Every drowning person will struggle
— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 5 Red Priest[Note 1]

Red Priest is the fifth volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.

Title Meaning Edit

Red Priest means war. Although there isn't much direct description of war, it is the overlying theme of the whole volume. The war underlines the struggle of all the "drowning" characters, such as Klein and Trissy. When Trissy finally falls into the mausoleum, when Amon puts on his monocle in front of Klein, readers can truly feel that the drowning people finally sank into the water, no matter how they struggled.

Synopsis Edit

After became a demigod, Klein stepped on the ladder of the door of light in the depth of the Gray Fog and learned about the truth of the Transmigrators.

Klein returned to Backlund in the identity of Dwayne Dante. He temporarily moved his focus to finding the truth of the Great Smog of Backlund.

Under the cover of the concealment of Arianna, Klein killed Qonas Kilgor and Hvin Rambis. And he learned about the royal family and Adam's plan. However, before he can do anything. Feysac Empire started to attack Backlund and Oak Island.

With the information from Red Angel Evil Spirit, Klein learned that the current king, George Augustus III, intent to advance to the Sequence 0 Black Emperor.

Klein seeking to digest the potion to advance to the Scholar of Yore. He used the Life's Cane to treat the innocent people who injured in the war, left the hospital lore of the Clown Angel. Klein went to the island in the Berserk Sea to consumed the Sequence 3 potion. When he advanced to the Scholar of Yore, the mysterious space above the gray fog; Sefirah Castle, appeared in the real world. Amon, Pallez and Mother Tree of Desire cast their eyes on it.

George III used the wartime speech to hold his apotheosis ritual. While Klein used the ritual that provided from Mr. Door through Trissy to enter the mausoleums. Hermes, Zaratul, Suah and others came to stop him. Klein summoned Reinette Tinekerr to help. Bernadette Gustav used the Magic Wishing Lamp to fight against William Augustus I. Trissy used the Yesterday Once More charm to restore the Primordial Demoness's ring and accepted her descend.

In the end, the mausoleum was collapsed. George III failed to advance and lost control. He died in the mausoleum that destroyed by the lighting from the Lord of Storms.

Klein entered the Groselle's Travels after being chased by Zaratul, he met Adam and he learned that all the plans were arranged by Adam behind the scenes. After escaped from Zaratul with the help of Arianna, Klein returned to the hotel in Backlund. Then he found by Amon through his lost marionette.

Timeline of Major Events[1] Edit

——June 1350 ~ December 1350

Date Chapter Event
Thursday, June 30, 1350 947-949
  • Audrey gave Klein the psychotherapy.
Friday, July 1, 1350 949-954
  • Xio promoted to the Sequence 7 Interrogator.
  • Crestet Cesimir came to Backlund to talk to Anthony Stevenson.
  • Leonard joined the Tarot Club.
  • Klein gave the Conspirer potion formula to Danitz.
  • Klein made a deal with Maysanchez.
Saturday, July 2, 1350 954-957
Monday, July 4, 1350 957-966
  • Tarot Club 52nd meeting.
  • Klein and Haggis complete arms deal at night.
  • Klein first met Alfred Hall.
  • Red Angel Evil Spirit in Ludwell's body secretly observes Klein.
Tuesday, July 5, 1350 966-968
  • Klein boarded the steam train and returned the Northern Continent.
  • Klein resolves sacrifice incident on the train.
Wednesday, July 6, 1350 968-973
Saturday, July 9, 1350 975-978
Sunday, July 10, 1350 978-986
  • Klein gave the Artificial Death's feather to Audrey.
  • Klein fought with Flora Jacob who lost control. Amon appeared, he killed and stole Flora's identity.
  • Klein and Leonard plan to deal with Amon.
Monday, July 11, 1350 986-998
Monday, July 18, 1349 1000-1001
  • Maric promoted to the Sequence 5 Wraith.
  • Tarot Club 54th meeting.
Tuesday, July 19, 1350 1001-1010
  • Emlyn and the Tarot Club sent action, Ernes Boyar was sent to the Harvest Church.
  • Hazel Macht promoted to the Sequence 7 Cryptologist.
  • Klein, Leonard, Pallez and Will destroyed Amon's avatars in Backlund.
  • Audrey hypnotized Hazel and her family.
Tuesday, September 27, 1350 1012-1013
Wednesday, September 28, 1350 1013-1015
  • Sharron promoted to the Sequence 4 Puppet.
  • Fors promoted to the Sequence 6 Scribe.
  • Sherman promoted to the Sequence 7 Witch, and renamed to Shermane.
  • Derrick promoted to the Sequence 5 Priest of Light.
  • Audrey met Hvin Rambis and obtained the Dreamwalker potion formula.
Friday, September 30, 1350 1017-1030
  • Viscount Stratford and Katarina Pelle hunt Trissy.
  • Shermane lost control and killed by Xio.
  • Xio asked Viscount Stratford about the truth of her father. Viscount Stratford's body exploded.
  • Klein killed Qonas Kilgor with the help of Arianna.
  • Arianna and three archbishops of three major church enter the Ruin No.1.
Monday, October 3, 1350 1035-1045
  • Tarot Club 65th meeting.
  • Leonard promoted to the Sequence 5 Spirit Warlock.
  • Trissy sent a letter and was terrified by Reinette.
Wednesday, October 5, 1350 1048-1056
  • Audrey hypnotized Fors and Xio.
  • Hvin found Audrey abnormality. Audrey used the Fate Siphon to siphon her and Hvin's fate.
  • Klein killed Hvin with the help of Arianna.
Thursday, October 6, 1350 1056-1061
  • The assassination of Sanguines and Temperance faction on Desire faction of Rose School of Thought failed.
Friday, October 7, 1350 1061-1062
  • Audrey promoted to the Sequence 5 Dreamwalker.
Sunday, October 9, 1350 1062-1075
Monday, October 10, 1350 1075-1077
  • Tarot Club 66th meeting.
Thursday, October 13, 1350 1080-1091
Sunday, October 16, 1350 1097-1099
Monday, October 17, 1350 1099-1106
  • Tarot Club 67th meeting.
Unknown date of October 1350 1107-1112
  • Klein captured Tracy and obtained her blood.
  • Klein obtained the locations of the 9 mausoleums the Blood Emperor left behind from Katarina Pelle
Monday, October 24, 1350 1112-1123
Monday, October 31, 1350 1128-1132
  • Frank promoted to the Sequence 5 Druid.
  • Frank sent the mushroom third prototype to Klein.
  • Tarot Club 69th meeting.
Thursday, November 3, 1350 1133-1134
  • Blood Moon, Trissy prayed to Mr. Door, she asked him the ways to enter the nine secret mausoleums.
Tuesday, November 8, 1350 1135-1140
  • The City of Silver received Frank's mushroom.
  • Klein promoted to the Sequence 3 Scholar of Yore.
Saturday, December 3, 1350 1143-1150

  • Klein met Amon at a hotel in the Backlund Bridge area.
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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  1. A brief quote from Bernadette Gustav in Chapter 1092

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