

Dangerous. They can be used with care and moderation. Their ability and power levels are equivalent to a mid sequence Beyonder (sequences 5, 6, or 7).

According to the rules of the Church of the Evernight Goddess, the security clearance requires one to be a bishop or a Nighthawk team captain and above. The central cathedrals in the various cities can store three to five artifacts.

Code Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside
2-049 Antigonus Family Puppet 70 A Puppet Similar to sequence 5 Marionettist puppet control abilities Affects the user as well
Creeping Hunger 146 A Glove Similar to various abilities of sequence 7, 6, 5 of the Hanged Man Pathway Consumes a soul when used if sealed, otherwise consumes a soul every other day
2-030 Inexhaustible Poison 206 A Clear Liquid Tempts the user to drink it, which will kill the user Tempts everybody to drink it
2-078 Door of Death 206 A Door Anything that passes through it will die Will try to escape user and disguise itself as a normal door
2-105 Blood Vessel Thief 206 A Blood Vessel Similar to sequence 6 Prometheus The user will gradually have his life get stolen
Notary Certificate 251 A Paper with Sun Symbols Can enforce contracts after somebody signs their name on it If the notarization is fake, the Beyonder powers will be forcefully dispersed
2-081 257 A Ring Similar to sequence 6 Polymath Overworks the user's brain, leading to retardation if used for too long
Sun Brooch 257 A Brooch Similar to sequence 7 Solar High Priest Makes the user feel extremely hot
Unknown (see Shapeshifting Hat) 257 A Hat Similar to sequence 7 Seafarer You will desire water; on land, you will gradually weaken
Mental Terror Candle 307 A Candle Similar to sequence 7 Psychiatrist's mental suggestion and mental calming abilities If you use for 5+ minutes, your mind will never be able to return to your body
Scarlet Lunar Corona 331 A Moon-Shaped Accessory Similar to sequence 5 Scarlet Scholar The user's blood starts to freeze
2-111 (former)
Unknown Grade 1
Arrodes 351 A Mirror Answers questions Forces questioner to receive punishment or answer embarrassing questions

(see Gold Mask)

449 Gold Mask Similar to sequence 6 Devil's enhanced physical attributes and curse and black magic Lose your humanity
Lie 514 Mask, Hat, or Earring Similar to various abilities of sequence 9, 8, 7, 6 of Fool Pathway The user's emotions will be amplified
Flying Carpet 525 A Carpet Similar to sequence 6 Windfarer
2-37 Dream of Eternity 526 A Heart Similar to sequence 7 Nightmare Leaves strong mental trauma
Shadow Cloak 526 A black cloak Similar to sequence 7 Shadow Ascetic shadow hiding ability
2-166 526 A Gold Box Maintains the box's internal temperature Long contact turns a person into Eternal Blazing Sun believer
Whip of Mind 591 A Ring Similar to sequence 7 Interrogator Causes the user headaches
Tinder 612 Red Gloves Similar to sequence 6 Prometheus The user temporarily loses an ability when used; increased risk of losing his possessions
Leymano's Spellbook 646 A Notebook Similar to sequence 6 Scribe Makes the user lost and encounter danger after every use
Death Knell 707 A Revolver Similar to sequence 5 Reaper The user gains a phobia or weakness that the user previously didn't have, phobia lasts for 6 hours.
Scales of Luck 731 A Necklace Similar to sequence 5 Winner After being lucky, the user will become unlucky
Thunder God’s Roar 768 A Hammer Similar to sequence 5 Ocean Songster's lightning and singing abilities The user has 100% chance of getting attacked in the dark; makes user irritated
Cardi's Ring 768 A Ring Similar to sequence 7 Psychiatrist's frenzy and shock abilities The user develops a split personality
Black Boxing Glove A Boxing Glove Similar to sequence 5 Guardian The user becomes more rash and often act without thinking
Flower of Blood 781 A Ring Similar to sequence 6 Rose Bishop The user randomly loses thinking and reasoning ability
Hand of Horror 829 A Glove Similar to various abilities of sequence 7, 6, 5 of the Black Emperor Pathway The user becomes more corrupt and dishonest; makes user confused when worn too for too long
Gargoyle Glasses 922 Glasses Similar to sequence 5 Marionettist's puppet control abilities The user will become petrified if he sees himself in the mirror, the user loses agility
Word of the Sea 923 A Cane Similar to various abilities of sequence 7, 6, 5 of Tyrant Pathway The user attracts lightning, a living artifact that likes to hit the user, sings annoying songs
Wintry Blade 1021 A Triangular Blade Similar to sequence 5 Wraith's possession ability Slowly losing body temperature, once the limit is exceeded (3/4 hours), the user would die
Lucky Grass 1033 Four-Leaf Clover It allows the user to accumulate luck after each failure. Magnify's the user's shortcoming

Grade 3 Edit

Considerably Dangerous. They have to be used carefully. It can only be applied for operations that require three or more people. Their abilities and power levels are equivalent to a low sequence Beyonder (sequences 8 or 9).

According to the rules of the Church of the Evernight Goddess, the security clearance requires one to be a formal member of the Nighthawks.

Code Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside
3-0625 Misfortune Cloth Puppet 108 A Puppet Brings misfortune, causing people around it to be unlucky and be in danger Gives misfortune
3-0782 Mutated Sun Sacred Emblem 139 An Emblem Automatically purifies evil spirits around them Turns the user into an idiot believer of Eternal Blazing Sun if used for too long
3-0611 Peaceful Hair Strands 163 Strands of Hair Direct physical contact with them causes one to lose all desires and emotions and will remain silent and immobile. Affects anyone who directly touches them, if contact with the hair strands exceeds 2 hours, the effects will be irreversible.
3-0217 Spirit Medium’s Mirror 196 A Mirror People who look in the mirror will encounter danger Affects the user as well
Master Key 309 A Key Similar to sequence 9 Apprentice Makes the user lost
3-1328 Eye of Crystal 319 A Monocle Can see the spiritual body directly Attract monsters like wraiths and shadows to the vicinity
Murloc Cufflinks 632 Cuffs Similar to sequence 9 Sailor The user becomes more tired in hot or dry places
Broken Finger 823 Grayish White Tweezers inlaid with two finger bones Similar to sequence 9 Marauder's stealing ability The user develops a habit for stealing
Green Essence 910 A Ring Similar to sequence 8 Doctor's disease and injury curing ability Attracts mosquitoes

Unknown Grade Edit

Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside

(see Building Blocks)

320 A Collection of Blocks Able to establish a connection with the real building Without external help, it was almost impossible for people or items inside to leave.

(see Needle and Tube)

309 A Needle and Tube Can draw blood, then transfuse back later for healing and increased physical stats Drawing blood weakens you for 12 hours
Band of Light Ring 343 A Band Can summon blinding light and use several spells in the Sun domain The user will slowly become a believer of the Eternal Blazing Sun
Biological Poison Bottle 349 A Bottle Similar to sequence 5 Druid's toxic gas ability Unpredictable, can poison user
Unknown (see Trumpet Telegraph) 415 A Miniature Telegraph Allows the user's voice to sound simultaneously in a radius The user will hear all sounds in that radius as well
Specter Portrait Frame 447 A Frame It can absorb Spirit Body into the frame and be turned into a portrait Affects the user as well if not careful
Groselle's Travels 576 A Brown Goatskin Covered Leather Book Collecting information from the recreated subconscious of those who had died under the influences of the book Those who had a long contact, or had their blood dropped into this book, would inevitably be transported into the minor world inside the book
Moon Puppet 740 A Puppet
Blade of Poison 923 A Blade Adds random chance to poison with every hit The user feels drunk, medicine becomes ineffective on the user
Rever's Shout of Despair 1025 A Strange Gray Revolver Infinite bullets, faster hit rate, enhanced power, and bonus mental attack every shot The user would also hear the shout of despair, only not so frequent
Oath of Rose 1001 A Pair of Silvery-White Rings Embedded with Sapphires Allows both users to share their senses and transmit their thoughts to each other Occasionally lets the user's thoughts appear in the mind of the counterpart. Worn for a week, they both would fall in love regardless of their gender and race.
Alcohol Nemesis 1001 A Diamond Brooch Helps the user to maintain energy and thoughts, improve user ability to resist spell that affect spirit body It will continuously damage the liver and brain. Wear it too long, and the user would lose thoughts and logic.
Moonlight Sash 1001 A Leather Belt It can effectively reduce the damage in the fields of "sun" and "lightning". User senses become more acute, easily see things that shouldn't be seen, hear the sounds they shouldn't hear, and the wearer will feel itchy intermittently.

Uniqueness Edit

Main article: Uniqueness
Name Chapter Appearance Function Downside
Die of Probability 601 A 6 Sided Die Uncontrollably affects the user's luck Uncontrollable
Trunsoest Brass Book 1286 A book made of Brass pages Accumulatively introducing new Laws, offenders of the law will automatically be punished accordingly. Uncontrollable
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