Every being has divinity.
— Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

 on Volume 7 The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the seventh volume of the Lord of the Mysteries series written by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.

Title Meaning Edit

Its main meaning comes from the interpretation of the Tarot card, and Author endows it with two relatively obvious meanings: First, take the initiative to sacrifice yourself or pay the price; The second is that when you are in a dilemma, do not struggle in vain, but look at the problem from another angle, look at yourself calmly, think about the future, and wait patiently for something to happen.

Since the seventh volume, the sacrifices have been made by Roselle, Mr.Door, the Ancient Sun God who decided to give up important things. Those who paid the price included Alger, Klein, True Creator and Adam.

Synopsis Edit

Derrick has now become an Elder and led some of City of Silver's Beyonders through the door where they see a boat for the first time carrying Danitz. They settle down New City of Silver and New Moon City near the Bayam, and founded the Church of the Fool.

Klein advanced to Sequence 2 Miracle Invoker potion. He entered the Spirit World to visit the Seven Pure Lights and learned some truth of The Original Creator, the secrets of the Outer Deities, as well as the true identity of The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth.

Klein return to Loen Kingdom and he got the magic mirror Arrodes from Bornova Gustav. He acting as the wandering magician to digest the potion under the identity of Merlin Hermes.

Larrion, the chief shepherd of the Church of the God of Combat, escaped from the church with the Sealed Artifact 0-02. Arianna tracking after him to the Belltaine City. Under the Law of Convergence, Klein ended up enter the Belltaine City. He worked with Arianna to create rule loopholes and throwed the 0-02 into the abandoned palace at the peck of the Hornacis Mountain Range. Then he got the Card of Blasphemy, The Fool.

Bernadette explored the nameless island located on the Fog Sea. She entered Roselle's last mausoleum, learned about her father's corrupted, and sealed him using a symbol from Pale Death and help from the Mr. Fool. After Roselle forcibly sent Bernadette out of the mausoleum, Klein met him with his historical projection. He learned about Roselle's current state and the danger of the Cards of Blasphemy. Klein promise Roselle that he will save him from the corruption of the Mother Goddess of Depravity when he become the Great Old One.

Klein built the marionette town Utopia as an essential part of his advancement ritual to promote to Sequence 1. His main body hid under the Saint Arianna Cathedral to control every marionettes. Meanwhile Zaratul sneak into the Utopia with the help of Adam. When Zaratul isolated him from the Sefirah Castle, Klein ran into the old metropolis of the Pre-First Epoch inside the fog of history. However, he stabbed by the humanity German Sparrow and fell into Adam's Corpse Cathedral.

In his conversation with Adam, Klein learned about Adam's true identity and the specialness to the Visionary. He read the Second Blasphemy Slate.

On the other side, Verdu Garcia was tricked by Amon and Red Angel Evil Spirit to hold a ritual to let Mr. Door return to the real world. Mr. Door's return was triggered his apotheosis ritual, Mother Goddess of Depravity also tried to breach the barrier and enter Earth. In order to stop this, he gave up his life to Amon, who became sequence 0 and shut Mother Goddess of Depravity out of Earth with the First Blasphemy Slate.

Klein successfully died in the Corpse Cathedral through a deal with Genie and completed the advancement ritual directly. He drank the potion and advanced to Sequence 2 Attendant of Mysteries. Klein locked on Zaratul and visited him. Zaratul was betrayed by his own historical projection of Knowledge Emperor Roselle and Klein directly killed him using Law of Convergence then devoured his Beyonder Characteristic, eventually, Klein became the King of Angels.

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