Uniqueness, like its name, is the unique characteristic of a Pathway. Each pathway has one and only one uniqueness, and this uniqueness is necessary for promoting to sequence 0. Uniqueness can exist on its own (and some even became fake gods), being made into artifacts, or being accommodated inside a Beyonder. In other words, gods all accommodate the uniqueness of their pathway, and only those pathways without gods can have uniqueness exist on its own.

Mr. Door has pointed out that it is important to "accommodate" uniqueness in order to become a god. Adam and Amon were born with uniqueness given by their father, Ancient Sun God.[1]

According to Will Auceptin, there are three ways to accommodate the Uniqueness.[2]

  1. Born naturally with it, which is equivalent to being a Uniqueness coming to life and imbuing human nature into it.
  2. Make the Uniqueness come to life to a certain extent before forcefully putting it into one’s body. By relying on the power of the Creator to suppress it, it will slowly take quite some time to slowly wear it down before one gets used to it and achieve a balance.
  3. Concoct the Uniqueness into an incomplete potion and drink it with a simplified apotheosis ritual.

Uniquenesses are typically formless, shapeless, colourless concepts, they can take any form on the owner's request, thus accommodated uniquenesses are usually taken the appearances by owners' preferences. When they are transferred to a new owner, they are initially only able to change the appearance, and will revert to the original if they are separated. But after accommodating it for some time, they can fundamentally change the shape and make it a permanent transformation.

List of Uniqueness Appeared Edit

Note: Current gods possess the Uniqueness of their respective pathways hence they are not included in this list; Only those discovered later in the story are included.

Pathway Appearance Current State Possessor
Fool A translucent Mask with the symbol of the Fool on it Accommodated by Klein AntigonusKlein
Error Monocle (Amon) → Gloves (Klein) Held by Klein AmonKlein
Door Starlight Eyeballs (Amon) →

A Cane (Klein)

Held by Klein Mr.DoorAmonKlein
Visionary Unknown Accommodated by Adam Adam
Hanged Man Unknown Merged into Adam Adam
Wheel of Fortune A Die Die of Probability (Artifact) Will Auceptin
Hermit Unknown The Hidden Sage is suspected to be the uniqueness of the Hermit Pathway that pretend to be a God. Hidden Sage
Darkness An Invisible fog Accommodated by Evernight Goddess Evernight Goddess
Death A Dark Scythe / A coffin made of black fog Held by Evernight Goddess Numinous Episcopate
Evernight Goddess
Twilight Giant

A Twilight Sword

Held by Evernight Goddess God of Combat
Evernight Goddess
Justiciar A Brass-Book Trunsoest Brass Book (Artifact) God of Combat
Chained Unknown Accommodated by Chained God Chained God
Moon A Crimson Moon Held by Lilith Evernight GoddessLilith

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