Every journey has its destination.
— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 3: Traveler[Note 1]

Traveler is the third volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving. It involves the story of Klein Moretti as he leaves Backlund and travels at sea under the identity of Gehrman Sparrow. During his travels, he meets new friends and hunts various pirates.

Title Meaning Edit

This time, the title does not refer to Klein's Pathway, but is about Klein's travels as he moves from place to place in the sea. As a traveler, he gets involved with various people's lives and interacts with many things, but simultaneously, he keeps an aloof distance befitting that of a traveler. In addition, traveler also refers to how the idea of people traveling in search of home, sojourning, yet not having truly arrived. This can be seen with the characters in Groselle's Travels, as well as the souls stored in Creeping Hunger.

Synopsis Edit

Klein traveled to the Sonia Sea under the identity of Gerhman Sparrow, a crazy adventurer seeking fortune on the sea. He took the ship from Pritz Harbor to Bayam. Along the way, he met Danitz, the fourth boatswain of the Golden Drea Pirate, whom he "captured" and treated as his servant. They passed Bansy Harbor during the trip, at the same time, an old custom in Bansy Harbor was revived. Some of the inhabitants became heretics and corrupted. This place was later proved to be where the descendants of Medici reside.

During his time in Bayam, Klein took many opportunities acting as a Faceless, that is, pretending to be another person and convincing the audience.

Klein and Danitz visited the Resistance, a local resistance army to looking for mystical items. After Klein touching a bone dagger, the Sea God Kalvetua attempted to take his body but failed. Klein then informed the Church of the Lord of Storms, which killed Kalvetua. Klein took the Sea God Scepter, which gave Klein the authority of Kalvetua and made him the new Sea God.

After killed Mithor King, the third mate of Vice-Admiral of Ailment Tracy, the names of the crazy adventurer Gehrman Sparrow finally spread over the Rorsted Archipelago.

Later Klein was hired as a Darkwill's bodyguard protect him from Die of Probability influences and traveled to deliver it to Oravi Island. On Oravi Island, Klein was hired to fake himself as Admiral Amyrius Rieveldt for three days. This job was actually plotted by Mother Tree of Desire who noticed Klein's uniqueness and wanted to corrupt him.

In order to promote to sequence 5, Klein asked a new member of the Tarot Club, Admiral of Stars Cattleya to bring him to the Sea of Ruins and search for the mermaids. Cattleya agreed and they started the journey towards the Sea of Ruins. During this journey, he met Bernadette Gustav, Frank Lee and Anderson Hood, entered a dream world that connects to the Giant King's Court, and successfully promoted to sequence 5.

Sometime later, the Vice Admiral Iceberg of the Golden Dream mysteriously disappeared on her flagship. Danitz wrote to Klein for help. Klein found out that she was sucked into Groselle's Travels. Klein, Danitz and Anderson entered the book, killed the final boss, the ice dragon Ulyssan, and escaped with others who were sucked into the book before. Though these people died immediately after they left the book because they have stayed in the book for too long.

Mother Tree of Desire, or Rose School of Thought, found traces of Klein again and attempted to catch him before Klein leaves Bayam. This led to a chaotic fight that blew up a nearby mountain peak. Klein eventually escaped from the battlefield with the help of Reinette Tinekerr and Mr. Azik. Meanwhile, Jahn Kottman, the Archbishop of Rorsted Sea from Church of Lord of Storms came after the fight. After learning what happened, he put Gehrman Sparrow on the Wanted list, with a bounty of 50k pounds. Klein who successfully escaped and gained the Admiral of Blood Senor to his marionette, decided to return to Backlund. While planning to steal the Antigonus Family’s Notebook from Saint Samuel Cathedral for a Sequence 4 potion formula.

Timeline of Major Events[1] Edit

——January 1350 ~ April 1350

Date Chapter Event
Monday, January 3, 1350 483-489
  • Tarot Club 27th meeting.
Tuesday, January 4, 1350 489-491
  • Klein bought a ticket for the White Agate to go to Bayam.
  • Leonard attended the Hermits of Fate gathering.
Wednesday, January 5, 1350 491-497
  • Machinery Hivemind investigated the information from Sherlock Moriarty via Arrodes.
  • Klein's pseudonym: Gehrman Sparrow boarded the White Agate.
  • Klein, Cleves, and others hunted Murloc.
  • Colin's exploration team returned to the City of Silver.
Saturday, January 8, 1350 498-502
Sunday, January 9, 1350 502-512
  • Danitz boarded the White Agate and became Klein's servant.
  • The White Agate arrived at Bansy Harbor.
  • An old custom in Bansy Harbor was revived. Klein and Danitz rescued the passengers and Elland. Bishop Millet killed.
Monday, January 10, 1350 512-517
  • Tarot Club 28th meeting.
  • Fors fully digested the second Apprentice.
Wednesday, January 12, 1350 517-520
  • The White Agate arrived at the Bayam.
  • Danitz was hunt by Steel Maveti. Klein rescued Danitz.
  • Audrey promoted to the Sequence 7 Psychiatrist.
Thursday, January 13, 1350 520-525
  • Alger met Danitz at the bar.
  • Klein and Alger's meeting.
Friday, January 14, 1350 525-533
  • Klein and Danitz hunted Steel Maveti and others.
  • Klein went to Symeem Island. On the way back, he passed by Leticia Dolera and her party.
Saturday, January 15, 1350 533-540
  • Danitz's bounty increased to 4,500 pounds.
  • Vice Admiral Iceberg entered Danitz's dream. Klein noticed and entered Danitz's dream, he negotiated to cooperate with Edwina.
  • Danitz brought Klein to the Resistance.
  • Klein was eroded by the Sea God Kalvetua, then he tackled Kalvetua with the grey fog.
Sunday, January 16, 1350 540-544
  • Sea God Kalvetua went mad try to create tsunami but suppressed by Jahn Kottman.
  • Fors promoted to the Sequence 8 Trickmaster.
  • Official Beyonders found Laticia and her party, they obtained the Book of Calamity.
Monday, January 17, 1350 544-551
  • Kalvetua died. Klein obtained the Sea God Scepter and responded to the believers.
  • Tarot Club 29th meeting.
Tuesday, January 18, 1350 551-558
  • Audrey heard the legend of the dragon in East Chester County. At night, she saw the mind dragon in the subconscious sea.
  • Arrodes connected Klein's telegram.
Wednesday, January 19, 1350 558-560
Thursday, January 20, 1350 560-561
Sunday, January 23, 1350 561-565
Monday, January 24, 1350 565-574
  • Tarot Club 30th meeting.
  • Cattleya told Bernadette that someone collecting Roselle's Diary.
  • Danitz invited Klein to meet Edwina.
Thursday, January 27, 1350 578-583
  • Klein asked Helene the questions about Vice-Admiral of Ailment Tracy.
  • Klein disguised to Helene and boarded on the Black Death.
  • Klein failed to assassinate Tracy, jumped into the sea, and fled.
Friday, January 28, 1350 583-589
  • Klein returned to Bayam and wrote a letter to Azik informed about a batch of documents related to the ancient chronicles of Death in the hand of Tracy.
  • Derrick promoted to the Sequence 7 Solar High Priest.
  • Klein bought the medicine from Darkwill. Darkwill entrusted Klein to find his teacher, Roy King.
  • Klein and Azik boarded on the Black Death. They met Katarina Pelle. Katarina agreed to hand the documents to Azik.
Saturday, January 29, 1350 589-591
  • Alger promoted to the Sequence 6 Wind-blessed.
Monday, January 31, 1350 592-596
  • Emlyn promoted to the Sequence 6 Potions Professor.
  • Tarot Club 31st meeting.
Tuesday, February 1, 1350 596-604
  • Darkwill hired Klein as a three-days bodyguard to bring the Die of Probability to Oravi Island.
Friday, February 4, 1350 609-612
Saturday, February 5, 1350 612-613
  • Emlyn bought the Tinder from Leonard.
  • Susie promoted to the Sequence 7 Psychiatrist.
Monday, February 7, 1350 614-618
  • Tarot Club 32st meeting.
Tuesday, February 8, 1350 618-621
  • Klein volunteered to wash the toilet.
  • Klein accepts the task to be a stand-in to represent Amyrius Rieveldt for three days.
  • Official Beyonders blow up Williams Street underground structure.
Saturday, February 12, 1350 626-631
  • Cynthia mutated and killed by Klein.
Monday, February 14, 1350 631-633
  • Tarot Club 33st meeting.
Friday, March 4, 1350 N/A
  • Klein's twenty-third birthday.
Wednesday, April 13, 1350 635-639
  • Klein met Cattleya at Nas, the capital of the Gargas Archipelago to board her ship to find the mermaid.
Thursday, April 14, 1350 639-644
  • Young Sanguines accepted the hunting the Primordial Moon's believers mission.
  • Audrey prayed the Fool for magic mirror divination to study the notebook from the Twenty-Year War.
Friday, April 15, 1350 645-661
  • Dorian Gray gave the Astrologer potion formula and Leymano's Spellbook to Fors.
  • The Future entered the Sea of Ruins.
  • 1st dream: Klein met Anderson Hood.
  • Anderson boarded on the Future.
  • 2nd dream: Klein met Leomaster and Saint of Darkness in the prison.
  • The Black Tulip attacked the Future.
  • Klein completely digested the Faceless.
Saturday, April 16, 1350 661-673
  • 3rd dream: Klein met Bernadette.
  • Klein promoted to the Sequence 5 Marionettist.
  • The City of Silver arrived at the Afternoon Town. Derrick discovered the name of the founders of the Rose Redemption.
  • 4th dream: Klein guessed Bernadette's identity and told her a password on the Black Emperor Card of Blasphemy.
Sunday, April 17, 1350 673-676
  • Klein and Anderson left the Future.
Monday, April 18, 1350 676-687
  • Edwina sucked into the Groselle's Travels.
  • Anderson was threatened by the Manipulator demigod to accept the task.
  • Tarot Club 42nd meeting.
Wednesday, April 20, 1350 688-706
  • The Golden Dream crews found their captain, Edwina Edwards disappeared. Danitz sent a letter asked Gehrman Sparrow for help.
  • Danitz, Klein and Anderson enter the Groselle's Travels to rescued Edwina.
  • Danitz preyed to the Fool, he became the first believer of the Fool.
Sunday, April 24, 1350 706-710
  • Klein and Anderson left the Golden Dream.
  • Klein bought the Death Knell from Anderson's friend.
  • Elland Kag mentioned the Crazy Captain Connors Viktor to Klein.
Monday, April 25, 1350 711-725
  • Klein found Connors Viktor. However, Connors was utterly silenced by Qonas Kilgor from MI9.
  • Alger accepted the mission to investigate Gehrman Sparrow and Connors Viktor from the Church.
  • Tarot Club 43rd meeting.
  • The military searching for Odell and Turani von Helmosuin.
  • Orange Light, Hilarion came to introduced himself and reminded Klein to beware of the Mother Tree of Desire.
Tuesday, April 26, 1350 725-731
Saturday, April 30, 1350 732
  • Klein returned to Backlund in the identity of Dwayne Dantès.
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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  1. Klein wrote this sentence on Frunziar Edward's epitaph in Chapter 732


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