Light was the meaning to everything.
— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 6 Lightseeker[Note 1]

Lightseeker is the sixth volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.

Title Meaning Edit

This volume focused on the idea that humans were small and powerless in front of gods, yet they would still pursue the light. The meaning behind Lightseeker was somewhat similar to Icarus's story; He flew too close to the sun and fell into the sea where he drowned. In this volume, it referred to those who had given their lives to achieve the goal, such as Colin Iliad, Lovia, Ancient Sun God, and many more who were willing to give their lives for what they seek.

Synopsis Edit

Amon had captured Klein and was trying to entice the latter with taking over his destiny. Along the way to the Forsaken Land of the Gods, Klein found out that Amon's father, Ancient Sun God, was an Earthling like him.

During Klein's multiple attempts to escape Amon, they went into a place named "Chernobyl" which got Klein realizing some big news, he had never 'transmigrated' and that this world is Earth. The realization helped to fully digest his potion.

Timeline of Major Events[1] Edit

——December 1350 ~ January 1352

Date Chapter Event
Saturday, December 3, 1350 1151-1162
  • Amon and Klein entered the Forsaken Land of the Gods through the Sea of Ruins.
  • Klein's first escape plan failed.
  • Fors prayed to the Fool to asked the World about the situation.
  • Derrick prayed to the Fool to asked for Blessing.
  • Klein's second escape plan failed.
  • Bernadette summons Klein's messenger, but Reinette can't find Klein.
  • Cattleya prayed to the Fool.
Sunday, December 4, 1350 1162-1163
  • Leonard learned the disappearance of Klein from Reinette. He prayed to the Fool.
  • Alger prayed to the Fool to asks for the Unshadowed Crucifix.
Monday, December 5, 1350 1163-1180
  • Klein's third escape plan failed.
  • Audrey prayed to the Fool.
  • Xio prayed to the Fool.
  • Emlyn dreams of the symbol of Lilith and The Fool tarot card. He prayed to the Fool.
  • Amon and Klein arrived at the Chernobyl. Klein fully digested the Scholar of Yore potion.
  • Klein escapes from Amon with the help of the Evernight Goddess, and successfully committed suicide.
  • Tarot Club 74th meeting.
  • Colin Iliad promoted to the Sequence 3 Silver Knight with the blessing of the Fool.
Wednesday, December 7, 1350 1180-1181
Thursday, December 8, 1350 1181-1183
  • Klein arrived at the Nois City and met Steph, the Angel of the Holy Word.
Saturday, December 10, 1350 1184-1185
Monday, December 19, 1350 1188-1189
  • Fors summoned the Historical Void projection of Klein.
  • Klein's projection prayed to the Goddess. He received the information about Kotar.
  • Fors promoted to the Sequence 5 Traveler with the help of Reinette.
Thursday, December 22, 1350 1189-1193
  • Susie promoted to the Sequence 6 Hypnotist.
  • At the Winter Gift Day, Audrey promoted to the Sequence 4 Manipulator.
Sunday, January 1, 1351 1194-1204
  • Cattleya, Audrey, and others cooperated to hunt Botis.
  • MI9 and the three major churches investigating the Tarot Club. Leonard accepted this mission.
Unknown date of January 1351 1204-1206
  • Hermits of Fate found the secret treasure of Jacob Family.
  • Pallez Zoroast successfully absorbed a sequence 2 characteristic.
  • Pallez encounter Amon in Leonard's house. He lost his Sequence 1 characteristic to Amon, and drop to a Sequence 2.
Tuesday, January 31, 1351 1208-1209
Friday, September 7, 1351 1210-1217
  • Klein met the exploration team of the City of the Moon.
  • Klein tried to enter the gray fog at the east of the Forsaken Land. He heard the chant of “The Immortal Lord of Heaven and Earth for Blessings.” from the fog.
  • Waite Chirmont promoted to the Sequence 3 Silver Knight.
  • High Priest of the City of the Moon announced the news about the outsider to the citizen.
  • Alger promoted to the Sequence 4 Cataclysmic Interrer.
Monday, September 10, 1351 1221-1225
  • Klein explored the Chernobyl.
  • Amon's avatar frauded Klein, he revealed the information about Above the Sequence.
Saturday, September 15, 1351 1227-1228
  • Derrick promoted to Sequence 4 Unshadowed.
Monday, unknown date, 1351 1228-1230
  • Tarot Club unknown number meeting.
Unknown date, 1351 1232-1238
  • Klein, Reinette, Emlyn, and Sharron attacked two Shaman Kings on the battlefield at night. Klarman killed.
Unknown date of January 1352 1238-1239
  • Cattleya arrived at the Emerald City.
  • Bernadette entrusted the Sealed Artifact 0-05 Magic Wishing Lamp to Cattleya.
Unknown date of January 1352 1240-1242
  • Audrey manipulated poor people in Backlund to launched a large protest on the upper class.
  • Earl Hall took the lead on donating food to people under pressure.
  • Cattleya returned to the Future and reported to the Fool about the Magic Wishing Lamp.
  • Klein communicated with Genie in the Lamp.
Unknown date of January 1352 1242-1248
Unknown date of January 1352 1249-1266
  1. Originally summarized by 风神辂 [1]

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  1. Appeared in Chapter 1266, the last chapter of Volume 6

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