Sefirot (源质) is related to Above the Sequence. It is believed that all Above the Sequence must accommodate the Sefirot.

The Ancient Gods believe that the Original Creator left 9 legacies behind, which derived from some part of his body. They might be kingdoms, cities, rivers, oceans, keys, etc.[1] These 9 Sefirot actually comes from both the Original Creator and Outer Deities whose the Sefirot were attracted to the Earth. The 9 Sefirot correspond to the 9 higher sequence groups. There are specific records on the Second Blasphemy Slate regarding the Sefirot. 3 of the Outer Gods who originally possessed a Sefirot have been trying to regain them, that explains why they are very aggressive in their efforts to descend to the human world.


The name Sefirot (Singular: Sefirah) is possibly derived from Hebrew meaning "counting, enumeration".[2]

Sefirot in the Jewish mystical doctrine, are ten emanations, or illuminations of God's Infinite Light as it manifests in Creation.

List of the Sefirot Edit

Note: Except for the Sefirah Castle and Chaos Sea, 7 of the Sefirot currently sealed in Western Continent by the The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth.

Sefirot Pathways Above the Sequence Possessor
1 Sefirah Castle Lord of the Mysteries
2 Chaos Sea God Almighty
3 River of Eternal Darkness Eternal Darkness
  • Sealed in Western Continent
4 Brood Hive Goddess of Origin
5 Nation of Disorder The Anarchy
6 City of Calamity Calamity of Destruction
  • Sealed in Western Continent
7 Tenebrous World Father of Devils
8 Knowledge Moor Demon of Knowledge
  • Sealed in Western Continent
9 Key of Light Key of Light
  • Sealed in Western Continent


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