It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
— Charles Dickens

 on A Tale of Two Cities (Cited in Volume 2: Faceless)[Note 1]

Faceless is the second volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving. It details the story of Klein Moretti as arrives in Backlund, adopts a new identity as Sherlock Moriarty, and then becomes involved in the various plots there.

Title Meaning Edit

The title Faceless refers not just to Klein's promotion to sequence 6 Faceless, but also to the faceless people who lived and died on East Backlund as some of the backbone members of society. Although their stories were rarely known, their contributions were invaluable. The spotlight on Old Kohler and Liz's family was the author's attempt at portraying just some of the stories of these faceless people.

Finally, the title also refers to Klein's changing identity, how he is not really Sherlock Moriarty, nor Klein Moretti, but Zhou Mingrui. He has a different mask for every situation, so in the end, his face does not capture his true self.

Synopsis Edit

In Backlund, Klein took the identity of Sherlock Moriarty, a private detective. Because of Ian Wright’s commission, he was involved in a conspiracy conflict with the Intis intelligence and MI9. Klein hired Sharron for three-days as a bodyguard. He killed Rosago with the help of Sharron and obtained the potion formulas through sequence 7 to 5 of the Fool Pathway.

After discovering the conspiracy of the descent of the True Creator through Lanevus, Klein let Miss Justice inform the Church. While Lanevus successfully fled into the sewer. Klein successfully achieved part 1 of his revenge plan by killing Lanevus. However, this alerted the authorities to the presence of some mysterious Tarot master.

Klein advanced to sequence 7 Magician not long after that and successfully steals the Black Emperor Card of Blasphemy in Roselle Memorial Exhibition. Klein then killed Capim, the human trafficker and gained the name The Hero Bandit Black Emperor and with other grand performances. He successfully digested the Magician potion before advancing to sequence 6 Faceless.

Once again, he involved in another plot of Ince Zangwill. He let Miss Justice inform the church about the Primordial Demoness’s awakening. Klein interrupted the True Creator’s attempted descent ritual and barely managed to escape from Mr. A through some fortuitous luck by the "0-17" Angel of Concealment. Meanwhile, the Lady Despair spread plagues smog hovered over the Backlund, over 21,000 people in East Borough died. Klein suspected this Great Smog is a big plot corporate with the royal family and military faction.

In the new year, Klein changed his identity once again and went to the Sonia Sea to find the traces of the mermaid in order to advance to sequence 5 Marionettist.

Timeline of Major Events[1] Edit

— September 1349 ~ January 1350

Date Chapter Event
Sunday, September 16, 1349 214-216
  • Klein arrived at Backlund and met Ian Wright on the metro.
  • Klein rented Unit 5 Minsk Street under the pseudonym: Sherlock Moriarty the private detective.
Monday, September 17, 1349 216-221
  • Tarot Club 12th meeting.
  • Audrey promoted to the Sequence 8 Telepathist.
Thursday, September 20, 1349 221-223
  • Ian entrusted Klein a commission to look for Detective Zreal.
Friday, September 21, 1349 223-226
  • Klein found detective Zreal's corpse.
  • Fors and Xio borrowed Viscount Glaint's book.
  • Xio mindlessly recited The Fool's honorable title. At night, she dreams of the mysterious gray fog.
Saturday, September 22, 1349 227-232
  • Meursault visited Klein to look for Ian, Klein refused.
  • Klein invested on the bicycle.
  • In the evening Meursault attacked and got killed by Klein.
  • Xio purchased the Sheriff potion formula and find someone to purify her soul. A member of MI9 asked her to becomes his informant.
Sunday, September 23, 1349 232-234
  • Klein went to the Bravehearts Bar to buy a gun.
  • Maric rejects Klein's employment.
Monday, September 24, 1349 234-241
  • Tarot Club 13th meeting.
  • Klein went to Old Mister Eye of Wisdom's Gathering. He sold the Meursault's Beyonder characteristic and buy the black ear of the Listener.
  • After divination its origin, the black ear suddenly crumbled, and turn into a charm. Klein named it Language of Foulness.
Wednesday, September 26, 1349 243-245
  • Audrey entrusts Fors and Xio to find someone to assassinate Intis ambassador Bakerland.
  • Mr. A accepted the mission from Fors and Xio.
  • Maric introduced Sharron as a bodyguard to Klein.
Thursday, September 27, 1349 245-253
  • Klein paid 1,000 pounds to hire Sharon as a three-day bodyguard.
  • Ian visited Klein and told the whole story.
  • Bakerland assassinated by Mr. A.
  • Klein and Sharron killed Rosago. Klein obtained the potion formula of Sequence 7, 6, and 5 of the Fool pathway.
Saturday, September 29, 1349 258-263
  • Millet Carter commissioned Klein to explore the underground structure on Williams Street.
  • Klein and Sharron explored the underground structure on Williams Street.
Monday, October 1, 1349 264-269
  • Tarot Club 14th meeting.
Tuesday, October 2, 1349 269-272
  • Audrey entrusted Xio to find Lanevus's whereabout.
  • Mike Joseph entrusted Klein to protect him for investigation in East Borough.
Saturday, October 6, 1349 278-282
  • Klein and Sharron blew up the underground structure.
  • Audrey reported the clue about Lanevus to Klein.
Sunday, October 7, 1349 282-285
  • In East Borough, Klein met Old Kohler and invited him to have lunch.
  • Xio saw Lanevus at the dock union.
  • Klein disguised as a reporter enter the dock union to confirm the whereabouts of Lanevus.
Monday, October 8, 1349 285-294
Main article: Death of Lanevus
  • Tarot Club 15th meeting.
  • The City of Silver found the True Creator's temple.
Wednesday, October 10, 1349 295-298
  • Klein promoted to the Sequence 7 Magician.
  • Blood Moon, Fors prayed to the Fool.
  • Fors joined the Tarot Club.
Saturday, October 13, 1349 304-309
Monday, October 15, 1349 310-316
  • Tarot Club 16th meeting.
Tuesday, October 16, 1349 316-322
  • Klein has stolen the Card of Blasphemy Black Emperor from Roselle Memorial Exhibition.
  • Klein escaped from Bernadette Gustav and encountered the Serial Killer devil dog.
Monday, October 22, 1349 340-343
  • Tarot Club 17th meeting.
Thursday, October 25, 1349 345-351
Friday, October 26, 1349 351-355
  • Ikanser Bernard used the Sealed Artifact 2-111 to investigate Klein's fight last night.
  • Derrick faking lose control and was put in the spire. He met Uddel, a former team captain who was imprisoned in the tower for 42 years. He mentioned Amon to Derrick.
Monday, October 29, 1349 357-366
  • Tarot Club 18th meeting.
  • Uddel lost control and killed by Colin Iliad.
  • Derrick prayed to the Fool. Klein found and resolved Amon's parasite.
  • Leonard promoted to the Sequence 7 Nightmare.
Thursday, November 1, 1349 372-382
  • Klein investigated the disappearance of Daisy and found Capim's villa.
Main article: The Hero Bandit
Saturday, November 3, 1349 386-389
Monday, November 5, 1349 390-401
  • Tarot Club 19th meeting.
  • Derrick borrowed the All Black Eye's from Mr. World and encountered Darc, one of the exploration team who entered the True Creator's temple.
  • Mr. A learned about The Fool though Elder Lovia.
Tuesday, November 6, 1349 401-406
  • Klein and Aaron found Will Auceptin's corpse in the Grimm Cemetery.* Leonard officially became a Red Gloves of Soest's squad.
  • Fors met Lawrence again at the Grimm Cemetery. Lawrence asked Fors to help him send the Leymano's Spellbook and his Beyonder Characteristic to Dorian Gray at Pritz Harbor after his death.
  • Mr. A announced the bounty for the Fool’s believers at the Beyonder gathering.
Wednesday, December 15, 1349 409-419
  • Klein and Framis Cage bought the Backlund Bike Company's share.
  • Audrey joined the Psychology Alchemists.
  • Susie promoted to the Sequence 8 Telepathist.
  • Isengard, Kaslana, and Klein fought Jason Beria, but the other fled.
  • Ikanser took Arrodes to check Klein's house.
Thursday, December 16, 1349 419-430
  • Klein, Isengard, Kaslana, and Ikanser searched the home of suspect Patrick Jason.
  • Jason Beria assassinated Duke Negan.
  • Leonard wore the Sealed Artifact 1-42 chase after Jason Beria to the sewer. But he found Jason was killed by the Black Emperor.
  • Klein fully digested the Magician potion.
Friday, December 17, 1349 430-435
  • Fors fully digested the Apprentice potion.
  • Fors became the student of Dorian Gray and she drank the second Apprentice potion.
Saturday, December 18, 1349 435-437
Monday, December 20, 1349 439-443
  • Prince Edessak entrusted Klein to investigate the death of Talim.
  • Tarot Club 25th meeting.
Tuesday, December 21, 1349 443-448
  • Talim's Funeral.
  • Derrick was assigned to explore the True Creator's temple led by Chief Colin.
  • Arrodes's live broadcast the Machinery Hivemind's exploration Amon Family's underground tomb.
Thursday, December 23, 1349 450-453
  • Klein promoted to the Sequence 6 Faceless.
  • MI9 asked Xio to pay attention to the seller of the Sheriff's characteristics.
  • Benson passed the first round of the Civil Servant Unified Examination and plans to move to Backlund with Melissa
Friday, December 24, 1349 453-459
  • Colin's exploration team arrived at the True Creator's temple and found Jack. They trapped in a time loop.
  • An Evil Spirit at the underground structure tempted Klein and Sharron to find their blood descendants to help him out of trouble.
  • Nibbs Odora asked Emlyn to pray to The Fool.
Monday, December 27, 1349 459-467
  • Derrick realized the time loop after entered the gray fog. Then he found a way to broken the time loop.
  • Tarot Club 26th meeting.
  • Emlyn prayed to the Fool.
Tuesday, December 28, 1349 467-481
  • Emlyn joined the Tarot Club.
Friday, December 31, 1349 482
  • Audrey was introduced into adulthood by the queen.
Monday, January 3, 1350 482
  • Klein wrote an epitaph for Old Kohler
  • Benson and Melissa arrived Backlund.
  • Klein leaves Backlund and head to Pritz Harbor.
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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  1. Appeared in Chapter 482, the last chapter of the Volume 2.


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