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— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 1: Clown

Clown is the first volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving. It details the story of Klein Moretti as he first arrives in the world of Lord of the Mysteries, his becoming a Beyonder and his adventures with the Nighthawks.

Title Meaning[edit | edit source]

The meaning of the title Clown refers both to Klein's promotion to sequence 8 Clown, as well as his inability to withstand the vicissitudes, yet still smiling and continuing along anyway.

In this volume, a clown is established to mean those who cannot do anything about their fate, yet continue to smile at it. Despite the many deaths that occur, Klein and the rest of the Nighthawks continue to confront their fates without becoming despondent, fulfilling the meaning of Clown.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the early morning of June 28, 1349, Klein Moretti committed suicide, and left some writing on a notebook that said: ‘Everyone will die, including me.’ Zhou Mingrui, who used the Luck Enhancement Ritual on the earth transmigrated into Klein's body, but the inherited memory was incomplete. After trying to return to the earth through the luck enhancement ritual, he entered The Gray Fog, a mysterious space. He then accidentally summoned Audrey Hall and Alger Wilson above the Gray Fog. Klein posed as "Mr. Fool" and established the Tarot Club to share and sell information and Beyonder ingredients.

Because of the Antigonus Family’s Notebook, Klein joined the Blackthorn Security Company a division of Nighthawks as a civilian staff and shortly after became a Beyonder of the Fool Pathway. According to one of Roselle's Diary, Klein learned about the Acting Method and advanced to sequence 8 Clown through the church.

While in the Nighthawks, he encountered many coincidences all in a short span of time. Despite getting some idea that these coincidences were unnatural, it was too late for him when Ince Zangwill, the mastermind behind all the coincidences, caused the True Creator's spawn target Klein with Sealed Artifact 0-08. He was killed along with Dunn Smith but mysteriously resurrected. Afterward, he moved to Backlund in a bid to get stronger and further improve his sequence, waiting for revenge.

Timeline of Major Events[1][edit | edit source]

— June 1349 ~ September 1349

Date Chapter Event
Wednesday, June 27, 1349
Thursday, June 28, 1349 1-14
Friday, June 29, 1349 14-24
Saturday, June 30, 1349 24-29
Monday, July 2, 1349 30-39
  • Klein became a Beyonder of the Fool Pathway and officially joined the Nighthawks as an active member.
  • Tarot Club 2nd meeting.
  • Klein first entered the Divination Club.
Tuesday, July 3, 1349 39-41
Saturday, July 7, 1349 44-50
  • Klein dreamed of the Antigonus Family’s Notebook.
  • Klein, Dunn, Leonard, Old Neil, and Frye found Katy Stefania Bieber's body and confirmed the whereabouts of the Notebook.
  • Klein joined the Divination Club.
Monday, July 9, 1349 58-63
  • Klein made up the honorable title of Mr. Fool.
  • Tarot Club 3rd Meeting.
Wednesday, July 11, 1349 68-70
  • Klein and Old Neil went to the underground market.
  • Klein first met Ademisaul and Elizabeth.
  • Tris promoted to the Sequence 7 Witch and renamed to Trissy.
  • Nighthawks failed to captured Tris.
Thursday, July 12, 1349 70-80
  • Sealed Artifact 2-049 arrived in Tingen City.
  • Dunne, Klein and Leonard set off with three Backlund Nighthawks to find Ray Bieber.
  • They fought against the Tuxedo Clown and Bieber.
  • Nighthawks got the Antigonus Family’s Notebook.
Sunday, July 15, 1349 83-88
  • Klein, Benson, and Melissa went to Selena Wood's birthday banquet.
  • Klein solves the magic mirror divination, then reported to Dunn Smith.
  • Dunn and Leonard investigated Hanass Vincent. Dunn saw the True Creator in Hanass's dream.
  • Hanass Vincent died.
Monday, July 16, 1349 88-95
Wednesday, July 18, 1349 97-106
  • Klein returned to Khoy University, Azik found that Klein's fate was disharmony.
  • Klein divined above the gray fog and saw the red chimney.
  • Klein went to the library and met Sirius Arapis. Sirius Arapis killed. Klein used Spirit Channeling to obtain the Clown potion formula.
Thursday, July 19, 1349 106-107
  • Viscount Glaint introduced Fors Wall to Audrey.
  • Fors asked Glaint and Audrey to help her friend Xio Derecha.
  • Klein commissioned Detective Henry to find Daxter Guderian and the Red Chimney.
Saturday, July 21, 1349 107-112
  • Klein's shift for the Chanis Gate. Misfortune Cloth Puppet showed him a symbol (that proves to be related to Antigonus Family).
  • Audrey found Susie can speak.
Monday, July 23, 1349 112-116
  • Klein went to Khoy University. Azik asked Klein to help him find his past.
  • Tarot Club 5th meeting.
  • Glacis and Christina take Megose to the Divination Club, asked Klein to divined Lanevus's whereabout.
Wednesday, August 15, 1349 118-126
  • Leonard, Klein and Frye investigate the influent of the death cases in Tingen City. They found an evil altar in a house.
  • Nighthawks attacked Trissy's sacrifice altar, Trissy escaped. Nighthawks discovered the secret of the Witch.
Thursday, August 16, 1349 126-132
  • Klein digested the Seer potion.
  • Klein and Old Neil resolved the Rampager at the underground market.
Sunday, August 19, 1349 132-141
  • Elizabeth went to the Divination Club and found Klein. She requested Klein to interpret her nightmare.
  • Dunn, Frye and Klein went to Lamud Town to purify the Black Knight.
  • Klein found the portrait of the first baron who resembled Azik Eggers.
  • Derrick Berg joined the Tarot Club.
  • Klein divined the origin of the Mutated Sun Sacred Emblem.
Monday, August 20, 1349 141-148
  • Tarot Club 9th meeting.
  • Daly contact Klein through her messeger.
Tuesday, August 21, 1349 148-152
  • Klein hinted to Dunn about the Acting Method.
  • Klein and Azik returned to Lamud Town. They discovered that the skull of the black armor disappeared.
  • Klein asked Azik to create some paranormal cases.
Monday, August 27, 1349 157-159
  • Tarot Club 10th meeting.
  • Derrick has become the Sequence 9 Bard.
Tuesday, August 28, 1349 160-162
  • Klein, Leonard, and Kenley White went to Morse Town with the Mutated Sun Sacred Emblem.
  • Klein used the Mutated Sun Sacred Emblem to create the Flaring Sun Charm.
Wednesday, August 29, 1349 162-165
  • Old Neil lost control and died.
Friday, August 31, 1349 165-171
  • Klein passed the examination by Crestet Cesimir, touched the sword, and swore to Evernight Goddess not to tell others about the Acting Method.
  • Klein promoted to the Sequence 8 Clown.
  • Azik gives Klein the Copper Whistle, then returned to Backlund.
Monday, September 3, 1349 176-183
  • Fors and Xio were in danger when investigating Qilangos and escaped through the Traveler Bracelet.
  • Tarot Club 11th meeting.
Wednesday, September 5, 1349 184-187
  • Klein and Dunn sneaked into the lunatic asylum, to find Eugen Hood. Klein saw the True Creator via a mediumship ritual.
  • Eugen lost control and was kills by Dunn.
  • Qilangos disguised into Baron Gramir to participate in the ball of Duke Negan, he was suspected by Audrey.
  • Audrey informed Klein and Alger about the situation
  • Qilangos failed to assassinate Duke Negan and was killed by Azik Eggers.
Thursday, September 6, 1349 192-194
  • Mrs. Maynard commissioned the Blackthorn Security Company to investigate Madam Sharon.
Friday, September 7, 1349 194-201
  • Klein sneaked into Madam. Sharon's house and found the statue of the Primordial Demoness.
  • After his report, Dunn, Klein, and Kenley went to capture Madam Sharon.
  • Kenley died
  • Klein killed Madam Sharon
  • Klein saw Dunn consumed Kenley's remain.
Sunday, September 9, 1349 202-211

Saturday, September 15, 1349 211-213
  • Dunn and Klein's funeral.
  • At night Klein resurrected.
Sunday, September 16, 1349 213-214
  • Benson and Melissa visited the circus. The clown gave them a golden flower.
  • Klein left for Backlund.
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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