Xio Derecha is from the Justiciar Pathway. She is a friend of Fors Wall. She is currently a member of the Tarot Club. Her tarot card is Judgment.

She first saw mention of The Fool in Viscount Glaint's study and read his honorific name out loud, telling Fors what she did and later The Fool pulled her into the world of gray fog through dream for a second and cut the connection. After that, she had a Beyonder of the Sun Pathway perform an exorcism on herself.

Appearance Edit

Xio is very short, 152 cm in height. She has soft facial features, making her appear to be young and immature. Although her shoulder-length blond hair is messy and unkempt, she carries an indescribable look of dignity and a convincing charm. She has malt-colored skin due to her continuous forays out in the sun.

Personality Edit

Xio has a great sense of justice. As a Beyonder of the Justiciar pathway, she has been busy administering justice around her. When persuading with words is not enough, she is willing to persuade those who are unjust physically.

Xio was often mocked as a brainless person by her good friends, but to survive in the circle of Beyonders, she wasn’t a completely reckless person. She had the intuition for the danger that was akin to a wild beast.

She is also a loyal friend who is willing to help whatever the cost. She cares a great deal of Fors and joined the Tarot Club partly wanting to help Fors. She also almost recklessly rushed to save her informant knowing that there is danger beyond her sequence level.


Xio Derecha was from a noble family, Her ancestor served as an earl palatine before, and her father was the leader of the Household Guards Division and the captain of the royal guards, with Viscount Stratford as his deputy. However, seven years ago, her father was accused of participating in a revolt and executed. Her family was deprived of their aristocratic title and fiefdom. Xio came to Backlund looking for chances to improve herself and hoping to restore her family's glory and her father's reputation.

Xio has worked as a bounty hunter. She had helped many middle-lower class people to coordinate and mediate disputes over a long period of time. She was also quite famous in East Backlund borough among the working class and mafia. She had a lot of hidden channels.

Likely because of her family background, Xio was born as a half-Arbiter, therefore limiting her choices in Beyonder pathways to the Justiciar pathway.

She worked as an Informant of MI9 for a while before the war. After the war, she got recruited as personnel of MI9 where she managed to advance to Sequence 5, Discipline Paladin. She's currently the deputy team leader of National Security and Counter-Espionage Team of MI9, where she leads a small Beyonder Team responsible for handling spy cases related to Intis Republic in Backlund Region. Her military rank is Colonel.[1]


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