A bestowment, or, a curse.
— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 4: Undying[Note 1]

Undying is the fourth volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.

Title Meaning Edit

Undying, a bestowment or a curse, is the theme of Volume 4. It is manifested on many people in the story: Klein, Azik, Leonard, Anderson, etc. This theme reaches the peak when Klein saw the cocoons, the modern people inside, and the three broken ones. The horror, madness and darkness of this world is revealed once again. (paraphrased from the author's words at the end of Volume 4)

Synopsis Edit

After Klein returned to Backlund, he assumed the identity of Dwayne Dantès, and started seeking an opportunity to steal Antigonus Family’s Notebook which was in Saint Samuel Cathedral.

Alger traded characteristics of Ocean Songster with the location of a Primitive Island. He and Gehrman then explored the island, and discovered the betrayal behind Ancient Sun God's Death. Klein received the Card of Blasphemy, Tyrant. Then they heard a sigh, and the island disappeared in front of their eyes.

Later Klein sneaked into the Chanis Gate of Saint Samuel Cathedral and was sent to the Foggy Town by Sealed Artifact 0-17. He killed Mr. A, met (a part of) Zaratul and was tricked to release him, and finally escaped from this place under the watch of Evernight Goddess.

Leonard connected Gehrman Sparrow to Sherlock Moriarty and to Klein Moretti. He went back to dig Klein's grave, and realized that Klein was not dead. Dwayne then convinced him that Klein was resurrected and was a believer of The Fool.

The military asked Dwayne to sell weapons to the Southern Continent. Klein accepts the deal and sent Danitz to investigate. Danitz then met Anderrson there. After he learned that Amon has come to Backlund, Klein took the chance to leave for the Southern Continent. A Red Glove team that included Leonard and Daly was also sent there to hunt for members of the Numinous Episcopate.

Azik and Klein boarded The Black Tulip because Admiral Hell Ludwell seemed to possess an item related to Death. Azik asked Ludwell to give up his life and become Klein's marionette. Azik then felt something calling him inside the Berserk Sea, which turned out to be the Artificial Death, the Death's plan for resurrection. Evernight Goddess took the Uniqueness and separated Azik's soul from a bird shape accessory. Azik got rid of the influence from Death, but had to sleep for a long time to recover.

Ince Zangwill also came to the Southern Continent, to exorcise the Red Angel Evil Spirit. Under the influence/help of Adam, Klein, Leonard, and Daly finally get their revenge and killed Ince. Adam took Sealed Artifact 0-08, and Klein completed the ritual to promote to sequence 4.

Timeline of Major Events[1] Edit

——April 1350 ~ June 1350

Date Chapter Event
Saturday, April 30, 1350 733-737
  • Klein returned to Backlund. He visited Isengard Stanton, Ian Wright, and Sharron.
  • Klein and Sharron explored the underground structure in Williams Street.
  • German is officially wanted, with a bounty of 50,000 pounds.
Sunday, May 1, 1350 737-740
  • Klein met Bernadette Gustav at the restaurant.
  • Fors promoted to the Sequence 7 Astrologer.
Monday, May 2, 1350 741-748
  • Klein interviewed the butler, and finally chose Walter.
  • Klein rents Unit 160 Böklund Street.
  • Tarot Club 44th meeting.
  • Emlyn hunted Windsor the Primordial Moon's believer. Emlyn prayed to The Fool to helps him destroy the Moon Puppet.
  • Blood Moon suddenly appeared.
  • Alger dreamed the Queen of Calamity Cohinem.
Tuesday, May 3, 1350 748-751
  • Soest promoted to the Sequence 5 Spirit Warlock.
  • Xio was invited to Mr. X's Beyonder Gathering.
  • Leonard entered Mrs. Sammer's dream to investigate Sherlock Moriarty.
Monday, May 9, 1350 751-754
  • Tarot Club 45th meeting.
  • Sharron summoned Sherlock's messager, then she recognized Reinette Tinekerr.
  • Klein went to the Evernight Church. He met Leonard. Pallez Zoroast sensed the gray fog. Klein warned Leonard about Pallez.
  • Maury Macht and Bishop Elektra visited Klein's house.
Sunday, May 15, 1350 762-765
  • Fors confirmed Mr. X is Lewis Wien and report to Klein.
  • Leonard promoted to the Sequence 6 Soul Assurer.
  • Derrick promoted to the Sequence 6 Notary.
Monday, May 16, 1350 765-771
  • Tarot Club 46th meeting.
Tuesday, May 17, 1350 771-775
  • Klein accepted the commission to assassinate Lewis Wien.
  • Trissy killed William Sykes.
  • Walter met Trissy in the sewer.
  • Klein met Trissy and agreed to cooperate with her.
Friday, May 20, 1350 777-781
  • Klein killed Lewis Wien.
Saturday, May 21, 1350 782-785
  • Alger promoted to the Sequence 5 Ocean Songster.
Monday, May 23, 1350 788-797
  • Tarot Club 47th meeting.
  • Emlyn hunted two Primordial Moon's believers.
Tuesday, May 24, 1350 797-804
Saturday, May 28, 1350 805-819
  • Klein and Alger explored the Primitive Island at night. Klein gained the Card of Blasphemy, The Tyrant.
  • The Primitive Island disappeared before their eyes.
Monday, May 30, 1350 821-826
  • Tarot Club 48th meeting.
Monday, June 6, 1350 830-848
  • Klein sneaked into the Chanis Gate and was sent to the Foggy Town by Sealed Artifact 0-17.
  • This week the Tarot meeting was canceled.
  • Audrey's 18th birthday party.
Tuesday, June 7, 1350 848-853
  • Leonard dug Klein's grave and entered Dwayne Dantès's dream to confirm.
Wednesday, June 8, 1350 854-858
  • Fors and Xio hired to be bodyguards for Dwayne Dantès.
Thursday, June 9, 1350 858-862
  • Audrey promoted to the Sequence 6 Hypnotist.
  • Frank Lee sent his second prototype mushrooms to Klein.
Saturday, June 11, 1350 863-865
  • At the charity party, Klein, Audrey and Susie first met.
Monday, June 13, 1350 865-872
  • Tarot Club 49th meeting.
Wednesday, June 15, 1350 872-876
  • Klein assigned Danitz, took the Sun Brooch to West Balam to investigate the situation.
  • Sharron and Maric asked Klein to help them steal the mummy.
  • Klein learned Amon's avatar came to Backlund and searching for the Fool's believers. He sent a letter to Leonard.
Friday, June 17, 1350 879-884
  • Klein, Sharron and Maric successfully stole the mummy under the eyes of MI9 demigod.
Sunday, June 19, 1350 884-889
Monday, June 20, 1350 889-896
  • Tarot Club 50th meeting.
  • Danitz arrived at West Balam and met Anderson Hood.
  • Klein boarded an airship.
  • Daly promoted to the Sequence 5 Gatekeeper.
Tuesday, June 21, 1350 897-905
  • Colin Iliad prayed to The Fool. After 2,583 years, the City of Silver had finally received a normal response.
  • Three Elders of the City of Silver explored the former chief's mausoleum.
  • Alger visited Cielf and found his abnormality.
Wednesday, June 22, 1350 905-906
  • Klein found Ince Zangwil along the way, at Berserk Sea.
Sunday, June 26, 1350 912-924
Monday, June 27, 1350 924-934
Thursday, June 30, 1350 938-946
  • Ince Zangwill appeared at West Balam
  • Klein advanced to Sequence 4 Bizarro Sorcerer and obtained the Card of Blasphemy, The Red Priest.
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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  1. The title of chapter 946


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