The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era;
The mysterious ruler above the gray fog;
The King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck.
— The Fool

 on Honorable Title of Mr. Fool

The Tarot Club is a Newly Founded Secret Organization of Beyonders created by Klein Moretti in the world above The Gray Fog. Initially, it started off as a gathering of three, Klein Moretti, Audrey Hall, and Alger Wilson,[1] but has since expanded to 9 members each with different Organizations backing them allowing members to gather resources from various sources allowing them to advance at a rapid pace.

It's used to share and sell information and Beyonder ingredients. Klein also uses it to collect Roselle's Diary entries. The Tarot Club is in control of four Cards of Blasphemy.

The Tarot Club first entered the public in the event of the Death of Lanevus, with tarot cards scattered all over the scene. It was officially recognized by the orthodox churches in Spring 1351[2], as a powerful secret organization that worshiped The Fool.


The name of the secret organization, Tarot Club, was initially designated by Audrey Hall when it was founded. Each member of the Tarot Club used the names of the tarot cards as their code names.

Current Members Edit

Note 1: The join date refers to the chapter when the member officially picks his or her Tarot Card alias.

Note 2: The members of the club each have an alias but it does not mean that they already are or will become the Sequence 0 God of their respective pathway. (e.g.: Klein Moretti was not Sequence 0 of the Fool Pathway when he chose this alias, the same goes for Derrick Berg and Emlyn White).

Note 3: The sequence refers to the current sequence of the member. Hovering above the sequence number reveals the sequence name.

Note 4: Mr. World is believed to be an angel under Mr. Fool. Few amongst the Tarot Club members, like Lady Justice, knew he reached the level of King of Angels before his slumber.

Real Name Alias Join Date Pathway Sequence Outside Affiliation
Klein Moretti The Fool Chapter 6 Fool 0
Audrey Hall Justice Chapter 7 Visionary 3
Alger Wilson The Hanged Man Chapter 7 Tyrant 4
Derrick Berg The Sun Chapter 138 Sun 4
Gehrman Sparrow The World Chapter 263 Fool 1
Fors Wall The Magician Chapter 297 Door 4
Emlyn White The Moon Chapter 468 Moon 4
Cattleya The Hermit Chapter 564 Hermit 3
Leonard Mitchell The Star Chapter 951 Darkness 4
Xio Derecha Judgment Chapter 956 Justiciar 4

Tarot Club in PublicEdit

This means that the organization that uses the tarot cards as code names has officially stepped onto the stage of history. Heh heh, please forgive me for using poetic words.
Leonard Mitchell

 on Chapter 1202

Their first public appearance was in the Death of Lanevus, with tarot cards scattered all over the scene. The Churches and MI9 were alerted to the presence of some new secret organization.

Their second appearance was on Capim's corpse that was covered in tarot cards, as well as the 'Judgment' and 'The Emperor' cards on his face. The reporters called this appearance the Hero Bandit Black Emperor.[3] After this incident, many people tried to figure out the presence of this secret organization. As well as the Aurora Order which openly investigated a clue of The Fool's believers in Backlund.[4]

The third scene that the tarot cards appeared was on Ince Zangwill's corpse with 'The Star' card. Although only the Church of Evernight in West Balam knew about this regard.[5]

All three cases were actually done by Klein Moretti alone.

The fourth was when Cattleya and Audrey hunted Botis; they left the 'Hermit' card at the scene. After this incident, the demigod of the churches and MI9 officially set up a conference to discuss this 'secret organization that used the tarot card as a codename'. Leonard Mitchell 'named' the Tarot Club.

Member Cooperations Edit

Here are list of actions done by at least two Tarot Club members. As the Tarot Club is growing, members start to invite each other to join fights. Events that only involve Fors and Xio are excluded because they are friends in reality; the same goes for Klein and Leonard.

Qilangos Edit

Alger gave the offer to kill Qilangos in a Tarot Meeting.[6] Audrey accepted it and hired Fors and Xio to investigate about him.[7] Later Audrey found him during a ball and prayed to The Fool.[8] Eventually Azik killed him, while Audrey and Alger assumed it's done by one of Mr. Fool's followers.[9]

Steel Maveti Edit

Alger realized that The World was in Bayam, and offered to help. Gehrman then invited him to the fight against Steel Maveti. This was the first time Alger and Gehrman met in reality.[10] Alger informed the Church and lured Maveti out, while Gehrman and Danitz did the fight and killed him. They split up the bounty.

Sea of Ruins Edit

Klein asked Cattleya for the opportunity to board onto The Future in order to search for mermaids.[11] They went through a series of adventures along with all the crews and Klein advanced to sequence 5.

Primitive Island Edit

Alger gave Gehrman the coordinates of this island as the price of Ocean Songster characteristic.[12] Later, they explored the island together and discovered the painting showing the great betrayal of the three angels.[13][14]

Cielf Edit

Alger found the artisan Cielf working with believers of Primordial Moon. He then invited Cattleya to capture him and made him return what was Alger's and hand in all his artifacts.[15][16] Cattleya then brought him onto The Future.

Ernes Boyar Edit

This was the first mission that involved most Tarot Club members. Emlyn decided to get revenge against Ernes Boyar for giving him wrong information about the ancient castle. Xio investigated and followed Ernes; Leonard dragged Ernes into a dream; Audrey disguised herself as a paperboy and hypnotized Ernes; Emlyn was the bait. Alger gave his advice that they needed to mislead the Sanguines in some ways. Mr. Fool monitored the whole action above the Gray Fog.[17]

Amon Avatar Edit

Amon"s avatar found Klein in his house, and Leonard (with Pallez) came to fight as planned. After defeating Amon, Klein brought Audrey to Hazel's house to clear her memories about Amon, and hypnotized everyone who had been parasitized by Amon to pray to Evernight Goddess afterward.[18]

Groselle's Travels Edit

Klein invited Leonard and Audrey to explore the subconscious sea of Groselle's Travels. They discovered a non-floating city that exactly resembled the City of Miracle, Liveseyd.[19]

Botis Edit

The World hired Tarot Club members to hunt Botis.[20] Cattleya and Audrey hunted Botis together, Xio hid aside and interrupted Botis with her Justiciar pathway abilities, while Fors was the bait. Mr. Fool, as always, monitored the action above the Gray Fog.[21]

Klarman Edit

Emlyn, along with Rose School of Thought Temperance Members (Sharron, Maric, and Reinette Tinekerr) and Gehrman Sparrow planned together to hunt down a member of Rose School of Thought Desire faction from the Moon Pathway. Their choice was Shaman King Klarman. Emlyn fought together with Sharron, with the help of a Grade 1 Sealed Artifact, while Klein and Reinette acted as bait to divert the attention of Suah. At the end, they managed to kill him.


  • As of Volume 7, Sun was the only one who's official religion is The Fool, while other members have their own beliefs (at least on the surface). In Volume 8, Alger became the second one who's official religion is The Fool.


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